December 29, 2009

Goodbye 2009...Kick Rocks

2010 I Welcome You With Open Arms...Welcome!

I'm So Ready For 09' To Come To An End. This Was A Pretty Much Horrible Year For Me ....I'd Say It All Went Downhill With The Passing Of My Aunt From Cancer (Which Was End Of 08) But The Whole Ordeal Was Pretty Much Still Fresh When The New Year Hit. I Started My New Years Night Off By Crying Cuz I Definitely Got Into An Argument With My Boyfriend (Now Ex) When The Ball Dropped. I'd Gained A Butt Load Of Debt.....And I Found Out What It Was Like To Be Broken Up With.

All In All I'm Ready For This Year To Be Over...I Just Want New Beginnings And I Want To Surround Myself With Uplifting People Who Love Me. None Of That Fake Shit Either..... Love Me Or Hate Me That's My Slogan For The New Year.

I Also Want To Make 2 Resolutions.

The First Resolution Is To Get A Backbone....No More Smiling And Nodding. I Want To Speak My Mind And Open Up (Take A Speech Class If I Must). I Want To Be Seen And Heard.

Sometimes Others Take A Person's Kindness For Weakness And I Don't Ever Again Want Someone To Think They Can Get One Over On Me....OOOOOO No Not I....Not Anymore.

My Second Resolution Is More Of A Stretch But (I'm Gonna Prove You Wrong Jean Bean)....I Want To Go To Church More. Yea I Know...Tough One...But I Want To Do It At least Once A Month ( For My Lazy Tail That Seems Realistically Possible).

I Hope 2010 Brings New Possibilities, Opportunities, Love, Joy, And Peace.

What Do You Guys Hope The New Year Will Bring?

December 26, 2009

Mariah? Is That You?

Mariah And Nicki Minaj On The Set Of Their Video "Up Out My Face"

Ummmm Ya.....This Barbie Thing Is Getting Out Of Hand.

And Mariah Where Are The Ballads I Once Loved You For....Come Friggin On...First Gucci Man Now This?

I Guess You Have To Work With Wats "Hott" To Stay Relevant...I Mean That Has To Be The Only Explanation....Just Wow.

Mariah Can We Get Back To The Grown And Sexy Music Please....Sheesh.

December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays!

I Didn't Get The Chance To Do This Earlier But I Wanna Wish My Blog Family Happy Holidays. I Hope U All Got What U Wished For And Spent Time With The Family! I LOVE YOU GUYSSSSSSSSSS ....You All Are The Bestest (Even Tho I Get No Comments..Please Comment!!!! That'd Be A Kool Gift From U All *Wink*) I Hope You Guys Like Me Too. Do You? Anywayz Toodles U Guys....MUAHZZZZZZZZZ

Nas And Damien Jr. Marley Album Coming Up

In The Back Of My Mind I am Confused About The Whole Album Together With Damien Thing, But I'm Super Excited And Anticipating What They Come Up With.

I Will So Be Buying Ten Copies. Love Nas......Real Hip Hop....Real Talent.....Greatest Rapper Alive.

December 22, 2009

Where Am I Now?

Within The Past Three Months I've Been Everywhere Emotionally...Every Thought I Could've Had....I've Had

I've Realized I Don't NEED A Man To Complete Me....I Don't Need Him To Make Me Whole....You Should Love Someone Whole Heatedly But Never Forget To Love U First. If You Don't Love And Respect Yourself Who Else Will? I Know If I Ever Did Move Onto Someone Else I Would Be More Cautious And Acknowledge Red Flags. I Mean Seriously When You First Start Talking To A "Man" You Have To See Red Flags And Ask Yourself If Those Red Flags Are A Problem. I Definitely Admit I Seen Red Flags When First Getting To Know My Ex....But What Did I Do? Ignore....And Ironically Those Things That I Chose To Ignore In The Beginning Came Back To Haunt Me In The End.

I'm At Peace With Where I am Now. Sometimes Things Aren't Meant To Be So Why Force Them? Maybe This Whole Breakup Thing Was A Blessing...Who Knows...But What I Do Know Is That I'm Happy. Why Be Unhappy With Someone Just Because I'm Afraid Of Being Alone? I've Got Friends, I've Got Family And I Love Them All....Sometimes We Forget Love Doesn't Only Come From Our Significant Other, It's All Around Us.

I'm Not Even Going To Lie I Did Have An "I Hate Men" Phase *Raising Hand* Guilty, But Sometimes People Use Different Mechanisms To Help Them Through. I Know Not All Men Are Dogs, And I Know Not All Men Are About The "Hit It And Quit It" But In My Mind To Get Me Through My Anger/Depression I Needed Something To Point The Finger To.

I Was On The Anti Men Thing And I Said Some Wreckless Things About The Opposite Sex, But At The End Of The Day Its All About Picking Out Better Apples And Not Rotten One's. I'm Past My "Men Hating" Phase And Moving On Trying To Be Positive Because Baggage Is Not Cute. Why Let One Man Scare Me Away From Love And Opening Up.....Life's All About Taking Chances Right?

