December 29, 2009

Goodbye 2009...Kick Rocks

2010 I Welcome You With Open Arms...Welcome!

I'm So Ready For 09' To Come To An End. This Was A Pretty Much Horrible Year For Me ....I'd Say It All Went Downhill With The Passing Of My Aunt From Cancer (Which Was End Of 08) But The Whole Ordeal Was Pretty Much Still Fresh When The New Year Hit. I Started My New Years Night Off By Crying Cuz I Definitely Got Into An Argument With My Boyfriend (Now Ex) When The Ball Dropped. I'd Gained A Butt Load Of Debt.....And I Found Out What It Was Like To Be Broken Up With.

All In All I'm Ready For This Year To Be Over...I Just Want New Beginnings And I Want To Surround Myself With Uplifting People Who Love Me. None Of That Fake Shit Either..... Love Me Or Hate Me That's My Slogan For The New Year.

I Also Want To Make 2 Resolutions.

The First Resolution Is To Get A Backbone....No More Smiling And Nodding. I Want To Speak My Mind And Open Up (Take A Speech Class If I Must). I Want To Be Seen And Heard.

Sometimes Others Take A Person's Kindness For Weakness And I Don't Ever Again Want Someone To Think They Can Get One Over On Me....OOOOOO No Not I....Not Anymore.

My Second Resolution Is More Of A Stretch But (I'm Gonna Prove You Wrong Jean Bean)....I Want To Go To Church More. Yea I Know...Tough One...But I Want To Do It At least Once A Month ( For My Lazy Tail That Seems Realistically Possible).

I Hope 2010 Brings New Possibilities, Opportunities, Love, Joy, And Peace.

What Do You Guys Hope The New Year Will Bring?

December 26, 2009

Mariah? Is That You?

Mariah And Nicki Minaj On The Set Of Their Video "Up Out My Face"

Ummmm Ya.....This Barbie Thing Is Getting Out Of Hand.

And Mariah Where Are The Ballads I Once Loved You For....Come Friggin On...First Gucci Man Now This?

I Guess You Have To Work With Wats "Hott" To Stay Relevant...I Mean That Has To Be The Only Explanation....Just Wow.

Mariah Can We Get Back To The Grown And Sexy Music Please....Sheesh.

December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays!

I Didn't Get The Chance To Do This Earlier But I Wanna Wish My Blog Family Happy Holidays. I Hope U All Got What U Wished For And Spent Time With The Family! I LOVE YOU GUYSSSSSSSSSS ....You All Are The Bestest (Even Tho I Get No Comments..Please Comment!!!! That'd Be A Kool Gift From U All *Wink*) I Hope You Guys Like Me Too. Do You? Anywayz Toodles U Guys....MUAHZZZZZZZZZ

Nas And Damien Jr. Marley Album Coming Up

In The Back Of My Mind I am Confused About The Whole Album Together With Damien Thing, But I'm Super Excited And Anticipating What They Come Up With.

I Will So Be Buying Ten Copies. Love Nas......Real Hip Hop....Real Talent.....Greatest Rapper Alive.

December 22, 2009

Where Am I Now?

Within The Past Three Months I've Been Everywhere Emotionally...Every Thought I Could've Had....I've Had

I've Realized I Don't NEED A Man To Complete Me....I Don't Need Him To Make Me Whole....You Should Love Someone Whole Heatedly But Never Forget To Love U First. If You Don't Love And Respect Yourself Who Else Will? I Know If I Ever Did Move Onto Someone Else I Would Be More Cautious And Acknowledge Red Flags. I Mean Seriously When You First Start Talking To A "Man" You Have To See Red Flags And Ask Yourself If Those Red Flags Are A Problem. I Definitely Admit I Seen Red Flags When First Getting To Know My Ex....But What Did I Do? Ignore....And Ironically Those Things That I Chose To Ignore In The Beginning Came Back To Haunt Me In The End.

I'm At Peace With Where I am Now. Sometimes Things Aren't Meant To Be So Why Force Them? Maybe This Whole Breakup Thing Was A Blessing...Who Knows...But What I Do Know Is That I'm Happy. Why Be Unhappy With Someone Just Because I'm Afraid Of Being Alone? I've Got Friends, I've Got Family And I Love Them All....Sometimes We Forget Love Doesn't Only Come From Our Significant Other, It's All Around Us.

I'm Not Even Going To Lie I Did Have An "I Hate Men" Phase *Raising Hand* Guilty, But Sometimes People Use Different Mechanisms To Help Them Through. I Know Not All Men Are Dogs, And I Know Not All Men Are About The "Hit It And Quit It" But In My Mind To Get Me Through My Anger/Depression I Needed Something To Point The Finger To.

I Was On The Anti Men Thing And I Said Some Wreckless Things About The Opposite Sex, But At The End Of The Day Its All About Picking Out Better Apples And Not Rotten One's. I'm Past My "Men Hating" Phase And Moving On Trying To Be Positive Because Baggage Is Not Cute. Why Let One Man Scare Me Away From Love And Opening Up.....Life's All About Taking Chances Right?

I'm Glad I Met My Ex....He Taught Me How To Love Hard And I Honestly Wish Him Nothing But The Best... I Can Admit To Myself That If His Future Doesn't Hold Me In It...I'd Be Okay.....I Would Be Absolutely Fine.

December 18, 2009

Lets Catch Us Some Fish...*Shrugs*

Researchers have found that there are simple things anyone can do to appear more appealing.You Will Need:

Aromatherapy, Smiles, Eye contact, Hand gestures, White teeth, Good posture, Name dropping, Red clothes (optional)

Step 1: Harness the power of aromatherapy: To appear younger, wear a grapefruit scent. To appear thinner, wear a spiced floral scent. These olfactory tricks can make people perceive you as six years younger and 12 pounds slimmer.

Step 2: Smile!When you see someone you find attractive, give them a big smile. It will make them find you appealing, too. Anthropologists believe it’s because we’re biologically primed to prefer people who seem to be interested in us.

Step 3: Make eye contact. British researchers found that if someone looks us straight in the eye, we find them more attractive than people who avert their gaze.

Step 4: Use your hands when you talk. People who make a lot of gestures when they’re speaking are perceived as younger, more exciting, and more vibrant than less animated folks. If you’re a woman, wear red. Studies show men are subconsciously more attracted to a woman in red.

Step 5:Get your teeth whitened. People with pearly whites are perceived to be more attractive and more successful than people with dull or stained choppers.

Step 6: Stand up straight. Good posture instantly makes you look taller and thinner.

Step 7: Name drop. When you’re talking to someone, drop their name into the conversation occasionally. When people hear their name, the reward center of their brain lights up, and those good feelings are projected onto you. Just don’t do it too much, or it will come across as disingenuous.

I Found This On Another Site...Try It Out Guys! I Know I Will!

December 17, 2009

Lauryn Hill How I Miss Ya

I Know I Should Be Studying For Finals And Stuff But B4 I Submerge My Brain Into This Poetry Crap...I Had To Post This Video...Its So Touching And Filled With Raw Emotion.....Two Thumbs Up. Can We Get More REAL Music Like This Again? Thanks!

And Yes This Woman Was So Beautiful Back In The 90's...Do Not Front....*Sigh* Damn I Miss Her

December 15, 2009

Good Girl Gone Bad

Ladies I Recently Learned The Hard Way...Do Not EVER Put A (Excuse My Ebonics) Nigga First. Love Him, Cherish Him, Do Please Your Man, But Never And I Mean Ever Make A Nigga Your All. Guys Like Bitches...I Heard That And Thought Hmm It Makes No Sense... Why Would They Like Bitches? But It's True. Same Thing With Guys....Never Put A Woman B4 Yourself...The Outcome Will Be Devastating. Focus On U.

I've Played The Good Girl Role....I've Put That Man B4 I Put Myself At Times....I Went Behind Peoples Backs To Cater To This Man And In The End I'm Left Alone. (Lets Not Forget About The Crazy Ass Debt He Left Me In Either).

I'm Left Being Told I Was Too Nice, And Told That I Cared For Him Too Much. And You Know What? I Did. So F*ck That, And F*ck Him....I'm Not Gonna Play The Good Girl Role Anymore, Because Niggas Like Bitches. They Like Girls Who Give Them The Run Around, And They Like Girls Who Play Hard To Get....I Didn't Do That So Now I'm Solo Dolo.....Got This New Attitude On Men, And Love.

F*ck Em!

