February 14, 2010

Valentine's Shmalintines.

I Can't Give You The World Like I Originally Wanted To.

I Can't Shower You With Diamonds And Bling Because It Wouldn't Mean A Thing.

I Can't Sit There And Dwell On what We Had Because The Past Is The Past...It Didn't Last.

I Can't Say You Never Cross My Mind Cuz You And I Both Know That's A Lie.

But I Can Say For A Moment In Time You Were My Mister Right And You Lit Up My Life.

I Can Say For A Moment In Time You Were My Natural High And A Day Without You Blew My

I Can Say For A Moment In Time I Was A Sucker For Love, I Was Infatuated And Couldn't Get Enough.

I Can Say I Still Love You Without A Doubt...Even Though We Parted Ways My Memories With You Will Never Go Away....They Just Fade.

I Can Say I'm Proud Of My Growth, If You Love Him Then Shirley You Have To Let Him Go....With Every Passing Day I Did Grow Strong....Now All That's Left To Do Is Move On.


Cook.ThePoet. said...

Whoah. Im feelin this. Real emotion


Ms. King said...

that was bomb...very nice post!

Anonymous said...

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Ms. T said...

Loving the site!!!

Become a follower of my blog; I will be sure to follow you.


Thanks Ms T

Anonymous said...

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kimee said...

love it!

Ms. T said...
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