I'm Glad I Met My Ex....He Taught Me How To Love Hard And I Honestly Wish Him Nothing But The Best... I Can Admit To Myself That If His Future Doesn't Hold Me In It...I'd Be Okay.....I Would Be Absolutely Fine.

December 18, 2009

Lets Catch Us Some Fish...*Shrugs*

Researchers have found that there are simple things anyone can do to appear more appealing.You Will Need:

Aromatherapy, Smiles, Eye contact, Hand gestures, White teeth, Good posture, Name dropping, Red clothes (optional)

Step 1: Harness the power of aromatherapy: To appear younger, wear a grapefruit scent. To appear thinner, wear a spiced floral scent. These olfactory tricks can make people perceive you as six years younger and 12 pounds slimmer.

Step 2: Smile!When you see someone you find attractive, give them a big smile. It will make them find you appealing, too. Anthropologists believe it’s because we’re biologically primed to prefer people who seem to be interested in us.

Step 3: Make eye contact. British researchers found that if someone looks us straight in the eye, we find them more attractive than people who avert their gaze.

Step 4: Use your hands when you talk. People who make a lot of gestures when they’re speaking are perceived as younger, more exciting, and more vibrant than less animated folks. If you’re a woman, wear red. Studies show men are subconsciously more attracted to a woman in red.

Step 5:Get your teeth whitened. People with pearly whites are perceived to be more attractive and more successful than people with dull or stained choppers.

Step 6: Stand up straight. Good posture instantly makes you look taller and thinner.

Step 7: Name drop. When you’re talking to someone, drop their name into the conversation occasionally. When people hear their name, the reward center of their brain lights up, and those good feelings are projected onto you. Just don’t do it too much, or it will come across as disingenuous.

I Found This On Another Site...Try It Out Guys! I Know I Will!

December 17, 2009

Lauryn Hill How I Miss Ya

I Know I Should Be Studying For Finals And Stuff But B4 I Submerge My Brain Into This Poetry Crap...I Had To Post This Video...Its So Touching And Filled With Raw Emotion.....Two Thumbs Up. Can We Get More REAL Music Like This Again? Thanks!

And Yes This Woman Was So Beautiful Back In The 90's...Do Not Front....*Sigh* Damn I Miss Her

December 15, 2009

Good Girl Gone Bad

Ladies I Recently Learned The Hard Way...Do Not EVER Put A (Excuse My Ebonics) Nigga First. Love Him, Cherish Him, Do Please Your Man, But Never And I Mean Ever Make A Nigga Your All. Guys Like Bitches...I Heard That And Thought Hmm It Makes No Sense... Why Would They Like Bitches? But It's True. Same Thing With Guys....Never Put A Woman B4 Yourself...The Outcome Will Be Devastating. Focus On U.

I've Played The Good Girl Role....I've Put That Man B4 I Put Myself At Times....I Went Behind Peoples Backs To Cater To This Man And In The End I'm Left Alone. (Lets Not Forget About The Crazy Ass Debt He Left Me In Either).

I'm Left Being Told I Was Too Nice, And Told That I Cared For Him Too Much. And You Know What? I Did. So F*ck That, And F*ck Him....I'm Not Gonna Play The Good Girl Role Anymore, Because Niggas Like Bitches. They Like Girls Who Give Them The Run Around, And They Like Girls Who Play Hard To Get....I Didn't Do That So Now I'm Solo Dolo.....Got This New Attitude On Men, And Love.

F*ck Em!

What Do You Guys Think? Is The Good Girl Role Stupid? Enlighten Me Because I Think Being A Good Girl Will Get You Absolutely No Where. Nice Guys/Girls Finish Last....I Learned That The Hard Way.

December 08, 2009


Damn I Like This Video ...And Damn I Think I Just Converted To A Nicki Minaj Groupie...FUDGE! I Really Was Trying To Hate Her....Shoot If You Cant Beat Em, Join Em.


P.P.S= Wtf Does Tyga Have All Them Damn Tats? (Like In Real Life How Can U Ever Meet Ur Girlfriends Mom And Dad With All That Ish On?) 1 Or 2 Of Them Are Sexy But Tyga????? What Does My Opinion Matter Tho...Do U

December 06, 2009


Why Is It That He Plagues Me...His Kisses, His Touch...They Just Keep Haunting Me....

He'll Come Back I Say....Any Moment, Any Day...So Like A Fool In Love I Sit And Wait.

He's Gone, Surely I See That ....But I Cant... I Won't Grasp The Fact That He's Not Looking Back.....I Refuse To Remember He Let Me Go....

"Just Come Back" I Begged "I Promise I Will Fix Me"....Don't Go, Please Don't Leave.

And As The Tears Streamed Down My Face....My Heart Pumping Outta My Chest He Just Shook His Head And Said "No Baby Its Not You...Its Me."

