June 23, 2009


I Had Went To See My Girl BEYONCE At Madison Square Garden On Monday Night With Some Amigas And It WAS FANTASTIC. Before The Show I Was A Huge Beyonce Fan But My Love For Her Quadrupled Since I Seen This Show. Sometimes You Hear How Some Artists (They Say This About Rhianna)Sing Really Bad When They Are Live ....Well This Is Not The Case For Beyonce...Her Voice Was Phenomenal.

First Off I Have To Say For The Show I Wanted To Get Fancy So I Tried To Play In My Eye shadows And Makeup...Can You Guys Tell? I Did A Lil Eyeliner, And Mascara Too...Yea I'm A Makeup Newbie So Wat....lol. Off Topic: But Those Of You Girls Who Wear Glasses And Eye Makeup Isn't It Irritating To Know That No One Can Every Really Tell You Have Makeup On Unless You Have Bold Colors Applied?!? I Sooooo Need Help On How To Make The Eyes Stand Out From Behind The Glasses. So Umm Yea Back To Beyonce....Lol....I LOVE HER!

This Is The Group Rich Girls...They Were Beyonce's Opening Act. They Look Like A Bootleg Version Of Destiny's Child (Which Some Of You Guys Might Like Because I Know I Love Me Some Girl Groups). However They Don't SOUND Like Destiny's Child. This Group Live Sucks...They Were Singing And Some Of Them Did The Solo Vocalizing Thing And I Was Not Impressed. No Bueno! But They Were Pretty...lol...I Don't Know How Far Looks Will Get Them Buttttt Good Luck! I Could Not Wait For Them To Shut up....Ugh.

Finally The Woman Of The Hour Hit The Stage And The Crowd Went Nuts.....I Was Stoked....I Felt Like A Kid On Christmas Morning And I Was Loving The Whole Atmosphere.

Not Even Fifteen Minutes Into The Show Her Hubby Hova aka Jigga Came Out And Did "Crazy In Love" With Her

This Is When She Did Smash Into You...The Stage Background Was Really Pretty ...It Seemed Like She Was In The Ocean/Beach....From There She Did The Song "Ave Maria".

This Is When She Did "Ego"......Luvs It!

This Is When She Did "If I Was A Boy" With Her Lil Sunglasses And Policewoman Dress

This Was A Screen Shot Of When She Tried To Illustrate The Whole Sasha Fierce/Beyonce Two Differrent People Persona By Flipping A Coin.

After The Coin Was Flipped Miss Sasha Fierce Came Out On A Harness And Flew Over The Entire Crowd And Landed On A Platform Towards The Middle Of The Arena And Was Alot Closer To Where We Were Sitting.

In Closing I Must Say The Ridiculous Amount Of Money I Paid For This Concert Was Soooooo Worth It. Beyonce Is Just Pure Genius And Now I Completly Understand Why She Is A Billionare Because She Is Super Talented. I Urge Any And Everybody If You Haven't Seen This Girl In Concert Please Do Because She Will Not Leave You Dissappointed. You Can Tell Beyonce Has Worked On Her Craft And It's Great To See What Perserverance And Hard Work Has Bought To This Young Lady. You Go Girl!!!!! Oh Yea Buy That Beyonce CD If You Still Haven't ....lol...Yeah I'm Officially Her Groupie/Superfan, Don't Judge Me.

Over And Outtie!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cerebrally_Orgasmic said...

Lol..glad u enjoyed Mrs. Carter..she definitely works hard for her $..

Max Gibson said...

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a.k.a Diva said...

Ehh. I respect her craft, but she is still not my cup of sugar & honey tea. :\

Glad you enjoyed her though.

withlove__starz said...

WOW! i felt like i was there!! great blog! ... her live performance puts her on a level faaaaaar beyond all the rest!

Anonymous Priss said...

I'm so jealous!! Thanks for the pictures, I would LOVE to see her live!

it'sok2bu*nique* said...

looks like a really good show!

GreenFalcon said...

u look beautiful.
rare moment. look extra pritty to go c beyonce LOL.
and i cant believe u know who almost not let u c it.

S Jones said...

Thanx For The Comments You Guys...Goooo See Beyonce ASAP!!!! No Lie When I Say It Was Money Well Spent! @ aka diva: Lol I Used To Dislike Her Tooo But She Grew On Me Fast.

Prissy said...

Girl you always tell it like it is. Rich Girl sucks so bad. I can't listen to their music. We'll see how far they make it in the industry. As for Ms. Beyonce I can't wait for her concert next Tuesday.

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