What Do You Guys Think? Is The Good Girl Role Stupid? Enlighten Me Because I Think Being A Good Girl Will Get You Absolutely No Where. Nice Guys/Girls Finish Last....I Learned That The Hard Way.

December 08, 2009


Damn I Like This Video ...And Damn I Think I Just Converted To A Nicki Minaj Groupie...FUDGE! I Really Was Trying To Hate Her....Shoot If You Cant Beat Em, Join Em.


P.P.S= Wtf Does Tyga Have All Them Damn Tats? (Like In Real Life How Can U Ever Meet Ur Girlfriends Mom And Dad With All That Ish On?) 1 Or 2 Of Them Are Sexy But Tyga????? What Does My Opinion Matter Tho...Do U

December 06, 2009


Why Is It That He Plagues Me...His Kisses, His Touch...They Just Keep Haunting Me....

He'll Come Back I Say....Any Moment, Any Day...So Like A Fool In Love I Sit And Wait.

He's Gone, Surely I See That ....But I Cant... I Won't Grasp The Fact That He's Not Looking Back.....I Refuse To Remember He Let Me Go....

"Just Come Back" I Begged "I Promise I Will Fix Me"....Don't Go, Please Don't Leave.

And As The Tears Streamed Down My Face....My Heart Pumping Outta My Chest He Just Shook His Head And Said "No Baby Its Not You...Its Me."

I Stood Dumbfounded...What Could I Say....What Do U Do When The Love You've Known Now Wants To Be Alone.

So Days Turn To Weeks, Weeks To Months And I Come Back One Last Time With The Last Shred Of Dignity I Have....The Last Piece Of Me That Has Any Self Worth....The Last Portion Of Me That Believes If I CHANGE That Me And Him Will Work.

I Sum Up The Last Bit Of Courage I Have....I Know Its All Or Nothing Now So I Have To Ask.....

"Baby Please", The Desparation In My Voice You Cud Hear....Him Gone Was My Biggest Fear.

"Just Give Me One Last Chance, Let Me Know What You Want And I Swear I'll Make U A Happy Man."

You See I Knew At That Moment I Lost My Mind...I Lost All Of My Self Respect And I Still Didn't Have My Guy....But I Held On....I Held Onto The Fact That'd He'd Eventually Come Along....

I Gave So Much....i Don't Know What Else To Give.....I Gave Up Who I Was, Lost The Man I Loved....And He Still Doesn't Want Me. I Look In The Mirror And Curse Wat I See....If I Wasn't Good Enough For Him Who The F*ck Wud Want Me.....Fall In Love, This Is What U Get.....A Broken Soul, No Place Or Nobody To Call Ur Own.

December 01, 2009

Think Like A Man??????

Soooooo I Would Like To Get Back On My Reading Grind And Do A Book Every Month Review On My Blog...Cuz I'm Like An English Major *Duh* And I Have To Be A Book Worm Etc Etc. Because It Is What It Is.....

But I Digress.

The Book I Choose To Read This Month Is Steve Harvey's "Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man". So Far You Guys I LOVVVVE This Book....I am So Not Mad At The $26 Dollars It Cost Me Because I'm On My P And Q's Trying To Learn About "The Creatures" We Call Men.

Right Now I'm On Chapter 6 And I Could Have Finished Reading The Book In A Day If I Wanted But It's Just So Good And I Really Don't Want To Read Through It Too Fast. If I Had To Point Out Any Negatives About The Book It Would Have To Be The Fact That It's Way Too Entertaining But Is Sooooo Short. I Wish The Book Was A Little Bit Thicker, But This Book Speaks The Truth! I Find Myself Soaking Up Everything Steve Says Like A Sponge And I Also Highlight Certain Things That Stick Out As I Go Along.

There Was A Part In The Book That Was All Too Cute And Funny To Me (The Three P's). If You Ladies Want To Know If A Man Truly Loves You Then He Has To Have Had Displayed The Three P's.

First The Man Has To PROFESS His Love For You.
  • A Man In Love With You Should Be Able To Introduce You To His Family And Friends As His Girlfriend....If He's Calling You His Friend Or By Your Name In Front Of These People Then He May Not Be In It For The Long Haul. A Man Should Be Able To Give You A Title Like "Wifey" Or "My Lady" Etc. The Title Let's Everyone Know He's Proud Of Being With You.
Second The Man Has To Protect You.
  • When A Man Truly Loves You Anybody Who Says, Does, Suggests, Or Even Thinks About Doing Something Offensive To You Stands The Risk Of Being Beat Down. Your Man Will Make Sure That Anyone Who Disrespected You Pays For It. There Isn't A Man Alive Who Won't Protect What's His.
Third The Man Provides For You.
  • Once A Man Claims You He's Going To Want To Provide For You. Men Are Taught To "Bring Home The Bacon" Since They Were Younger So Of Course They Want To Make Their "Lady" Happy By Providing Her With What She Needs. And Men Don't Only Provide Financially....Those Who Don't Have Much Will Do Little Things Like Buying Groceries, Or Helping You Take Care Of Your Car, And Doing "Manly" Stuff (Aka: Shoveling Snow, Mowing The Lawn, Carrying Heavy Things...Lol)
Sooooo Ladies And Gents That Was A Sneak Peak....Halfway Done With The Book And I Give It A Two Thumbs Up! I Can't Wait To Get To The "Why Men Cheat" Chapter!
Anyhow Toodles.....


Days Ago I Decided To Smile While Wiping Away The Last Tear For You I Sworn I'd Ever Cry

Weeks Ago I Didn't Know Me, I Needed You To Make Me Complete

A Month Ago I Vowed To Give Up , I Couldn't Live In A World No Longer Surrounded By Your Love

Four Months Ago I Questioned Your Loyalty, My Everyday Thoughts of You Leaving Constantly Overwhelmed Me

Five Months Ago We Made It To A Year And A Half, I Thanked God He Helped Us Last....In My Head I Saw The Day Where We'd Make You And I An Official Thing... With Chapel Bells Along With My Big Ol Wedding Ring....

But Tonight I Cried Because The Love I Have For You Is Still Alive.....I Sat And Asked Myself Why, Wiping Away The Thousandth Tear I'd Said Days Ago I Would No Longer Cry.

November 20, 2009


Love and I are breaking up tonight. Love will go its way then im sure to find my... Love, goodbye, but can you leave a trail behind Because I know myself and I will change my mind And want to love again
~Definitely How I'm Feeling...Done With "Love" For Now....I'm Good And Hitting The Pause Button~

November 18, 2009

When Bored

When Bored....Just Vogue

*Two Snaps And A Twirl*

Mkay Tis All !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 11, 2009

Rhianna Vs. Chris Brown

Does Anybody Find It Annoyingly Ironic That Both These Artists Came Back Out At The Same Time. So The Other Day I'm Warming Up The Car (Cuz U Know It's Brick As Heck In NYC) So....In The Car And Flipping The Stations And Land On That New Rhianna Suicide Song. Now Don't Get Me Wrong I Love Me Some Rhi Rhi But Her New Song Is Depressing As F*ck And With My Breakup I Don't Need To Be Thinking About No Russian Roulette. Gosh. So Yea......

*Off Topic Why Is It That When Ur Going Through Anything In Love U Feel Like Every Song Is Talking To U?*

Yea So Getting Back... I Flip This Station Cuz This Bish Was Not Gonna Bring My Spirits Down And Then On The Next Station You Hear Chris Brown Talking About "I Can Transform You, I Can Transform You". Annoyinnnnnnnnng......And Mind You This Has Happened More Than Once I Go From Rhi Rhi To Chris On The T.V. Online, and On The Radio....Stop The Madness!

What I Wanna Know Is Why They Choose To Come Out At The Same Time? Is This A Competition Thing Between Them?

Soooo Am I For Team Rhianna Or Team Chris Brown...LOL.

Honestly I Love Them Both. Chris Browns First Album Was One Of My Fav's Of All Time Because You Could Play It From The First Song To The Last Song And I Swear Every Song Was Catchy And Had Hit Potential. Off That First Album He Had : Gimmie That, Yoooo, Run It, And I'm Sure Something Else But What I'm Saying Is That Album Was My Ishhhhhh!

With Rhianna I Became A Fan Of Hers With Her Last Album.....She Was Firrrre And Her Voice Was So Unique And I Loved She Was From The West Indies...Owwww *Bird Voice*. Any who Same Thing Happened With Rhianna Every Song On Her Last Album Was Bomb. I Was However Angry At Rhianna Cuz She Went Mia...After She Put Out Her Album 2 Years Ago (Causing Me To Fall In Love) She Went Away....She Put Out Disturbia During Her Album Hiatus But I Wanted Moreeeeee, She Left Me Craving....Lol...I Was Having With drawls Like A Crack Fiend For Some Rhianna.

