July 11, 2015

New York State of Mind

So this summer I've decided that I wanted to experience as much of my city as I can. As a New York native, I realize that I definitely take the big apple for granted. My goal is to live....seize the day....YOLO...and all of that good stuff. There are plenty of free/affordable things to do around the tri-state area without spending more than bus/train fare. 

The other day my boyfriend and I went to Central Park. This park is so relaxing but at the same time very entertaining. There are street performers, rowboating, picnic areas, bike rentals, restaurants, and running paths to get some jogging in. I would definitely recommend taking a date to this park. 

My boyfriend and I opted to go rowboating on that particular day, and it was so romantic! I mean one can't help but to be cheesy when your significant other is rowing you around a lake. After our mini adventure we decided to eat a late lunch from a local deli. 

I notice that people tend to get so caught up in putting off their happiness. Sometimes we become overly consumed with accomplishing our goals, and we supress happiness because of our unrelenting need to make it to point x, y, z. Unfortunately, when in this state of focus we forget to stop and take a minute for ourselves. Stop and smell the flowers! 

I'm skilled at putting off "being happy". I say things such as: If only I had ________ job, I would be happier......or when I have a higher paying job I will go to ________ for fun.

What about now? What about the present? What can I do to be happy now? Am I happy now? Work on finding happiness no matter how close/far you are from reaching your goals. Are you interacting with family? Have you tried to be a more loving individual? Are you taking time out to appreciate what you have at this very moment such as your health, shelter,  and family/friends?

I want to live life because tomorrow isn't guaranteed. I may never accomplish all of my goals, but I can be the best friend, sister, cousin, daughter, girlfriend, and human that I can be. 

The point of my rambling is basically to say life is made to be lived. 

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