August 15, 2010

Back 2 Motherfudgin Love

"Torn In Between The Two, Cuz I Really Wanna Be With You But Something's Telling Me I Should Leave You Alone. "-----Letoya Luckett

Why Is It That When I Know He May Want Me Back I Don't Want Him The Same? I'm Tired Of Being Toyed With.....10 Months Since He Cut Me Out His Life...Months Later I Still Am At This Crossroad Of Not Being Able To Completely Cut Him Out My Life....I Tried...It Worked....But He Snaked His Way Back Into My Heart...Back Into My Arms ....Back Onto My Lips.

I Love Him, Can't Let Go For A Lifetime.....Forget All Those Other Guys ...You Know They Could Never Take Your Place...But I Don't Feel The Same About You....I Resent You, I Secretly Hate You. So When You Ask Me If There'd Ever Be Another Shot Of You And Me....I Don't Know What To Say.....Just How Dare You.....But I Love You...What The Fudge.

August 10, 2010

Random Blahs

Sometimes i feel like being the "good girl" type isnt all its cracked up 2b, especially in my age range (early 20's). Most guys my age are too concerned with miss right here/right now, which is fine but im not that type of girl. So then wat happens to girls like me? We get bypassed, pushed aside, or put on pause by some guy who loves us (the wifey type) but doesnt wanna commit yet. feel like to be cool or to get a guy interested in me nowdays then i have to step away from my morals and conform into a girl who will do nething to keep a man's attention....because they ARE simply looking 4 a gurl who is sexually uninhibited.....and if i cant stop being shy, quiet, reserved or apprehensive then 4 men its onto the next one in regards 2 me. Im not the "wham bam thank u maam" type of girl so that makes me uptight, prissy, and too much work for a man who can just flash a wad of cash or who can whisper sweet nothings in a womans ear 2 get wat he wants. Do i have to dress scantily, or be the girl in the middle of the dance floor with my legs in the air in order to be the ultimate catch? Well scusssssssse me for having classss!

This rant was brought to you by shirley's discontent for dog ass, selfish ass, simple ass, dick controlled ass, spoiled ass, pop seeking ass, blind ass, and dumb ass men..... (-:

Back to ur regularly scheduled programing.

August 04, 2010

Technology Bites

:-/ Why Is The "Dating Game" Stupid Retarded!?!

So I Met This Guy Through A Girlfriend And He Is Attractive.....Yeaaaaaaa But It's Really Weird Because He's Hot And Cold . He Doesn't Call Me...We Communicate Via Text And He Randomly Pops Up At My Job. We Hung Out Once Just Talking In His Living Room And I Felt Like We Sooooooo Clicked....Until He Didn't Hit Me Up The Day After We Hung....So Maybe We Didn't Click.... But Then He Popped Up At My Job Two Days Later And Gave Me Googly Eyes.....WAT GIVESSSSSSSS? Do U Like Me Or Don't You.....Ugh!

Okay So I Know There Are Certain Rules To This "Dating Game" Crap (Like I Know U CANNOT Look 2 Desperate) But I Also Watched That Movie "He's Just Not That Into You" And I Think This Guy (We'll Call Him Chocolate Is Just Not That Into Me Because In The Movie It CLEARLY States If A Man Wants You He'll Make It His Priority To Get Into And Stay In Contact With You....Chocolate Chip Is In Contact But Wtf, This Hot N Cold Stuff Is Wack. The Clip Below Definitely Sums Up How I Feel.......Chocolate Chip Needs To Act Right....Either You Like Me Or You Don't...Ugh Singledom Is Confusing. Texting, Facebook, And Aim... How About U CALL ME DAMMIT. Technology Kills (In Person) Human Interaction/Phone Convo...

July 31, 2010

Butterflies In My Tum Tummy....I Promised None Of You Bastards Would Ever Again Get A Hold Of Me..But He....He Makes A Grown Woman Wanna Scream.....

How You Doing (Wendy Williams Voice)

Book Review

Okay So This Summer I'm Trying To Keep The Little Wheels In My Head Rolling By Reading On A Regular Basis (Even If The Book Is Mush) At least I'm Reading Dammit. So Right Now I'm Halfway Through A Book Called The Five Love Languages for Singles By Gary Chapman.

Basically In The Book (Not Done With It Yet).... The Author Tries To Educate People On Relationships And Love In General. In A Nutshell The Author Points Out That Different People Have Different Ways Of Communicating With Each Other In Regards To Love (Hope I'm Gonna Make Sense) Mkay Each Person Has A Different Language Of Love, And Different People Hold These Different Languages Of Love At A Different Level Of Importance In Contrast To Another Person. There Are 5 Languages That Exist And They Are:
1. Words Of Affirmation (Being Positive And Uplifting Through Your Words To The Ones You Love)
2. Gifts (Giving/Receiving Gifts To Demonstrate Love)

3. Acts of Service (Doing Good Deeds/Helpful Things In Order To Help Those U Love)

4. Quality Time ( Spending Time With The One U Love)

5. Physical Touch (Making Sure Through Holding/Touching/Love Making) That Your Partner Is Satisfied

Alright So You Know How A Woman Says "O He Doesn't Do Sh*t Around The House" That Person Accepts Acts Of Service As Their Main Language Of Love. That Woman Who Has A Lazy Boyfriend Or Husband Will Start To Resent Their Other Half Because He Doesn't Accommodate His Girlfriend/Wife To Speak Her Language Of Love (Which She Holds Very High). That Female Probably Believes That A Man DOING For Her In Order To Help Her Whether Financially, Around The House, With Her Car...Etc Is Essential In Proving That A Man Loves Her.