Who Will I Be Supporting? Hmmmm I Know Chris Brown Effed Up Mucho, But Hey He's Human, Stuff Happens. At The End Of The Day Chris Brown Is Talented As Hell And I Dare Somebody To Say Otherwise. I'm Sure Rhianna Wasn't Just Sitting There And Suddenly Got Pounded In The Face, Something Had To Trigger That Beating (Not That It Was Right) But I'm Just Saying. We Women Know How To Push A Man's Buttons, And It Gives Us Some Sick Satisfaction....I'm Guilty For

You Know I Luv's Me Some Rhianna So I'm Gonna Support Both!!!!!!!! I'm Glad They Are Both Back And Are Getting Over That Horrible Incident But *Nervous Laugh* Let's Tone It Down On Overkilling Them On T.V. And Radio.... Geez.

Getting In Gear

I'm Sitting Here And Lately I've Been Thinking About Certain Goals I'd Like To Set For Myself...

I'm Just Really A Procrastinator And Its Wack. I Get Very Little To Nuthing Done And My Head Is Sometimes In The Clouds. I Just Feel Like I Need To Evaluate Myself, What Makes Me Happy And Then Go From There. A Second Job Would Be Nice But I Dunno Might Wait Until This School Semester Is Over So I Don't Get Overwhelmed....I'd Be A Happier Camper If I Had A Nice Cash Flow. Why Do We Procrastinate And What Will Be The Catalyst That Causes Us To Say Alright Enough Is Enough?

I Wanna Work Out Three Days A Week In My School Gym....It's A Goal But Is It Realistic? It'd Be Nice...I'd Be Fit, Nice, And Trim But Three Days...I Dunno I Wrote My Goals Down And It's A Matter Of Time B4 I Start Checking Things Off My Checklist.

I Wanna Make A Change And Im Bound To Succeed.

November 06, 2009


Awww They Make Me Smile...I Hope One Day I Can Find My Special Person To Love Me Unconditionally...Flaws And All...... YOU GO OBAMA'S!!!!! *Tear*

Off Topic But Obama Is A Sexy Man...Lol...I See You Michelle Owwww (Bird Voice)....Mkay Tis All!

Where's The Vomit Coming From?!?

Ughhh....Mini Vent....I Hate To Be Disrespected.....I Feel Like Sometimes People Say Things And They Don't Take The Time Out To Screen Wtf Is Coming Out Of Their Mouths. Words Have Weight And We Can't Just Go Around Spitting Up Word Vomit People!

Think... Sort Tha Ish Out In Ur Head.... And Then Proceed To Express Yourself In A Well Manner.

We Even Have People Who Text Vomit.....U Need To Think...Type Out Wat Ur Typing...Read, (Reread If You Must), And Then Hit The Send Button!!!!!!!!!

Let Us Stop The Epidemic Of Word And Text Vomit...People Are Getting Hurt Out There.

*Throughout Life People Will Make You Mad, Disrespect You And Treat You Bad. Let God Deal With The Things They Do, Cause Hate In Your Heart Will Consume You Too* ~Will Smith~

November 05, 2009

Amen Amen

One Morning When I Was At My Lowest Of Lows After My Breakup I Was Awakened At The Sound Of My Radio Alarm Clock That Usually Wakes Me Up For School. My Alarm Clock Usually Goes Off Releasing The Sound Of Music And I Swear I Just Hop Up And Turn It Off, But This Particualar Morning I Sat There. I Sat There And Listened Because There Wasn't Music...It Was Talking And I Took Notice.

Maybe I Was Too Cold To Move From Under My Sheets To Turn The Radio Off, Maybe I Was Being Lazy, Maybe I'd Lost All My Strength And Was Finding It Difficult To Be The Same Me...But Whatever The Case Is I Was All Ears.

The Person Spoke With Such Power, They Moved Me, And They Were So Motivational. The Person Said:

Don't Block Your Blessings. Dont Sit Up Here And Ask God For Help And Then Continue To Do The Same Things That You Always Did To Hold Yourself Back From Receiving His Blessings.

Don't Ask Him For A New Job And Then Get Called For An Interview But Don't Show Up Because You Don't Want To Lose Two Hours Pay From The Job U Currently Have...Stop Blocking His Blessing.

Don't Sit Up Here Sending Your Bad Ass Kid To School And Pray To God That He Suddenly Gets Better When Your Ass Doesn't Even Spend Time With Him And Take Time Out For Quality Time Together...Stop Blocking God's Blessing

Dont Sit Up There In A Bad Relationship And Ask God To See You Through But You Continue To Hang Onto The Man Who Is Bringing You Pain And Hurt When God May Be Trying To Send You Another..Stop Blocking Your Blessing.

Stop Sitting Around Praying And Hoping What You Pray For Is Gonna Magically Appear When You Are Putting No Work And Effort Into Bringing About A Change Yourself. Don't Block Gods Blessing But Dont Expect Things To Happen By Sitting Around Being Depressed. We Have To Be Pro Active....If I Believe It Then Im Gonna Acheive It And When God Sees Me Putting My Back In It To Make My Situation Work For Me He Will Bestoy Upon Me A Blessing To Lighten My Load...

Because At The End Of The Day God Wouldn't Place On Me More Than He Thinks I Can Handle, I Have To Be Strong And Stop Blocking My Blessings.

And You Guys The Ironic Part About This Is I Heard This On The Radio The Morning After I Prayed And Asked God To Help Me Through The Breakup Ordeal So....He's Real, He's Watching, And He Loves You.

November 02, 2009

Happy Belated Halloween

Hey You Guys!!!! Hope You All Had A Swell Halloween Weekend And Stayed Safe. I'm Doing Okay I Definitely Had Plans To Go To A Club In The City But Somehow The Venue Got Shutdown And I Ended Up In Harlem....Yea Harlem. I Drove From Bklyn To Harlem, I Was Mad Hype I Drove So Far, But While I Was Driving There My Car Definitely Got Egged By Some Hoodlums!It Came Out Of No Where ...All You Heard Was SPLAT!

I Was With My BFF And My Cuzin And Maybe I'm Old And A Homebody Or Maybe It Was Because We Ended Up In A House Party (No Scuse Me Apartment Party) But At First I Really Was Not Diggin It. I Needed To Have Fun That Night To Take Away My Breakup Sadness And By Golly I Had To Suck It Up And Act Like I Was Enjoying The Atmosphere.

The Apartment Party Was So Crowded And Uncomfortable...I Hadn't Been To One Of Those Parties Since I Was Sixteen...Talk About Awkward. I'd Seen All Types Of Foolery At That Party....There Was This One Hot In The Pants Girl..SMH...I Wanted To Pull Her Aside And Tell Her A Thing About Self Respect. I Swear I'd Seen This Girl In The Air, On The Floor, Butt In The Air, On Another Girl....I Was Just Saying My Golly Gee's In The Corner Astonished. I Mean You Can Dance But You Don't Have To Look Like Ur Literally Getting It On, Felt Like Passing Her A Condom. Sheesh.

The Party Scene May Not Be My Thing But Nonetheless I Had Tons Of Laughs...

October 28, 2009

When Im Lovin U...Y Wud U Wanna Break Up?

I Have No Words...I Don't Understand Life On A Whole Right Now. I Feel Like An Empty Shell Walking The Streets. Im Hurt......I Don't Know How Many Times I Said This Phrase Within The Past 2 Days But IM HURT. He Left Me, Said He Couldn't Handle The Fights And Now I Have To Deal With The Empty Lonely Nights. I Don't Know What To Do, Where To Go Or Who To Turn To.

He Broke Up With Me Before ....2 Months Ago....."Tell Me What To Change" I Asked Him...."Stay The Same" He Said. I Tried To Love Him....I Took All My Guards Down When I Took Him Back...Now Im Left ....Empty, Confused, Used, Overwhelmed With So Many Emotions. I Never Knew I Was So Emotional...When I Think About Moving Onto The Next Man I'm Nauseous...It Makes Me Want To Hurl Thinking About Investing Another 2 Years In My Life To Someone Who May Leave Me. NO ANOTHER MAN Isn't Even A Thought. So Many TEARS....So Much Pain And As I Type This I Sit Here Thinking Why Did I Lie To Myself? Why Did I Let It Carry On For So Long? Wasn't I Good Enough? Ur Leaving Me Because You Find Me Annoying?

