December 01, 2009

Think Like A Man??????

Soooooo I Would Like To Get Back On My Reading Grind And Do A Book Every Month Review On My Blog...Cuz I'm Like An English Major *Duh* And I Have To Be A Book Worm Etc Etc. Because It Is What It Is.....

But I Digress.

The Book I Choose To Read This Month Is Steve Harvey's "Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man". So Far You Guys I LOVVVVE This Book....I am So Not Mad At The $26 Dollars It Cost Me Because I'm On My P And Q's Trying To Learn About "The Creatures" We Call Men.

Right Now I'm On Chapter 6 And I Could Have Finished Reading The Book In A Day If I Wanted But It's Just So Good And I Really Don't Want To Read Through It Too Fast. If I Had To Point Out Any Negatives About The Book It Would Have To Be The Fact That It's Way Too Entertaining But Is Sooooo Short. I Wish The Book Was A Little Bit Thicker, But This Book Speaks The Truth! I Find Myself Soaking Up Everything Steve Says Like A Sponge And I Also Highlight Certain Things That Stick Out As I Go Along.

There Was A Part In The Book That Was All Too Cute And Funny To Me (The Three P's). If You Ladies Want To Know If A Man Truly Loves You Then He Has To Have Had Displayed The Three P's.

First The Man Has To PROFESS His Love For You.
  • A Man In Love With You Should Be Able To Introduce You To His Family And Friends As His Girlfriend....If He's Calling You His Friend Or By Your Name In Front Of These People Then He May Not Be In It For The Long Haul. A Man Should Be Able To Give You A Title Like "Wifey" Or "My Lady" Etc. The Title Let's Everyone Know He's Proud Of Being With You.
Second The Man Has To Protect You.
  • When A Man Truly Loves You Anybody Who Says, Does, Suggests, Or Even Thinks About Doing Something Offensive To You Stands The Risk Of Being Beat Down. Your Man Will Make Sure That Anyone Who Disrespected You Pays For It. There Isn't A Man Alive Who Won't Protect What's His.
Third The Man Provides For You.
  • Once A Man Claims You He's Going To Want To Provide For You. Men Are Taught To "Bring Home The Bacon" Since They Were Younger So Of Course They Want To Make Their "Lady" Happy By Providing Her With What She Needs. And Men Don't Only Provide Financially....Those Who Don't Have Much Will Do Little Things Like Buying Groceries, Or Helping You Take Care Of Your Car, And Doing "Manly" Stuff (Aka: Shoveling Snow, Mowing The Lawn, Carrying Heavy Things...Lol)
Sooooo Ladies And Gents That Was A Sneak Peak....Halfway Done With The Book And I Give It A Two Thumbs Up! I Can't Wait To Get To The "Why Men Cheat" Chapter!
Anyhow Toodles.....

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