And You Know How A Person Says: "O She Doesn't Spend Time With Me Anymore, She Doesn't Love Me, There's Somebody Else" Well This Person Complains Because Their Main Language Of Love Is Quality Time. If You Are With Someone Whose Main Language Of Love Is Quality Time And You Don't Provide That....Then You Better Be Sure Your Relationship Will Slowly Deteriorate.....

One More Example Is You Know How U Have A Girlfriend Who Says: "He Never Tells Me I'm Beautiful" Or A Woman That Says: "I'm Independent, Smart, And A Breadwinner Of The Family But My Husband Never Acknowledges All The Things That I Do" Well Those Girls Are Big On Words Of Affirmation 2 Keep Them Happy And Satisfied In a Relationship. These Women Need 2 Hear From Their Boyfriends/Husbands "Baby I Love You, You're Beautiful, And I Appreciate All That You Do".

Basically As Someone In A Relationship Or Starting A New Relationship You Have To Pay Close Attention To What Your Partner Is Saying In Order To Determine What Their Primary Language Of Love Is. I Believe My Primary Love Language Is Most Definitely Quality Time....It Will Not Work Between Me And A Man If He Can't Give Me Some "Us" Time. PERIOD. It Is Nice To Get And Give A Little Of Each Of These Languages From/To Your Partner But For Each Individual There Is Always One Love Language They Feel Is ABSOLUTELY Necessary In Order For Their Relationship 2 Function. Time 2 Be Little Investigators People!

What Are Your Thoughts? Which Language Of Love Are You Guys' #1's?

P.S. The Book Is Really Good....Pick It Up....You Don't Even Have 2 Be Single 2 Enjoy It, Very Insightful.

I'm Outtie Tho....Love, Live Life!

July 25, 2010

Blue Skies

I May Be Going Through My Drama....I May Have Been Wronged Twice In A Freakish Coincidence This Year But I've Never Felt More Happier, Stronger Or Loved Myself This Much. They Try To Knock Me Down But All I Do Is Rise.....I Rise Above Because I Know The Best Revenge Is Success.

The Song That's My Anthem Right Now....Janelle Monae....Tightrope....Cheaaaaaaaaaaa ( She Is Such A Breath Of Fresh Air....Originality Most Def Her Thing)

I Gotta Keep My Balance....
Love, Live Life....Muahz!

July 22, 2010

Mini Update... Till My Nail Heals

Just When I Put The Tip Of My Foot Into The Water Somebody Decides 2 Screw Me Over Again....Eff It I'm Becoming A Nun....I'm Typing More 2 Morrow B/c I Hit My Nail And Typing Right Now Is A Bioyatch But I Will Be Back. Oh Btw.....100th Post!!!! Whoop Whoop.

I Can't Believe It's Been A Lil Over A Year Since I Started Blogging, But I Just Wanna Thank U Guys On Ur Opinions And Love (Old And New Followers). I REALLY Love Yall, All And Ne Of Ur Comments Make My Day...Muah!!!!!!!

July 19, 2010

I'm Just Sayin

If I Told U I'm Crazy And I Have Baggage...Whyyyyy Must You Insist On Trying To Wife Me Up Or "Making It Official"? What Is A Title...Ugh I Dont Answer To Expectations Of Society And What Is Norm In Regards To A Relationship Between A Man And A Woman. Waiting On Me To "Act Right"...Don't Hold Your Breath.

And Oh Yeah When You Finally See My Crazy Coming Out Don't Say I Didn't Tell Ya So....Some Girls Hide The Crazy, Some Girls Ignore The Crazy..... But I...I Put It On The Table For You.

Proceed With Caution...That's What You Have To Do With Me....*Shoulder Shrug* Ahhh Welp

July 08, 2010

Does Size Really Matter

So the age old question of if size really opinion.....uh if ur physically deficient sure its alrite and yea it shuuuuuud be all about the motion in the ocean but hey its the real world....i mean seriously.

Wat say you ladies ......u met this swell guy, u click on many levels, u vibe, u jones, u connect....finally u decide 2  express ur love 4 each other and u find out ya soon 2 be lova is only as big as a lil piggy in a blanket or a damn canned vienna sausage. Do u take the L and hope love conquers all or do u give him  a crummy excuse and "suddenly" disappear?

And no havent met nebody,  since that  bastard :-( cuz i dont wanna settle for ne  tom, dick, or joe

but i only pose this question 2b random....i didnt figure out my ex (the one who took my viginity) was less than average till i met my boyfriends after him ( id never seen a males private part in person till i was 19) shallow as it sounds if i met him (my 1st) after my other ex's i might have laughed in his face. But im curious about u guys....wud it not be an issue and have u ever been with a tiny man who went above and beyond to show you that tiny tim is just as relevant as big mac?

Also another random: if im a guy with a smaller than average part....wud i know if i was less than average? How wud  i know i was lacking if nobody told me?