Well What If We Spent More Than Once A Week Together.....What If You Asked Me What I Did Today....What If You Spent Time With Me Instead Of Clubbing Or Going To Weekend Outings With The Homies....What If You Held Me And Told Me How Much You Appreciated Me In Your Life.....What If You Took The Time To Make Me Smile Like I Tried To Do For You....What If You Took The Time To Know Me....What If You Came To My House To Just Watch A Flick With Me More Than Once Out Of The 2 Years I've Known You....WHAT IF YOU DID THOSE THINGS....

A Breakup Is Sick...We Go Through Many Cycles...One Second Im Fine And The Next Im On The Bed Curled Into A Ball, He's All I've Known....He Was My World.

I Know That I Will Get Over This Hurdle...But For Right Now Emotions Have The Best Of Me. He Told Me Maybe I Wasn't The Man He Needed And He May Have Been Right, But My Heart Refuses To Let Me Realize I Deserved Better. Relationships Are A Two Way Street And I Was In It Alone.

October 16, 2009

How Much Is Too Much

Sure As A Woman I Will Sit Here And Say "Yeah I Want My Boyfriend To Be As Honest With Me As Possible".....But Ladies How Much Honesty Is Too Damn Much?

There Was One Fellow Blogger's Post That I Read And It Stated "Honesty Breeds Trust" But How Real Is That Saying? Like If Ur Too Honest And Told Me You Slept With My Cuzin (For Example) There Is No Trust In Hell That Is Going To Come From That (Maybe A Black Eye Or Something) But NO TRUST. The Only Way I Agree With That Quote Is Depending On How Bad What You Lied About Is.....For Example, If You Were Out Sleeping Around On Me Etc. And Suddenly Felt Guilty ....I'm Sorry Ur Better Off Taking That Ish To The Grave Because Otherwise I'm Putting You In A Grave!

The Other Day My Significant Other Wowed Me And Got Really Deep And Started Confessing Somethings To Me....I Mean They Weren't Major Things But When You Hear Your Mans Skeletons Falling Out The Closet Its Kool But At The Same Time No Bueno.

Why Is It No Bueno?

Well First Off You Revealing Stuff To Me Only Leads Me To Wonder Like Hmm If You Keep This On The Downlow ...What The Hell Else Are You Hiding?

Why Is It Kool?

In My Mind I Feel Like If You Are A Filthy Man Then Why Would You Put Yourself Out There And Make Your G/f Paranoid By Sharing Stuff With Her? If You Have Nothing To Hide Why Not Just Get Your Past Off Your Chest? Which Is Why I'm Kinda Digging My B/f Now.

For Some Odd Reason When He Revealed His Lil Tidbits (Which Weren't Earth Shattering) I Couldn't Help But To Love Him Harder Than Before....Now Why Is That......

I Couldn't Say But At That Moment, In That Instance Of Him Bearing His Soul, I Somehow Felt We Connected. I Felt Like He Was Human, And He Wasn't Sugarcoating Anything....I Liked That. Basically He Shared And I Shared ...It Was A Freeing Experience. (Again We Had No Outrageous Confessions But The Whole Convo Was Really Nice).

The Part That Caught Me Was When I Asked Him:
Why Wud You Tell Me These Things? What If I Couldn't Handle It?

And He Said "Because I Love You And If You Leave It's Something I Have To Deal With, And I Feel You Should Know The Truth."

In That Millisecond I Related With That Quote...Honesty Does Breed Trust And Now I Do Feel Like He's 100 Percent Real With Me.....I Mean I DEADASS Will Never Put ANYTHING Past ANYBODY...PERIOD...But I Do Trust This Guy And My Heart Is Alot Calmer With Him Than It Ever Has Been.

October 11, 2009

Got Shoesss

Well I'm On A Quest To Get My Grown Woman Status On Soooooo I Went And Got Some Shoes. I Have To Say At First Glance I Fell In Love With The Shoes But Now (The Day After) I'm Having Regrets....I Think They Could Be A Little Better And I Keep Wondering What I Even Saw In Them....Lol Its Kinda Like Having A Boyfriend And Seeing The "Real Side" And Now I'm Thinking What Did I Get Myself Anywho I Guess I Will Deal With It.....They Are Just Ugly To Me Now...Was I Drunk When I Picked These Out? I Dunnnno...Hmmmmmmmmmm

October 09, 2009

I'm Not A Little Girl!!!

This Is A Mini Vent I Guess...Why The Hell Do People Feel I'm 17 Years Old Based On Looks? Please Tell Me Cuz I Could Have Sworn I Was A Grown Ass Woman.

So The Other Day I'm Dealing With A Customer At Work And I Ask Him For ID To Purchase His Alcoholic Beverage And What Not....So This Ignorant Muther Fudger Says "Well How Old Are You?" (What Do You Mean How Old Am I ....This Is Not A Conversation...This Is A Nigga Gimmie Ur ID Please And Thank you). Lol I Mean As Tempted As I Was I Didn't Say That But I Was Pretty Close. So (Getting Worked Up) He's Like " Well I'm Forty Years Old!" In My Head I'm Thinking Save The Story For Oprah And STFU!

So I Proceed To Explain To Him In My Most Angelic Voice, With A Smile On My Face "Well Sir It's Store Policy....You Could Be 90 And On Ur Death Bed I Still Need ID". This Guy Keeps Hassling Me About My Age Talking About " Oh Well You Don't Look A Day Over 17" And I Respond "Well Sorry To Inform You But I'm 18 And Then Some.... So I Think I May Be Able To Sell You Alcohol But Thanx For Checking With Me *Fake Laugh*". Eventually The Prick Yanked Out His ID And Kept It Moving But He Left Me Offended.

Like What Is It? Did I Miss The Class On How To Look Like A Young Adult 101? Mind You It's Not The First Time I Got The "You Look 17 " Comment. I Mean At Times I'm Flattered Cuz I Haven't Been 17 For X, Y, Z Years (Which I Won't But Damn Can I Not Be Approached By 16 Year Old Boys And Being Asked By Customers At My Job (When I Work Late Nights) "Shouldn't You Be Home For School Tomorrow?" It's Exhausting....I Guess I Cud Try The Whole Stay Away From Sneakers Bit To See How Things Will Pan Out, However I Don't Know. I Think The Issue Is More From The Neck Up....But If That's The Case How Do I Fix It?!?

Stepping Up My Grown Woman Shoe Game Is Definitely On The May Not Solve The Problem But At least I Will Gain Some Banging Shoes In The Process.

October 05, 2009

Dear Summer

Dear Summer...I'm Not Gonna Miss You, Your Warm Breeze, You Can Get Gone From Me.
Dear Summer..I'm Not Gonna Miss The Drama You Brought, The Tears That I've Lost, Or The Short Nights That Seemed Eternally Long.
Dear Summer...I'm Not Gonna Miss The Mass Amount Of Heat You Brought Surrounding, Confining, And Suffocating Me
Dear Summer I'm Not Gonna Miss The Fact That You Reared Your Ugly Head Once Again, Only To Leave Like You Always Did
Dear Summer...I'm Not Gonna Sweat The Short Time We Had Cuz Honestly You Weren't Even The Best I Ever Had...So Guess What ....Summer Of 09
You Can Kiss My Ass

September 04, 2009


Welll Gonna Do A Real Quick Post. I'm Finally Back In School, Working On Getting My B.A. (Fingers Crossed). My Major Is English And Minor In Childhood Education, And It Is Not A Joke. A Huge Chunk Of My Classes Are English Classes And Duhhhhhh, I'm Bombarded By Papers To Do Every Week. My Fear About Being A English Major Is That I Fear This Is Only Gonna Get I'm Overwhelmed....I Love School But At The Same Time I'm Scared I May Not Do Well Or I Dunno. Anywho....My Boyfriend And I Are Back Together....Yea I Know ( Save The Hopefully This Weekend Dinner And A Long Convo Is What We Need. I Have Been Really Into School So We Haven't Had The Chance To Really Talk But We Officially/Unofficially Are Back Together. For My Back To School Followers Keep Your Head Up....We Are Suffering Now, But All Our Hard Work Through The School Year Definitely Won't Be In Vein. Yayyyyy For My College Heads Who Work And Go To School Too! LETS DO IT PEOPLE!!!!!!

August 11, 2009

Um Blogger Wats Tha Dilly?

