July 19, 2009

Wow I'm So Sad

How Can A Man Have Suffered So Much In His Life....Media Made Him Out To Be A Monster When In Reality He Was A Gentle, Misunderstood Soul. This Was The Infamous Pepsi Commercial Where Michael's Hair Caught On Fire. When I Heard About This Fire I Thought It Was A Small Piece Of Hair That Caught On Fire, But NOOOO The Back Of This Man's Head Was On Fire Resulting In 2nd And 3rd Degree Burns On His Scalp And Body (I Mean I Don't Know Much About Burns But I KNOW He Had To Have Been Left With Horrible Scars On His Face And Etc.) Just No Words. We Don't Know What Michael Went Through In Life (Because This Fire Not Only Could Affect Someone Physically, It Had To Have Affected Him Mentally). They Say After The Commercial Mishap That Was The Point Where Michael's Life Started Going Downhill And He Started Using Prescription Drugs To Help Him Cope With The Pain (Possibly Becoming To Dependent On Them). This Man Was Scrutinized, Loved, Hated, And Always Under A Microscope. I Don't Know How He Dealt. All I Know Is May This Man Finally Be At Peace With God And The Angels Above.....Love You Michael *Always And Forever*


☆Reese✮ said...

aww! that was so sweet and well-said! I love it

tee said...

That pepsi footage is crazy but well said.

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Anonymous said...

man! i teared up watching this commercial!!! its crazy because everything ppl put him down for there was something traumatic that triggered it... i prolly would have got hooked on prescriptions if i would have been burnt that bad.. his hair wouldn't even grow back... they talk about his white skin... he had a disease hello!! .. him hanging around kids... he didnt have a childhood what so ever... let him live it up.. with ppl who don't judge him.. who dont want nothing from him, but to have fun... like him..

lol.. im getting down in this comment!! lol...

X_Skater_14_X said...

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S Jones said...

@ Reese And @ Tee Thank You

@ Withlove....lol...I Understand Why You Went In On This Comment....That Dude Was Tha Man.....It's Really Stupid How His Life Took A Turn For The Negative