Till next time peeps,

Love, Live Life

June 28, 2010

Ooo ooo oooooo I Got A New Attitude

Mkay So Over The Past Couple of Weeks I've Been Over The Hills And Through It All. My Whole Mentality (Thanx To That Bastard Who Left Me...{You'll Get Yours Nucca}...) Has Changed....Part Of It For The Better But The Other Part Not So Much.

I Would Hate To Be The Bitter, Angry, Black Woman Scorned...But Hey Men Make Us That Way. I Mean I'm Not Completely Scorned And Curse Everything With A Penis But For Right Now I'm Over Them And The Whole Ambiance Of Being Goo Goo Gaa Gaa In Love.

Basically #1 Right Now Is Me....My Main Focus Is My Health, My Studies, My Family, Friends, And The Rest Are Just Excess Baggage. Honestly The Breakup Has Made Me Stronger And More Dependent On Me For My Happiness....Sure There Are Days That Are Worse Than Others But I Just Have To Remember That Man Wasn't For Me, The Pain He Was Causing Me....I Didn't Deserve It, The Games Were Not For Me, And The Person He's Going To Become Was Never Going To Match The Person I'm Planning To Become. How Could I Have Expected Someone To Love Me When I Didn't Even Know Me...I Didn't Know What Made Me Tick, Happy, Or Sad. I Didn't Know What I Didn't Want In A Man Because I Figured "Shit If I Dont Like Him, I'll Mold Him" (Um Wronnnnnnngo).

You See People I Was And Still Am An Incomplete Person...I Was Never In Touch With Myself And I Was A Moron So I Took Another Moron Serious (My Ex) Not Realizing We Both Had Some Growing Up To Do. So Now That I'm Maturing And Opening My Eyes To EVERYTHING...I'm Realizing That The Boy I Was With Wasn't Even On My Level And All He Was Doing Was Pulling Me Down. I Thought He Was My "Soulmate" Because My Mindstate Was Still Immature And Young...I Didn't Know Me.

You Want Proof? Fall Semester While I Was With Him (And He Was Starting To Fuck Up...Yea We All Know The Signs Of When Men Start Fucking Up) My Gpa Ended Up A 2.5....Lowest It's Ever Been And Not One Of My Greatest Accomplishments. This Spring Semester With Him Out Of The Picture My Gpa Jumped Up To A 3.5.....Can We Say Hyped? Yea I Was Extremely Happy.....I Dunno It Just Proved To Me That I Can Be A Success Without Him Or Any Other Man To Make Me Complete...It Made Me Feel Like A Grown Woman....Finally.

I Wasn't The Prettiest Girl He Knew, I Didn't Have The Phattest Ass, I Don't Look Like A Top Model Everytime I Step Out The Mother Effin Door.....

But I Was A Good Girl, I Had Potential, And I Loved Him Hard.......I Have Self Worth, And Maybe Not Today, But One Day Somebody Will Think I'm Pretty Cool....Till Then I'm Having Fun Just Loving Me....Flaws And All....Unconditionally.......I Love That Girl.

June 13, 2010

Just One Of Them Dayz

"Its A Mid Summer Nite....And I'm Thinkin About Ya Babe, Wanting You.
I Wish U Cud Catch A Jet Plane, I Know U Wud If Only You Cud....

But Finances Ain't Wat We'd Like And Sometimes We Have 2 Sacrifice....Cuz I Know Its Hard Ova There Where Ur Cuz Its Raining Ova Here Only Inside Of My WOMB....Passion And Desire Baby...Innumerable Fire....

I Got 4 U....U Know That Its True...Cum See Me.
I Wanna Feel Passion And Desire Baby....Ohhh I Got 4u, U Know That Its True"

(Jill Scott Ain't Never Lied...Luv This Song....Damn I Need A Man...Lol)
Love, Live Life Peeps

June 10, 2010

Throwback Of The Week

Sooooo My Throwback of The Week Is "Weak" By Swv.....Whaaaaaaaaaaat....Member This One?!?

Can't Wait Till Someone Makes Me Feel That Way Again:-)
Enjoy Peeps! Love, Live Life.

Product Review!

Hola Como Estas Mis Amigos y Amiga's (I Didn't Tell You Guys I'm Half Mexican?....No? Well I'm Lying Ne Ways). Mkay So Here We Go...I Digressed.

This Is A Product Review And The Product I'm Reviewing Is *Drum roll*
Is The Sally Hansen's Shaving Shower Spray On Thingy Ma Bob. If Some Of You Guys Don't Know I'm A Hairy Girl, Like U Cud Literally Braid Cornrows On My Arms...But Um Yea So I HATE Shaving With A Passion...U Couldn't Pay Me Enough To Do It Consistently. So My Goal Has Been To Find The Perfect Hair Remover Contraption With Little To No Work Involved. I Picked Up This 3 Minute Hair Remover Thingy And I Have A Love Hate Relationship With It.

Cons:First Off The Smell Annoys Me, Secondly It Was A Spray So I Kept Getting Paranoid About It Accidentally Spraying Onto The Hair On My Head (Which Was Impossible..But The Paranoia Was Still There), And I HATED The Fact That I Could Get Probably 2 Usages Out Of That Spray Can (If I'm JUST Doing My Legs Because Once Again Thanx 2 My Wonderful Parents I'm Like Cousin It).