So I Sign On To See What The Beautiful 133 People I'm Following Have Posted About And Stupid Blogger States That I'm Not Following Anybody? Where Did All My Favorite Blogs Gooooooooo And How Am I Supposed To Re Follow Alllllll Those People!!!!?!!!! Damnnnnnnn.....Come On Blogger Lets Get It Together!

August 08, 2009

Cloudy Vision

Never Know What You Had Till It's Gone...Now You Are Stuck Looking A Fool Thinking.... Damn I Was Wrong. For The Glitz, Glam, And Flashing Lights May Have Drew You In But What Happens When Real Life Begins? What Happens When Truths Are Exposed? What Happens When You Have No Recollection Of What You Had Once Known? What Happens When Those Dark Shades Come Off? What Happens When You Thought You Won But Suddenly Find Out It Was A Loss?
It Was A Tentative Thing? Was It Worth Anything? Why Didn't I Foresee My Own Future.....Everyone Else Saw It But Me.

July 19, 2009

Wow I'm So Sad

How Can A Man Have Suffered So Much In His Life....Media Made Him Out To Be A Monster When In Reality He Was A Gentle, Misunderstood Soul. This Was The Infamous Pepsi Commercial Where Michael's Hair Caught On Fire. When I Heard About This Fire I Thought It Was A Small Piece Of Hair That Caught On Fire, But NOOOO The Back Of This Man's Head Was On Fire Resulting In 2nd And 3rd Degree Burns On His Scalp And Body (I Mean I Don't Know Much About Burns But I KNOW He Had To Have Been Left With Horrible Scars On His Face And Etc.) Just No Words. We Don't Know What Michael Went Through In Life (Because This Fire Not Only Could Affect Someone Physically, It Had To Have Affected Him Mentally). They Say After The Commercial Mishap That Was The Point Where Michael's Life Started Going Downhill And He Started Using Prescription Drugs To Help Him Cope With The Pain (Possibly Becoming To Dependent On Them). This Man Was Scrutinized, Loved, Hated, And Always Under A Microscope. I Don't Know How He Dealt. All I Know Is May This Man Finally Be At Peace With God And The Angels Above.....Love You Michael *Always And Forever*

July 15, 2009

What You Gonna Do When They Come For You?

Eff The Mutherfudgin NYPD....Yea I Said It! EFFFFFFF Those Red Neck, Donut Eating Son Of A Snitches. Three Times, Three Flip Flopping Times That Me And My Boyfriend Got Pulled Over Together From The Month Of June Till Now. HELL At The Rate Me And My Boyfriend Are Going I'm Starting To Think Of Us As A New Bonnie And Clyde....I'm Definitely A Ride Or Die Kind Of Chick...Ha. I Mean It Drives Me Nuts To Know ( And Please Know) That Racial Profiling Exists...Eff What You Heard, Racism Is Alive And Well.

Fun Facts:
I'm An African American Female
I Own My Car
I Pay My Own Car Insurance Under My Own Name
I Have A Headlight That Has Been Out For 2 Months
# OF Times I've Gotten Pulled Over While Driving After 12Am= 0 Times
# Of Times I've Gotten Pulled Over While B/f Driving After 12Am = 4 Times

This Ish Is Mind Boggling. I Don't Know If Any Woman Can Relate But Sometimes I Don't Feel Like Frigging Driving...It's Not My "Thing". If I'm With My Boyfriend 9 Times Outta 10 I Will Hop Into The Passenger Side...Call Me Lazy, Call Me Dumb But I Just Like Being Driven Around (Especially Cuz I Know My B/f Is A Great/Careful Driver). I Love The Whole Idea Of Freedom With A Car...And Going Where You Want, When You Want....But Apparently After A Certain Time If You Are An African American Male And You Are Operating A Vehicle Make Sure That Ish Is 100 Percent In Tip Top Shape. "Well Sjones What Do You Mean 100 Percent In Tip Top Shape?" This Is What The Hell I Mean:
No Messed Up Lights
Make Sure Nobody Liters Out Your Car Windows
No Loud Music
No Overly Tinted Windows
No Driving Too Slow
No Looking Suspicious
No Drawing Of Attention To Oneself And Additional Passengers
Check Your Stickersssss!!!!!
No Cracks In Your Windshield
The First Time This Summer Me And Clyde (lol) Got Pulled Over....I Admit We Were In The Wrong....Uh Yea We Were *Cough* Doing Adult Things....But Um Yea So That Night They Questioned Me....Questioned Him, Ran A Check On His License But Not Mine. They Eventually Gave Him A Summons.....I Didn't Get One...And Dammit I Felt Some Type Of Way "Like WTF?" Was I Not Just Up In The Damn Car Caught Doing *Cough* Adult Things? Should I Not Be Getting A Summons Too Dammit?!?

The Second Time We Got Pulled Over By Undercover Cops In A Regular Car And We Were With Two Of Our Co Workers. Those Cops Pulled Us Over Cuz Of My Out Headlight And Guess What? They Asked My Boyfriend (Who Was Driving) To Step Out The Car. The Cop Got Into A Shouting Match With My Boyfriend And They Ran A Check On His License. They Asked Me For My Registration But I Didn't Have It. Do You Know What The Cop Said To Me When I Told Him I Couldn't Find It? "Don't Worry About It." Whattttttt! Let That Have Been My Boyfriend That Couldn't Find His Registration And He Would Have Spent The Night In Jail, But I Get A "Don't Worry?!?" That Night My Boyfriend Didn't Get A Ticket Or Summons Because The Shouting Match Was A Misunderstanding But I Dunno Honestly When My B/f Gets Around Cops He Doesn't Know How To Shut UPPPPPP! He Doesn't Do The Yes Sir, No Sir Thing .....He's So Damn Extra With The Questions And Explanations ( Like My Dude Chill, Be Silent, And Kiss Their Ass*s, Cops Love That Ish).

Third Time ( A Week Later/Tonight) We Were With Two Of My B/f's Friends. We Got Pulled Over I Have NO Idea Why But Again My B/f Gets Told To Step Out The Car ( The Only One AGAIN In A Car Full Of People). His License Gets Ran A Check ON AGAIN, But Mines Didn't. This Time I Had My Registration When They Asked But No Insurance Papers.....You Think They Gave Me A Hard Time For That? HELLLLLLL NOOOOOOOOOO! Instead They Frigging Give My B/f A Breathalyzer, And Checked If He Was High. You Think My Boyfriend Was High Or Drunk? Helllllllll NOOOOOOOOOOOO (My Boo Is Not That Type Of Person). You Know Those Penis Fat Heads Had To Get My B/f Somehow Sooooo They Gave Him A Summons For Having No License. My B/f Recently Lost His License But Had His Old Permit On Him But What's Stupid Is That When They Pulled Us Over The Two Times B4 Tonight He Showed The Cops His Old Permit And None Of Them Said Nething About The Old Permit. These Cops Tonight Just Wanted SOMMMMMME Way To Stain That Man's Name Again. They Gave Him A Summons For Not Having Gotten A Replacement License Yet....Ain't That A Biotch? I Hate Them Tearing Down My B/f Like He's Some Type Of Common Thief, And Humiliating Him....Those Damn Toms Get Me Worked Up.

Obama....Osama...Mufasa......I Don't Give A Damn Who Is In The White House Cuz Racism Exists, And You Can Kick Rocks If You Don't Think So.

July 12, 2009

Why Do Nice Guys Finish Last?

Just A Quick Post But Why Are Some Guys So Unlucky? Why Is The Nice Guy Always Ignored And Pushed Aside? Whats The Deal With That? How Come So Many Girls Overlook That Nice Guy And Feel No Attraction To Them?

Why Do Some Guys Get The "That Guy Is Like My Lil/Big Brother" Title?

If I Was A Guy And A Girl I Really Liked Told Me That She Sees Me As Nothing More Than A Friend (And She Was Single) I Would Be Really Annoyed.... I Might Even Smack The

Some Men, Believe It Or Not......Are Really Shy Around Women And That Isn't Necessarily A Good Thing Because Some Girls DON'T Like That. Girls Want Someone Who Is Aggressive, Confident, Knows How To Flirt....Etc.

What About The Quiet Guys Then? What About The Nervous, Stuttering, Clumsy Guys? Do They Get No LOVE? I've Always Been A Sucker For Awkward/Geeky Guys But At The Same Time I Love Those Bad Boys. Bad Boys Have So Much Swagger, And They Just Turn Heads. Bad Boys Are Mysterious And Leave You Wanting To Know More About Them. Bad Boys Are NEVER Clingy.