I Stood Dumbfounded...What Could I Say....What Do U Do When The Love You've Known Now Wants To Be Alone.

So Days Turn To Weeks, Weeks To Months And I Come Back One Last Time With The Last Shred Of Dignity I Have....The Last Piece Of Me That Has Any Self Worth....The Last Portion Of Me That Believes If I CHANGE That Me And Him Will Work.

I Sum Up The Last Bit Of Courage I Have....I Know Its All Or Nothing Now So I Have To Ask.....

"Baby Please", The Desparation In My Voice You Cud Hear....Him Gone Was My Biggest Fear.

"Just Give Me One Last Chance, Let Me Know What You Want And I Swear I'll Make U A Happy Man."

You See I Knew At That Moment I Lost My Mind...I Lost All Of My Self Respect And I Still Didn't Have My Guy....But I Held On....I Held Onto The Fact That'd He'd Eventually Come Along....

I Gave So Much....i Don't Know What Else To Give.....I Gave Up Who I Was, Lost The Man I Loved....And He Still Doesn't Want Me. I Look In The Mirror And Curse Wat I See....If I Wasn't Good Enough For Him Who The F*ck Wud Want Me.....Fall In Love, This Is What U Get.....A Broken Soul, No Place Or Nobody To Call Ur Own.

December 01, 2009

Think Like A Man??????

Soooooo I Would Like To Get Back On My Reading Grind And Do A Book Every Month Review On My Blog...Cuz I'm Like An English Major *Duh* And I Have To Be A Book Worm Etc Etc. Because It Is What It Is.....

But I Digress.

The Book I Choose To Read This Month Is Steve Harvey's "Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man". So Far You Guys I LOVVVVE This Book....I am So Not Mad At The $26 Dollars It Cost Me Because I'm On My P And Q's Trying To Learn About "The Creatures" We Call Men.

Right Now I'm On Chapter 6 And I Could Have Finished Reading The Book In A Day If I Wanted But It's Just So Good And I Really Don't Want To Read Through It Too Fast. If I Had To Point Out Any Negatives About The Book It Would Have To Be The Fact That It's Way Too Entertaining But Is Sooooo Short. I Wish The Book Was A Little Bit Thicker, But This Book Speaks The Truth! I Find Myself Soaking Up Everything Steve Says Like A Sponge And I Also Highlight Certain Things That Stick Out As I Go Along.

There Was A Part In The Book That Was All Too Cute And Funny To Me (The Three P's). If You Ladies Want To Know If A Man Truly Loves You Then He Has To Have Had Displayed The Three P's.

First The Man Has To PROFESS His Love For You.
  • A Man In Love With You Should Be Able To Introduce You To His Family And Friends As His Girlfriend....If He's Calling You His Friend Or By Your Name In Front Of These People Then He May Not Be In It For The Long Haul. A Man Should Be Able To Give You A Title Like "Wifey" Or "My Lady" Etc. The Title Let's Everyone Know He's Proud Of Being With You.
Second The Man Has To Protect You.
  • When A Man Truly Loves You Anybody Who Says, Does, Suggests, Or Even Thinks About Doing Something Offensive To You Stands The Risk Of Being Beat Down. Your Man Will Make Sure That Anyone Who Disrespected You Pays For It. There Isn't A Man Alive Who Won't Protect What's His.
Third The Man Provides For You.
  • Once A Man Claims You He's Going To Want To Provide For You. Men Are Taught To "Bring Home The Bacon" Since They Were Younger So Of Course They Want To Make Their "Lady" Happy By Providing Her With What She Needs. And Men Don't Only Provide Financially....Those Who Don't Have Much Will Do Little Things Like Buying Groceries, Or Helping You Take Care Of Your Car, And Doing "Manly" Stuff (Aka: Shoveling Snow, Mowing The Lawn, Carrying Heavy Things...Lol)
Sooooo Ladies And Gents That Was A Sneak Peak....Halfway Done With The Book And I Give It A Two Thumbs Up! I Can't Wait To Get To The "Why Men Cheat" Chapter!
Anyhow Toodles.....


Days Ago I Decided To Smile While Wiping Away The Last Tear For You I Sworn I'd Ever Cry

Weeks Ago I Didn't Know Me, I Needed You To Make Me Complete

A Month Ago I Vowed To Give Up , I Couldn't Live In A World No Longer Surrounded By Your Love

Four Months Ago I Questioned Your Loyalty, My Everyday Thoughts of You Leaving Constantly Overwhelmed Me

Five Months Ago We Made It To A Year And A Half, I Thanked God He Helped Us Last....In My Head I Saw The Day Where We'd Make You And I An Official Thing... With Chapel Bells Along With My Big Ol Wedding Ring....

But Tonight I Cried Because The Love I Have For You Is Still Alive.....I Sat And Asked Myself Why, Wiping Away The Thousandth Tear I'd Said Days Ago I Would No Longer Cry.