Like Deadass That $8.39 To Me Was A Waste Because I Feel Like U Cud Get More Bang For Your Buck If You Buy An Electric Razor Or Something.

Pros: I Did Like The Fact That I Didn't Have To Touch My Leg At All...Just Rinsed With Water And Wiped With A Washcloth While In The Shower. It Did Take Exactly 3 Minutes And All The Hair Was Gone. I also Like This Because It Wasn't Time Consuming And It Got The Job Done.

So Ladies...And Gents (If U Into That Type Of Stuff)I Do Recommend This Just 2 Have Around For A Just In Case Moment (Like U Were Invited To A Last Minute Party And Ur Leg Was Looking Like Monique's @ The Golden Globes) And U Needed To Shave ASAP.
But As For Getting This Weekly Or For Constant Use....Pass...Unless U Got Money 2 Blow...As For Me I'm In A Recession So....HATED IT!!!! (In Living Color Reference For My Old Heads).

Duece Yall ....Love, Live Life.

June 08, 2010


10 Random Things About Me: Shirleyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

1. I Can't Sleep Without Some Type Of Light On (Whether It's The Glow Of The T.V. or My Computer)

2. I Went To An All Girls Highschool Soooooooo I Have Limited Experience With Men...

3. I Hate Eating Slice Bread Crust, I Always Tear Those Sucka's Off

4. I'm American But My Parents Are Haitian And I Lurvvvvvve It....Being Bi Lingual Is The Sh*t. The Thing That Blows My Mind Tho Is When I Get Yelled @ By My Parents In 2 Different Languages.( They Will Deadass Yell At Me In Creole, And Give Me The English Version Right After Just In Case I Missed Something)..Smh lol

5. The Person I Tell Most Of My Secrets To Is My Bestie And I Love Him 2 Death....He Makes My Heart Smile...F*ck A Boyfriend.

6. I Don't Know How To Whine/Dance...And I Have No Rhythm....I Feel Stupid In Clubs Or When Forced To Give Dubs. I Have The Dancing Capability Of A White Boy (No Offense).

7. I Have A Horrible Fear Of People B/c Im A Shy Person And Wanna Get Over It B4 I Die.

8. I Want To Be Finished With Skool And Have a (Real) Job B4 Making Any Man My Priority Ever Again. I'm Halfway Towards My Bachelor's Degree....So Men Holla At Me In A Year And Sum Change.

9. I Live With My Parents But Who Knows How Long That's Gonna Last B/c They've Been Trying To Give Me A 12am Curfew Lately And Im Def Over 21 Years Old

10. When I Get Mad (Instead Of Yelling And Cussing) I Cry....Yea Im A Baby, I Know.

May 28, 2010

Cranking Em Out....Album Review

So The Other Day I Finally Got The Nas And Damien Marley Album "Distant Relatives".
This Album Is DEFFFFFF Worth The Pocket Change....Please Go And Cop.

A Part Of Me Was Looking At Nas Like :-/
Seriously Boo? A Whole Album With Marley? But They Pulled It Off In My Opinion, Now If Its Gonna Sell Is A Whole Other Topic :-(

But This Album Right Cheaaaaaaaaaaa Is Quality Music, None Of That Superman, Snap Ya Fingers Pop Crap. I Said This On My Twitter But.....I Don't Smoke, Never Have, Never Will...But Something Tells Me This Is An Album U Throw On, Mellow Out, Grab Ur Ciggy (Or Watever Ur Poison Is) And Just Effin Vibe Out To.

Allz I'm Saying Is If You Like REAL Music, Talent, And Men Who Take Pride In Their Craft Please Listen To This.

So Far My Favorite Song Of The Album Is Called "Friends" ....Has An African Vibe To It, Never Heard Anybody Rap Over A Beat Like This...I Love It.

Oh Yea Guys Offtopic Special Shoutout To My Homies:

Mr.Kickologist, Check Him Out @
He's A Kool Person And His Blog Is Coming Along Nicelyyyy...Great Advice Giver And Im Sure If You Follow Him He Will Do The Same

And Dabossofny, Check Him Out @
He's Also A Swell Guy And Has Some Interesting Topics On Life And Different Things Of That Nature.

I LIKE GUY BLOGGERS because you get to see them as human and not some hard core muscle please check these guys out And Follow!

Duece Peeps....Love, Live Life ---> My New Slogan Ha.

I'm Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired

Hey Guys Sorry For My Hiatus...School Got Really Heavy After Spring Break So I Have Not Been Cranking Out The Blogs Like I Should Have Been (Which Is A Lousy Excuse Since I Have A Blogger App On My Phone) Anywhoooo.....I Hope All Is Well With Everybody, I Will Be Getting Around To Reading Some Of You Guys Blogs Soon.

Uh Sooo The Other Night I Went Out With A 3 Of My Co Worker Girlfriends To Applebee's And We Were Just Kicking It...Being Giggly And Loud (Ya Know The Regular Girls Stuff) But Then Somehow We Get Into The Topic Of My Ex. I Told Them We Still Spoke And We Were Kool And We Still Liked Each Other But He STILL Does Not Want To Be With Me. My Friends Were Disgusted....They Felt Like I Should Have Moved On Long Ago And That I Should Have Cut My Ex Out Because They Believe That He's Stopping Me From Moving On.