The Thing About Being A Nice Guy Is The Fact That They Have To Be Careful That They Aren't Taken Advantage Of Because Nowadays Some Girls Are Cold AS HELLLL. They Will Lead A Man On ....(Especially Nice Guys, They Constantly Fall For This) Make The Man Think They Are In Love, And Milk That Nice Guy For All The Money They Can. Bishes Are Ruthless Sometimes And "Good Guys" Beware.

I'd Take The Quiet Guy Reading A Book By Himself In The Library Any day Over The Guy On The Corner Selling Drugs....But That's Just Me.

Good Guys Should Never Be Discouraged And Don't Think That Becoming A Jerk Will Make The Ladies Love You More....Just Be You And One Day That Special Someone Will Come Along. Don't Lose The Essence Of You To Act Like Someone You Are Not.

June 23, 2009


I Had Went To See My Girl BEYONCE At Madison Square Garden On Monday Night With Some Amigas And It WAS FANTASTIC. Before The Show I Was A Huge Beyonce Fan But My Love For Her Quadrupled Since I Seen This Show. Sometimes You Hear How Some Artists (They Say This About Rhianna)Sing Really Bad When They Are Live ....Well This Is Not The Case For Beyonce...Her Voice Was Phenomenal.

First Off I Have To Say For The Show I Wanted To Get Fancy So I Tried To Play In My Eye shadows And Makeup...Can You Guys Tell? I Did A Lil Eyeliner, And Mascara Too...Yea I'm A Makeup Newbie So Off Topic: But Those Of You Girls Who Wear Glasses And Eye Makeup Isn't It Irritating To Know That No One Can Every Really Tell You Have Makeup On Unless You Have Bold Colors Applied?!? I Sooooo Need Help On How To Make The Eyes Stand Out From Behind The Glasses. So Umm Yea Back To Beyonce....Lol....I LOVE HER!

This Is The Group Rich Girls...They Were Beyonce's Opening Act. They Look Like A Bootleg Version Of Destiny's Child (Which Some Of You Guys Might Like Because I Know I Love Me Some Girl Groups). However They Don't SOUND Like Destiny's Child. This Group Live Sucks...They Were Singing And Some Of Them Did The Solo Vocalizing Thing And I Was Not Impressed. No Bueno! But They Were Don't Know How Far Looks Will Get Them Buttttt Good Luck! I Could Not Wait For Them To Shut up....Ugh.

Finally The Woman Of The Hour Hit The Stage And The Crowd Went Nuts.....I Was Stoked....I Felt Like A Kid On Christmas Morning And I Was Loving The Whole Atmosphere.

Not Even Fifteen Minutes Into The Show Her Hubby Hova aka Jigga Came Out And Did "Crazy In Love" With Her

This Is When She Did Smash Into You...The Stage Background Was Really Pretty ...It Seemed Like She Was In The Ocean/Beach....From There She Did The Song "Ave Maria".

This Is When She Did "Ego"......Luvs It!

This Is When She Did "If I Was A Boy" With Her Lil Sunglasses And Policewoman Dress

This Was A Screen Shot Of When She Tried To Illustrate The Whole Sasha Fierce/Beyonce Two Differrent People Persona By Flipping A Coin.

After The Coin Was Flipped Miss Sasha Fierce Came Out On A Harness And Flew Over The Entire Crowd And Landed On A Platform Towards The Middle Of The Arena And Was Alot Closer To Where We Were Sitting.

In Closing I Must Say The Ridiculous Amount Of Money I Paid For This Concert Was Soooooo Worth It. Beyonce Is Just Pure Genius And Now I Completly Understand Why She Is A Billionare Because She Is Super Talented. I Urge Any And Everybody If You Haven't Seen This Girl In Concert Please Do Because She Will Not Leave You Dissappointed. You Can Tell Beyonce Has Worked On Her Craft And It's Great To See What Perserverance And Hard Work Has Bought To This Young Lady. You Go Girl!!!!! Oh Yea Buy That Beyonce CD If You Still Haven't I'm Officially Her Groupie/Superfan, Don't Judge Me.

Over And Outtie!!!!!!!!!!!!

June 21, 2009

Haters Make Me Sick

Effin Stank As*, Ignorant As*, Rude As*, Think They The Ish, Hating Biotch.

I'm Sorry I Need To Friggin Muther Friggin Vent Cuz I'm Heated To The Tenth Power!

So I'm With My Boyfriend And He Asks Me To Go With Him To A Get Together At His Cousins House ( Mind You I Didn't Want To Go Inside In The First Place Because His Family Is So Huge And I Feel Like I'm Under So Much Scrutiny Whenever I Go To A Family Get Together Of His). So I Go Inside ...I Say Hello Here And There To Random People Just To Be Respectful And What Not. The House Wasn't Extremely Crowded There Was Simply A Handful Of People. So I Go Into A Living Room And See About Roughly 8 People In The Room And There Was One Lady Standing With A Drink In Her Hand Dancing I Guess.....Soooooo My Boyfriend Leaves Me ALONE And Goes Into Another Room But I Was Standing And Chillin ....W/e.

This Stank Heifer.....(So What She Gets The Title I Give Her It's My Vent!).....Yea But This Heifer Goes Up And Asks My Boyfriends Older Sister (Who Is In Ear Shot Of Me) Oh Is This Terry's Girlfriend? And My Boyfriends Sister Said Yea.....And She Turned Asked Me Are You A Virgin.....Now She Caught Me Off Guard With That Question And Now That I Think About It I Should Have Given Her A Smart Ass Answer For Her Smart Ass Question. Anywho Me Being Honest (And What The Hell I'm Not A Little Girl, I Said No.....Dunno Why But I Did). That Ol Big Headed Lady Said " Oh I Cud Tell Cuz You Don't Look Like One".... PEOPLEEEEEEEE PEOPLEEEEEEE PEOPLEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! She Under Handedly Tried To Call Me A Ho....That Old Fart Tried To Dead Ass Play Me....O HELLLLLL NOOOOOO! Mind You I Wasn't Even Dressed Revealing Or Nothing...I Had On A Loose Fitting Button Up Shirt, Some Jeans, And My Coach Sneakers (How The HELL Did I Not Look Like A Virgin?). Biotch.

HELL Yea I Wanted To Grab A Sharp Object And Do Ungodly Things To That Lady Who Tried To Embarrass Me In Front Of A Room Of Strangers.......I Tell You I Never Felt So Violated By A Heifer I Didn't Even Have A Conversation With...WTF??!!??

So As Soon As She Insulted Me I Calmly Didn't Respond And Walked Out The Living Room And Stood Alone Till My Boyfriend Finally Remembered He Left Me In The Living Room To Get Roasted. I Walked Up To Him And Told Him I Wanted To Go Home, When We Got To My Car I Proceeded To Tell Him Why I Wanted To Go Home And He Apologized To Me For My Uncomfortableness. Now Looking Back I'm Mad....Like How's He Gonna Not Say Ne-thing (Letting That Woman Tear Me A New One) To Her About The Situation. Not Only That But Why The Hell Are You Leaving Me In A Living Room With People I Do Not Know...I Hate That Ish.....Especially When You Know Ya Family Members Are Liquored Up And Drunk....WTH? I'm Upset At Her, Him, And Myself For Not Telling Her Something About Her Drunk Self....I Know It's Not His Fault But I'm Still Mad.

Here's The Kicker: When I Later Asked Him Who The Woman Was In Relation To Him I Found Out It Was His Aunt. Soooo If I Marry Him Is This The Type Of Ish I Have To Deal With On A Regular....Yuck....Just Yuck. What Is She Gonna Do.... Call My Kids Nappy Headed Hoes And Black? Some People...Sheesh.

Eta: A Few Days After This Whole Ordeal My Boyfriend Told His Mom About What Her Sister Had Said To Me. ...And My Boyfriends Mom Explained To Me That Her Sister Has Issues And Usually Acts Out Of Character When She Is Drunk...Not Only That But She Has A Couple Of Mental Issues. My B/f's Mom Also Said That She Doesn't Even Talk To Her Sister Because Of Her Horrible Tendencies. So All In All I'm Kinda Glad I Didn't Lose My Cool....But I Say Somebody Still Needs To Remove The Alcohol From That Woman's Presence Cuz One Day She Will Say The Wrong Thing To The Wrong Person And Pow....Problemo.

