August 11, 2009

Um Blogger Wats Tha Dilly?

So I Sign On To See What The Beautiful 133 People I'm Following Have Posted About And Stupid Blogger States That I'm Not Following Anybody? Where Did All My Favorite Blogs Gooooooooo And How Am I Supposed To Re Follow Alllllll Those People!!!!?!!!! Damnnnnnnn.....Come On Blogger Lets Get It Together!

August 08, 2009

Cloudy Vision

Never Know What You Had Till It's Gone...Now You Are Stuck Looking A Fool Thinking.... Damn I Was Wrong. For The Glitz, Glam, And Flashing Lights May Have Drew You In But What Happens When Real Life Begins? What Happens When Truths Are Exposed? What Happens When You Have No Recollection Of What You Had Once Known? What Happens When Those Dark Shades Come Off? What Happens When You Thought You Won But Suddenly Find Out It Was A Loss?
It Was A Tentative Thing? Was It Worth Anything? Why Didn't I Foresee My Own Future.....Everyone Else Saw It But Me.