It Got Rough They Questioned Me Like: What Does He Do For You, How Does He Benefit You, And Why Do You Need Him?

And Honestly People I Was Embarassed Because I Could Only Give Them Two Reasons....I Had No Other Reasons Besides He Was Motivational, And He Cared About Me.

And Then I Got Asked: If I
Thought That He'd Go Above And Beyond For Me Like I Always Did For Him

I Responded No.
That Right There Was My Epiphany Moment.

So My Friends Made Me Look At Myself And I Was Looking Crazy Out Here...Then I Revealed To Them I Haven't Gone On A Date For The Past 2 Years...And That I'm Not Talking To ANY Man Right Now, Not ONE. The Most I'd Do Is Give A Guy My Number Andddd Text Them Maybe Once Or Twice B4 Going Mia (And I've Even Stopped Doing That Because Its Depressing). I Told Them That The Thought Of Talking To A New Person Disgusts Me And That I Don't Think I Ever Will, O You Know That Drove Them Insane.

So All Of Them Suggested That I Should Go Out With A New Guy So I Could Get Back Into The Swing Of Things. I Don't See How Dating Will Help Because I Don't Wanna Scare Men Off With All The Baggage I Got But Mkay. One Of My Friends Even Suggested A Friend She Had Who She Thought Wud Be A Good Match For Me...She Sent Him My Pic, He Sent His.....Just Ughhhhhhh, I Honestly Dont Wanna Try But Maybe Those Girls Know What They Were Talking About.

I Dunno, I Really Am At A Loss...Till This Day I Still Cry Over My Ex...Laid In Bed For 2 Hours This Morning Just Sobbing, Like Really? I Just Can't Anymore.

You Ever Gave Your Everything To Someone Only 2 Find Out The Everything You Gave Didn't Mean Sh*t To Them?

*Sigh* Only God Can Help Me....But When Is This Help Gonna Come Around?

May 03, 2010

La Musica

Heyyy I Said It A Billion Times And I Will Continue 2 Say It ...Whatever Happened To Good Ol R&B....You Know, The Music Us 80's Babies Grew Up To? Like Dizzam All I'm Subjected To Listen To Is Stuff Like Trey Songz, Or Pleasure P :-/ I Mean We Have Our Random Gems But I Stress The Word RANDOM!

What Happened To Az Yet, Boys II Men, Toni Braxton (Of The Past), Whitney Houston, Keith Sweat, Bel Biv Divoe, TLC?

Songs Of Substance, Songs That Dont Talk About Blowing My Back Out, Or Giving Becky (Wth?)....Can We Get LOVEEEEE SONGS??????? Shesssssh! *Mini Vent*

I Have To Start Doing A "Throwback Of The Week" From Now On Starting Today With A Classic "On Bended Knee" By BoyzIIMen. I Sure Do Remember Belting Out This Tune B4 I Even Knew What Love Or Heartbreak Was About....Mmm Mmm Mmm, Sang It Boys!

May 02, 2010


So i told him leave me alone, told him we cant be friends cuz i love him 2 much. I hope i never have 2 see or hear him ne more but i dont live in a perfect world.

U cant be friends with ur ex when u still love him. Even after all the shit he put  me through, i still do... which is why ive finally cut him outta my life. I dont need ne friends like him, cuz friends dont run over ur heart with a bus.

Im good, i dont wanna be ur fuggin crutch ne more....u gotta walk on ur own and stop trying to pop up randomly in my life. You wanted to go, get gone cuz i dont want ur ass ne more.

April 30, 2010

Ping Pong

Stop playing ping pong with my most prized sick of u pulling my heart in that direction

One second you're here, the next you're not...the hoping, the longing, how can i make it stop...

Days have turned to nights, barren dead areas of the winter have sprung back 2 life and still it doesnt shame me to say i want it 2b like it was back in the day.

Unbreak my heart, fix my restless soul..say u never meant 2 let go....

Gimme back my smile, take back the night you said goodbye, tell me it pains u 2 see me cry.

Undo the day u met me, let me have spent the past 2 years lonely, wish i never knew wat it was 2 have u hold me, console me, be your one and only.

April 19, 2010

Up Out My Face Nucca

I hate g. Like if theres one thing i hate its g. So the other nite i met this guy....i dont know why but i give these randoms the time of day because im bored (and cuz in my mind im gonna  toss the number and ignore the sucka ne ways).

So i give this guy my number...i dunno just to see  if i still got it (pow!)...but im starting to realize maybeeee i shouldnt give out my number if my intentions are not to speak to these guys on a long term basis (and its really not, as weird as it sounds its just to remind myself "yea ur not an unattractive person but u just choose to be alone").

But anyways i digressed... i gave this guy my number and within an hour he texted me, within 2 hours he called me and i told him id call him back...when i was  done eating...within an hour of that he texted me. He didnt even give it the standard 24 hours guys have to give b4 calling a girl! Mkay apparently i pull the crazies.

So i was bored in skool the day after i met him and i wanted to test his crazy so i texted him to see where his head was.