June 20, 2009

Raawrrrr....Gimmie Sum Shuga

Ohhhhh The Wonderfulness Of Being A Cougar.
What's A Cougar You Ask? Welllll Here It Goes:
A Cougar Is A Woman Who Frequents Clubs Or Other Events To Find A Younger Man. A Cougar Can Be Old And Frumpy Looking Or Even A Milf ( Mother I'd Like To F*ck).
More Recently Cougars Are Gaining Popularity.....But Why All Of A Sudden? Young Men Are Finding Older Women Attractive Because Not Only Are Those Women Sexual But They Also Have Their Ish Together. I've Noticed That Nowadays Compared To When My Parents Grew Up Marriage Is Really Being Put On A Back Burner And The Simple Explanation Of That Is That We As Women Aren't House Makers, Or Sitting At Home Waiting For Hubby To "Bring Home The Bacon". Women Of This Day And Age Are Movers And Shakers With The Attitude (Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better ) Towards Men.
My Mom Is Ten Years Younger Than My Dad And Back In Tha Days That Was Considered Normal. It Was Most Likely Expected Of My Dad To Be The Bread Winner Of The Family And For My Mom To Be Lil Miss Mom, But Ha This Is Not The Sixteenth Century And My Mom Is So Not Dependent On My Dad ...In fact He's More Dependent On Her. The Point Of Saying That Was To Illustrate The Fact That We As Woman Aren't Helpless Looking For Mister Right To Marry Us And Wait On Us Hand And Foot Any More....In Fact Some Woman Prefer To Look For Mister Right Now Because They Don't Wanna Be Bothered By The "Relationship" Label (And Mister Right Now Is Sometimes Younger And Physically Intriguing). Forty Years Ago An Older Woman And A Younger Man Would Probably Have Been Frowned Upon But Society Isn't The Same As It Once Was. Women Are More Independent, Have More Say So, Hold Jobs That Are As Equally Challenging As Men, And We Are More Respected.

So Why Do Cougars Date Younger Men?

  • They Want Some Excitement Back Into Their Lives
  • They Can't Help Who They Fall In Love With ( Ha Like Aaliyah Said Age Ain't Nuthing But A Number)
  • A Younger Man Can "Service Their Engines" Lol
  • Older Men May Be Bossy (Wanting Things Done Their Way With No Compromise)
  • The Older Woman Feels In Charge...And Likes It
  • A Younger Mans Appearance Is Definitely A Turn On
  • Dating Older Men Comes With Baggage Like Kids And Ex Wives
  • Younger Men Have Stamina.....They Are Better In Bed Instead Of An Old Geezer That Hits You With A "Wham Bam Thank You Maam"

What Do You Guys Think? Do You Side With The Cougars And Say Do Your Thing? Or Do You Think They Are Nasty And Need To Simmer Down? In My Personal Opinion I Said It Before And Will Say It Again Sometimes You Just Can't Help Who You Love.

June 04, 2009


Heyyyy Blogger World I've Really Been Mia But I'm Definitely Back On It Now. Life Has Been Good And I'm Maintaining. GUESS WHAT! The Other Day I Took My Boyfriend Out On A Surprise Date....I Wanted To Do Something Out Of The Ordinary Cuz That's Just Me.....So I Told Him To Hop In My Car And The Rest Was Going To Be Up To Me.

I Drovvvve Until We Finally Reached Our Destination And I Dunno I Guess His Reaction Was Shocked And Confused But We Were At The Brooklyn Aquarium. The Last Time I Went To The Aquarium I Had To Have Been No Older Than Twelve, So That Was AGES Me And The Boyfriend Did Our Thing...Walked Around Took Pictures Etc. And The Aquarium Was Really Relaxing....I Even Held A Starfish.

The B/f On A Fake Walrus

The Fish That Wasn't Swimming (To The Point Where I Thought It Was Dead)

The Shark Tank ( There Were So Mannnny And Peep The Stingray @ The Bottom Of The Shark Tank)

The Jelly Fish And The Picture Below That I Think That Animal Was A Sea Otter (Don't Quote Me, Not 100 Percent On It...Lol)

So After Seeing The Animals Me And The B/f Went To See A 3-D Show/Movie From The Aquarium And It Was Cute..I Don't Wanna Ruin It For Anyone But I Enjoyed It. We Left The 3-D Show Because It Was About 15-20 mins Long And Decided To Go Take A Stroll On The Infamous Coney Island Boardwalk. While On The Boardwalk We Saw Sesame Street Filming For One Of Their Upcoming Shows And Some Random Dude With Two Big Ol Snakes And A Bird...Lol Only In Brooklyn I Tell You.

The Worst Part Of The Date Was Yet To Come..... *TEAR DROP*

Soooooo Me And The Boo Decided To Keep Walking And We Eventually Came Upon Coney Island The Amusement Park Portion ( Or At least What Used To Be An Amusement Park). You Guys I Wanted To Cry When I Saw What That Place Had Become. Most Of The Smaller Rides Were Torn Down And The Place Was Filled With All Types Of Trailer Trash Looking, Con Artists. I Was Flabbergasted At The Sights That I Had Subjected Myself To. I Remember Coney Island When It Was Coney Island And Those Memories Were Beautiful......I Used To Go There Every Summer Till I Was About 16 And Each Time I Went I Enjoyed It More Than The Last Time. I Was Honestly Disgusted. Just YUCK! The Only Thing I Didn't See Was Someone Nodding Off With A Needle Sticking Out Of Their Arm And I'm Sure If We Kept Walking We Would Have....It Just Seemed Unreal. Here's A Picture Of A Game Booth:

As You Can See ALOT WAS CLOSED...All The Bears And Prizes That Were Left Looked Dusty And Run Down

When I Seen A Lady With No Teeth Crying And Holding A Wig In One Hand And Her Stomach With The Other Saying " He Punched Me, He Punched Me" To The Booth Worker Where We Were Standing Psssh I Knew It Was Time To Go. They Should Rename Coney Island To Crack Head Island.....NOT A Good Look! Supposedly They Are Gonna Tear Down Coney Island And Put Up Hotels/Casinos To Get More Tourists Down In That Area ( Like An Atlantic City Type Of Thing). They've Been Saying Coney Island Was Going To Officially Close Down For The Past Two Years Now But It Never Did. This Time For Sure I Heard This Is The Last Year Coney Island Will Be Open For Business....But I Say They Need To Hurry Up And Do Whatever It Is That They Are Gonna Do To That Hott Mess.

Any how I'm Done. Yeah Long Post I Know ......Sorry.....Over And Outtie....Muahzzzzzzzzzz

May 16, 2009

Swine Flu Paranoia

People I'm Ubber Paranoid. I'm Supposedly In The City/Borough Where This Swine Flu Stuff Is Running Rampant (Queens). I Was Pretty Confident That I Was Safe From Getting This Stuff Cuz Lets Face It I Think My Antibodies Are Pretty Strong...Lol. Sooo Yea I'm Hanging Around The House Today Thinking I
Was Alone The Whole Day And At About Two O Clock In The Afternoon My Older Brother Emerges Out Of His Room Like A Zombie And Walks Past My Room (The Door Was Wide Open). First I Was Scared Cuz Heck I Was Singing And Dancing All Over The House And Buggin Out Like I Was Beyonce Or Something, But Then I Was Scared Cuz He Looked Sick (I Mean Bad Sick). The Guy Had On A Bath Robe, A Mug Filled With (Im Guessing) Tea, And A Hacking Cough. So I Spoke To The Zombie Reluctantly...
Me: Hey How's It Going?
Him: Cool *Cough, Cough* (You Could Hear The Flem On His Chest)
Me: Errr Ummm ...You Got A Cold? Must Be The Swine Flu (I Said Jokingly, But Dead Serious Getting Scared In The Back Of My Mind).
Him: Oink, Oink
Me: Haha (But Thinking To Myself RUNNNNNN And LOCK THE DOOR)
So He Goes Downstairs And I Quickly, But Not Too Obviously Lock My Bedroom Door. Now Im Sitting Here With My Throat Feeling A Little Dry....WTF?!?! Is This In My Head? My Brother Is A Teacher And Deals With Little Children Mongrels EVERYDAY...What If He Caught It From One Of Them And Brought That Ish Home?!? I Swear If I Get Swine Flu Me And His Quarantined Behind Will Be Fighting. LMAO. *Does The Rock Eye Brow Lift*
An Hour Later He Knocked On My Door And Asked Me To Lend Him Money To Buy Medicine, I Said I Had None. Then I Asked....
Me: Why Are You Sick In The Summer Time?
Him: *Sniffs* I Dunno There's A Flu Going Around
Me: (In My Head)

May 04, 2009

Nigga Moment

What's A Nigger Moment?