Me: so wats up

Him: nuthin layin down bout to get sum breakfast. So wat u doing later wanna catch dinner and a movie?

Me: uhhhh no i have skool all day till 9pm

Him: yo i wanna make u wifey 4 real. I swear i'll treat u rite 

Me: err uhhhh lol u funny (In my head: nigga please!). So wat do u do?

Him: rite now training to be in the nypd gonna get my gun license soon

Me: o

Him: I need a wife tho something serious you look like wifey type tho das if u let me wife u up I got a lot planed in my life to work hard and make goals

Me: so y u single?

Him: I was in and out of something I was wit shawty for 2 years but I'm not goin back she's not serious and I aint gone lie I wasnt wit her cause she wasnt with it

i Wan it to be serious well I was at 1st but she young she's 18 turn 19  and I'm 23 like who's mature? Like well I was she was on her childish shit so

Well theres alot more of him buttering me up but this is a phone post so im getting lazy, wat u think guys? psycho azz or good azz g?

April 14, 2010

Dating Out Tha Box?

So I'm Gonna Get Into This Without Getting Into It. Okay People Let's Say U Find Someone Attractive, They Have Nice Qualities, Personality Off The Chain, And Ur Zodiac Signs Match (Yea I Know Im On Psycho

Um But Yea They Are All You Wouldn't Mind Dating But There's Only One Hang Up...They Aren't The Same Ethnicity As You. Does That Bother Any Of You Guys?

There's A Classmate I Have Who Is A Koooool Dude, Like Deadazz But The Thing That Bugs Me Out Is That If I Ever Wanted To Talk To Him I Have This Whole Mental Block Up About Making The First Move On Someone Who Isn't Black Or Latino. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease Don't Get Me Wrong I Would Loveeeee To Date Outside My Race But If I Had To Make The First Move Or Tell The Person I Liked Them Then I Wouldn't Do It For Fear Of Rejection That I'm Not His "Type".

I've Only Dated Black Guys And My First "Play Boyfriend" Was Mexican So I Haven't Got Around To Experiencing Different Flavors In The Ice Cream Shop...(Ha!) But I Def Wouldn't Mind, The Only Thing Is I Wouldn't Know How To Go About It. .

Okay Take A Stroll With Me Into My Sick Azz Mental Processing: Alright Lets Say The Person I Want To Talk To Is Asian Or Caucasian...What Goes Through My Head Is -->

What Will We Really Have In Common, He Definitely Didn't Grow Up Where I Did...

What If I'm Just An Experiment For Him?

How Is He Gonna React If I Take Him Home, Or How's His Family Gonna React When They See Him Stroll In With A Sista Girl?

I Mean You See Guys...Do U See This Hang Up I Have? I Would So Be Open For Broadening My Experiences But Those Three Reasons Above Roll Through My Mind ....I Think My Hesitation About Interracial Dating Would Come From My Thoughts Of What The Guy I'm Dating Thinks About What Other People Think And If It'd Affect Him. Most Of My Worry 2 Wud Be About If Our Feelings For Each Other Wud Surpass The Hate And If My Man Can Handle Us Not Being A "Normal" Couple To Others. What Do You Guys Think? Are Any Of U Guys In Interracial Relationships And How Do U Guys Deal?

March 25, 2010


Hey Guys...Sorry For My Lil Hiatus, Skool And Midterms Have Been Whoopin My Butt....More Blog Posts And Watnot To Come...Stay Tuned! Btw To Those Of My Fellow Bloggers Still Taking Midterms Goooood Luckkkkkk!

March 16, 2010

Hey Ladies!!!

You Ever Had A Man You Gave Your Number To....Or Got In Contact With After A Long Time But Then End Up Saying To Urself: "Sh*t, Why The Hell Did I Give Him My Number In The First Damn Place, His Ass Is Muthafuggin Psycho!"

*Points Index Finger To Self* Guilty

This Song Is Dedicated To My Gurls Who Feel Me And Know What In The World I'm Talking About....Lol

You Make Me Wanna Throw My iPhone Out The Window...Tell Tmobile To Cut My Phone Calls...Break My Lease So I Can Move, Cuz U A Buga Boo...A Bugga Boo.

Be Careful Ladies Not Every Tom, Dick, And John Should Get Ur Goods (Aka: Ur Phone Number)....Its A Crazy Epidemic We Are Facing Out There, Examine Caution.

March 04, 2010


I Wasn't Shocked When I Found Out B/C I KNOW That Once A Man Asks You For Space It's Nothing But Downhill From There...A Year And 9 Months, Gone. I Was Hurt Tho. Im Over It And Now It's All A Matter Of Controlling My Physical Needs Because Mentally I Let Our Connection Go A Long Time Ago. I've Put My Heart Through Enough For The Past Couple Of Months I Think It's Time To Focus On Skool (As I Have Been) And Meeting New People. I Honestly Am Ready To Meet Another Man...Ya Know One Who Takes Me Serious And Who Wants To Actually Have A Relationship. I Want Someone To Value Me, And I Want Them To Want Me As Much As I Want Them. I'm Over Thinking About That Scumbag, Cmon Cupid Help A Sista Out.

February 25, 2010

Wam Bam Thank U Maam?

*Sigh* I Think I Was Dreading Writing This Post I Dunno...Maybe Cuz Im Scared To Admit The Truth To Myself Which Is That Im Single And Solo Dolo....But I Guess My Relationship/Non Relationship Status Needs To Be Addressed.

So It's Been Exactly Four Months Since My Significant Other Has Left Me....I Don't Know I Guess I Can Say Im Mixed Emotions About The Situation...They Don't Lie When They Say Life Goes On After A Breakup But Of Course I Will NOT Water Down The Fact That The Shit Does Hurt. (As Cliche As It Sounds) A Person Going Through A Breakup Definitely Has To Take One Step At A Time. Um Months Ago The Thought Of Talking To Another Man Made Me Nauseous, And Not That I'm Ready Now For Another "Commitment" But When I Finally Do Decide 2 Talk 2 Someone I Will Be Hella Cautious.

Looking Back I Used To Hattttte When My Parents Came At Me With The Bull ish Like "Well Shirley You Should Wait Till You Graduate From College B4 Focusing On Boys" And I Used To Think Those Old Heads Were On Crack. Honestly Hindsight Is Always 100Percent But I Do See Why They Said What They Said....This Semester I'm Doing The Five Classes Thing, Trying To Be Social, And Focusing On Me.

And Ladiesssss Please If You Are With A Man And Don't Trust Him For What Ever Reason...Whether Its You're Insecure, Or He Did Something Etc. Just Leave....Because It's Only Gonna Go Downhill Once U Become Miss Private Investigator.

With My Ex I Was So Caught Up And I Got So Distracted That I Forgot To Do Me. Then Came My Accusations...Etc. When A Relationship Deteriorates To That Point Its Not Even Worth It. Right Now I Can Say Emotionally I Don't Need His Support...Emotionally I'm Done With Him......It's Tough Tho And A Sista Has Needs!

I Mean I Know I Need To Respect Myself Etc. And Move On Physically As I Have Mentally But Until I Find A Guy With The Total Package It's Gonna Be Hard...

February 14, 2010

Valentine's Shmalintines.

I Can't Give You The World Like I Originally Wanted To.

I Can't Shower You With Diamonds And Bling Because It Wouldn't Mean A Thing.

I Can't Sit There And Dwell On what We Had Because The Past Is The Past...It Didn't Last.

I Can't Say You Never Cross My Mind Cuz You And I Both Know That's A Lie.

But I Can Say For A Moment In Time You Were My Mister Right And You Lit Up My Life.

I Can Say For A Moment In Time You Were My Natural High And A Day Without You Blew My

I Can Say For A Moment In Time I Was A Sucker For Love, I Was Infatuated And Couldn't Get Enough.

I Can Say I Still Love You Without A Doubt...Even Though We Parted Ways My Memories With You Will Never Go Away....They Just Fade.

I Can Say I'm Proud Of My Growth, If You Love Him Then Shirley You Have To Let Him Go....With Every Passing Day I Did Grow Strong....Now All That's Left To Do Is Move On.

February 09, 2010

Go Shirley....Its Ya Birthday

Sooooo It's My Bday Today....February 9th. I Thank God That I've Lived a Whole Other Year. Things May Not Be The Way I Want Them To Be But By The Grace Of God I Will Get To Where I Need To Be As Time Goes On.

I Love My Family, Love My Friends, Love My Blog Family...And Ya Know Wat ...I am To Blessed To Be Stressed. Sure I May Be Single :-/, Sure I May Be Black, But Daggone It I'm I Love It. When I Told Someone The Age I Was Turning Today They Definitely Were Shocked And Said I Looked 16...Smh.....From Now On I'm 18 All Over Again....Shhhhhhhh.

Nah But I'm Older Than 21 And I Dunno I Feel Hella Old....And I Know I'm Still In My Twenties And All But Based On Everyones Reaction When I Tell Them My Age I'm Going To Start Keeping It To Toodles All!

February 08, 2010

Think It's Time For Me To Let Go Cuz My Heart Can't Take It No More....Baby You Were All I Lived For But I'll Leave You Behind....Imma Be Okay.

January 26, 2010

Um Kpop And Jpop?

Alright So My Dude Bestie Is A Very Unique Person (lol) And Has A Unique Taste In Music. Sometimes He Believes That I'm Close Minded When It Comes To Music And He's Right I'm A Pure R&B Head. So We Had The Biggest Skype Session For Hours...I Was Listening To His Choice Of Music And He Was Listening To Some Of Mine. He's Into Rock...Pop.....Those Anime Theme Songs And Stuff Like That *Side Eye* I Mean Like I Said The Bestie Is Unique.