It's A Moment When Ignorance Overwhelms The Mind Of An Other Wise Logical Man

Causing Him To React In An Illogical, Self Destructive Manner....(I.E. Like A Nigger).

Nigger Moments Are Unpredictable But They All End Up Bad.

"Wat You Gonna Do NIGAAHHHHH???!!!???"

LMAO ....I Love The Boondocks Cartoon They Gave On The Cartoon Network...This Episode To Me Was CLASSIC! Have You Guys Ever Had Nigger Moments? Moments Where You Were Just Backed Into A Corner Due To The Ignorance Of Someone Else And Had To Get Crazy And Let Loose The Inner Nigger? I'm Guilty....Hehe.

May 02, 2009

I'm Not My Damn Hair....Dammit

Sooooo....I Have Yet To Do A Post About Hair And I've Decided Now Is The Time. Lately I've Been Hooked On Youtube Videos....But Not Any Old Videos, I'm Talking About Videos With My Natural Haired Sistas. I Can Honestly Say That I'm Drawn Into And Captivated By Natural Hair. Natural Hair Is So Beautiful And Versatile And I Miss My Natural Hair. More Recently Ive Found Myself Cursing The Day That I Begged My Mom For That Creamy Hair Crack...But That's A Whole Other

Some Of You May Know That When Going Natural And Growing Out Your Hair (Aka Transitioning) Your Hair Will Have Two Textures Since You Are No Longer Getting A Relaxer Every 3 Months (Or Whatever The Case Is). Towards Your Scalp (Closer To Your Roots) You Will Have A More Natural Texture And Then A Demarcation Line (Where The Natural Hair And Your Relaxed Hair Meet). From What I've Heard If You Don't Properly Take Care Of Your Hair When Transitioning Then It Will Be More Prone To Breakage...So Some People ( Sometimes To Avoid Breakage) Do The Big Chop. What The Big Chop Does Is To Allow Someone To Cut Off Their Relaxed Ends Which Rids The Risk Of Breakage At The Demarcation Line.

Anyways So I Was Talking To My Male Friend And Out The Blue For No Reason At All I Said "I'm Going To Cut Off My Hair So I Can Go Natural". My Friend Took Extra Long And Gave Me The Ill Face Like "Why?". I Told Him To Go Natural You Have To Cut Your Hair, And He Said "Your Boyfriend Would Leave You"......And I'm Like WHATTT?!? What In The Gosh Darn, High Horse, Billy Bob Did You Just Say?!?!

"Your Boyfriend Would Leave".........Ladies You Know I Was Giving Him This Face:

And Me Being Me I HAD To Find Out WHY This Would Come Out Of A Person's Mouth. I Mean Hair Doesn't Make A Person And Dammit Even If It Did There Is So Much Weave Out There I Could Be A New Person Everyday If I Was Caking To That Level.

So I Asked My Dear Friend To Break Down His Reasoning To Me Because I Just HAD To Hear This. I Mean WTH? I Asked My Friend Hypothetical Questions Like " If You Had A Girlfriend And She Decided To Go Natural Cutting Off All Her Hair...What Would You Do?" He Said "I'd Leave". Ladies He Got A Look Like This :

And Then I Said "Ummmmm Imagine You Have Been With This Girl For Two Years And This Is Something She Wants.... You Would Still Leave?"

He Said " Well It Depends On How Much I Like Her....If We Argue Every Other Day And She Cuts Her Hair Then She Can Go....But If We Have Some Type Of Strong Connection And I Feel Things Are Good With Us Then She Can Stay."

I'm Sorry (And If You Are Reading This Boo.... Luv Ya Like A Little Brother) But This Is SHALLLLLOOW!!!! If You Leave A Girl Because She Cut Her Hair Then You Never Loved Her At All... PERIOD!

So I Tell Him..." Ya Know Hair Grows Back Right?" And He Says "Yea But It Takes Forever And I Like When I Can Run My Fingers Through A Girls Hair" SMHHHHHH......Wattttttttt????!!!?????

So He Picked A Pretty Girl We Both Knew (Who Has Alot Of Hair) As An Example And He Said "If She Cut Her Hair I Wouldn't Be As Attracted To Her As I Am Now" And In My Head I Was Thinking PUHLEASE Switch Up The Mentality!!!!!!!

Fine I Understand The Fact That He Wants A Girl With Hair And That's All Good But If Your Girl Had Hair And Decided To Cut It Off (Or God Forbid) Got Cancer ....That's It? So If I Have No Hair Then I Have To Pack My Bags And Get Tha Steppin? SMDH. So Let's Say I'm Your Girl And I Get Into A Car Accident And My Face Gets Scarred Up Or I Get A Burn On My Face ....Then That's It? What You Are Telling Me Is That You Are All Caught Up In Vanity And Image....Beauty Fades, Its Whats On The Inside That Counts.

So I Asked My Boyfriend What His Thoughts Were. He Did Think It Was A Funny Thing And He Said Yea He'd Leave (You Know In My Head He Was Getting One Of The Faces Above) But He Was Joking. He Said That He Wouldn't Want Me To Do It (And He'd Try To Stop Me) But If I Went Through With It Then He'd Just Deal. He Also Said If I Cut My Hair He Would Crack On Me Everyday Until My Hair Grew Back (Fair Enough I Guess). Then I Asked Him How He Felt About Natural Hair And He Seemed To Like The Whole Idea. Ho Hum..... So For Now I Will Continue To Live On The Creamy White Crack....But Who Knows ....One Of These Days I Will Be Right Up There With Erykah Badu Looking Flyyyyy And Fantabulous.

April 21, 2009

NO Freakin WAY!

I Am So Mad At This Video....Like What The Hellllllllll!?! This Woman Is Booty Popping And Nasty Grinding In Front Of Her Two Kids Like It's The Norm. The Little Boy In The Video Is Worse Than The Little Girl Because He's Not A Baby...He Looks About 4 or 5 Years Old ( He Can Actually Kinda Grasp What Mommy Is Doing).

This Is A Damn Shame...Instead Of Empowering And Uplifting Our Children We Have People Like This Young Lady Who Doesn't Give A Rats Ass. Granted If She Was Doing This For Her Boo Or Something I Can Understand That ( Because Sometimes Us Women Like To Be Seductive, And Sensual For Our "Special Person") But In Front Of The KIDS?!? Is Your Day So Busy That You Cant Film Your Promiscuous Activity When Your Kids Aren't Watching Cartoons In The Background? Sheesh! Shes Showing Her Lil Girl Yes It's Fine To Be Provacative (And It Is Fine .....Even Though My Momma Never Taught Me How To Gyrate And Move Like That. My Mom Only Taught Me Boring Stuff Like Tying My Shoes And Cooking) But Not When She's Threeeee Dammit......And Shes Showing Her Son This Is How Your Girlfriend Should Work The Middle. O My Fudging Goodness....Hot MESSSSS!

You HAVE To Be Mentally Unfit As A Parent To Do This In Front Of Them. Shame On It All.

April 19, 2009

Don't You Know Who I am?!? My Brother/Sister Is ......

Awww Remember Ashanti's Little Sister Shi Shi? She Was Always The Thick Cute Lil Conservative Sister. I Remember Her In The Happy Video...Tre Cool. I Wonder How It Would Feel To Have A Older Sibling Who Was Always In The Limelight? Would I Become Jealous And Look For Other Ways To Get Attention (Whether Negative Or Positive). Would I Actually Use My Siblings Fame As A Stepping Stone And An Aide To Get Myself Where I Want To Be? (For Example Beyonce And Solange). There Are Alot Of Superstars Out There With Non Famous Brothers And Sisters That We Somehow Seem To Know. Ashanti's Sister Used To Be All In The Background And Quiet But Lately Her Clothes Have Been Getting Her More Attention. Shi Shi Is Definitely Trying To Build Up Talk About Herself What Do You Think? I Mean Its One Thing To Be Sexy (And She's A Beautiful Girl) But It's Another Thing To Be EXTRA With It. Some Of Her Outfits Are Cute Too And I LOVE Her Confidence But I Dunno Some Outfits May Not Be For Her....My O My How They Grow Up Fast

Other Famous/Non Famous Siblings
Tia And Tahj Mowry (I Used To Love Tahj On Smart Guy)...He Was Pretty Famous Himself

Kim Kardashian And Her Two Sisters ( I Know The Taller One Is Chloe And The Other One I Dunno)

Paris and Nicky Hilton