Yeah So I Went Through Most Of His Songs And I Cud Not Get Into A Groove Wat So Ever. I'm The Type Of Person Who Likes To Listen To Music That Relates To My Life....And Right Now I'm Trying To Listen To Some Depressing Ass R&B ( Like Mary J Blige "I'm Going Down" Type Of Stuff) Because That's Where I am (Relationship Wise). .....But He Said I Need To Stop Looking For Music That Relates To Me And Look For Feel Good Music....Not Music That's Gonna Bring Me Down. Alright Sooooo I Stepped Away From My Ignorance And Judgemental Ways And I Surprisingly Fell In Love. My Friend Introduced Me To Japanese Pop...Yea Weird I Know. This One Song Caught My Ear And Even Though It Is About Being In Love....Its Such A Feel Good Song That I Didn't Even Dwell On The Topic Of The Song. The Girl In The Video Is A Solo Artist Called Boa, She Is So Bubbly Love Her...The Two Guys Are A Duo Called M flo...This Song Is A Collaboration With Mflo And Boa... The Beat Is Nice....Not To Mention The Guy Rapping Was Spitting Fiyahhhhhh....Lmao (I Honestly Don't Know Wat He Was Rapping About...But It Might Be More Fiyahhhhhh If I Understood). So Check It Out Guys..Tell Me Wat Ya Think. Love It Or Do U Guys Think I'm Losing My Mind And Need To Smack My Bestie For Letting Me Listen To This Trash?

January 14, 2010

Haiti (Ayite Cherie)

You Guys PLEASE IN ANY WAY U CAN ....Please Lend A Helping Hand To Haiti. To Get Through This Disaster That Country Can Not Do It Alone. The Pictures, The Stories, The Death....Its So Overwhelming And These People Have Mothers, Fathers, Brothers, Sisters Cousins That Have Been Torn Out Of Their Lives....Please Do It For Humanity, Do It For The Love Of Others, Do It For The Love Of Your Brothers And Sisters...Donate....PLEASE Donate.

Text YELE to 501501 to donate $5 dollars to YELE HAITI, Wyclef's Haiti relief fund.

Text "HAITI" to 90999 to donate $10 to Red Cross relief efforts in Haiti.

Prayers To Haiti.....*Lord Let Your Light Shine On Them*

January 13, 2010

Haiti My Luv

So Today I've Been Really Devastated By The News Stories I've Been Hearing About Haiti And The 7.0 Measured Earthquake That Occurred There. I Can't Say How Sad I Am And How My Heart Hurts For My People. My Parents Were Born In Haiti...I Was Born In America But I Was Always One For Cultural Pride When It Came To Haiti. The Thing That Irritates Me Is Just Why Haiti...They Are Already Bad Enough Without The Earthquake But Now? My Biggest Fear Is That Haiti Will Never Be Able To Bounce Back From This And I Dread To See Tomorrow (When Morning Sunlight Comes) How Many Lives Were Actually Lost. So Far From Watching CNN They Say There Have Been 24 Aftershocks...Now I've Never Experienced An Earthquake But Common Sense Tells Me They Are Traumatic. I Just Pray For All Those In Haiti And I Hope The Death Toll Isn't As Bad As We Are Assuming It Is (Since Communication And Info Coming Out Of Haiti Is Limited). I Know Some Of My Blogger Fam On Here Are Haitian And I Also Pray For You And Yours Guys.

Oh....And I Also Found An Article Written Oct 11, 2008.....In This Article A Geologist Actually Predicted That An Earthquake Of This Magnitude Would Happen In Haiti 1 YEAR AND A HALF AGO

"A recent article in Haiti’s Le Matin newspaper has quoted 65 year old geologist and former professor at the Geological Institute of Havana, Patrick Charles, as stating that “conditions are ripe for major seismic activity in Port-au-Prince. The inhabitants of the Haitian capital need to prepare themselves for an event which will inevitably occur...” According to him, the danger is imminent. He ads “Thank God that science has provided instruments that help predict these types of events and show how we have arrived at these conclusions.”

Here's The Link ...I Mean This Man Literally Predicted A 7.2 Earthquake In..... PORT-AU-PRINCE....So While Some Of Us Are Shocked This Man Knew It Was Coming All Along...SMH.

Once We Get More Info In The Daytime I Will Update Again U Guys...Pray For These People.

January 06, 2010

My Guilty Pleasure

Yea I Said It Britney Spears Is My Lil Secret Lover....Back In The Days While I Was Growing Up This Girl Was Sooooo Beautiful And Inspiring To Me...Not To Mention Her Music Was Catchy And Sucked Me In.

This Song Was One Of My Favorites From Her ...I Think I Was About 11 Or 12 When This Song Came Out And I Used To Sing It Like I Knew What A Broken Heart Consisted Of...Ha! Basically The Song Is Her Talking To Her Heart ....Its Just So Cute.....Click And Tell Me What U Think!

Favorite Quote:

Heart, all the hurt will soon be gone
If you'll, if you'll just keep on being strong
You will always be my friend, so keep on hangin' in
And we'll find love again

January 05, 2010

Comments Are A Go!

Hey You Guys I'm Back...First Post Of The New Year ...Yayyyyyy! I Hope Everyone's New Year Is Off To A Positive Start.

First Off I'm Gonna Make This Short And Sweet. I Want To Let You Guys Know That My Comments Are Now Enabled. I Started To Think My Followers Didn't Care To Comment But I Still Grinded Out The Posts Until A Sweet Young Lady Let Me Know That My Blog Wasn't Letting People Comment. I Want To Send A Special Shoutout To Ms. King Who Went Above And Beyond To Let Me Know My Blog Was Blocking Comments (Because She Really Didn't Have To). Thank U Sooooooo Much Your Efforts Really Meant Alot To Me.

This Girl Right Here Is A Sweetheart...So If U Aren't Already Following Her Awesome Blog....Please Do @ :