May 02, 2009

I'm Not My Damn Hair....Dammit

Sooooo....I Have Yet To Do A Post About Hair And I've Decided Now Is The Time. Lately I've Been Hooked On Youtube Videos....But Not Any Old Videos, I'm Talking About Videos With My Natural Haired Sistas. I Can Honestly Say That I'm Drawn Into And Captivated By Natural Hair. Natural Hair Is So Beautiful And Versatile And I Miss My Natural Hair. More Recently Ive Found Myself Cursing The Day That I Begged My Mom For That Creamy Hair Crack...But That's A Whole Other

Some Of You May Know That When Going Natural And Growing Out Your Hair (Aka Transitioning) Your Hair Will Have Two Textures Since You Are No Longer Getting A Relaxer Every 3 Months (Or Whatever The Case Is). Towards Your Scalp (Closer To Your Roots) You Will Have A More Natural Texture And Then A Demarcation Line (Where The Natural Hair And Your Relaxed Hair Meet). From What I've Heard If You Don't Properly Take Care Of Your Hair When Transitioning Then It Will Be More Prone To Breakage...So Some People ( Sometimes To Avoid Breakage) Do The Big Chop. What The Big Chop Does Is To Allow Someone To Cut Off Their Relaxed Ends Which Rids The Risk Of Breakage At The Demarcation Line.

Anyways So I Was Talking To My Male Friend And Out The Blue For No Reason At All I Said "I'm Going To Cut Off My Hair So I Can Go Natural". My Friend Took Extra Long And Gave Me The Ill Face Like "Why?". I Told Him To Go Natural You Have To Cut Your Hair, And He Said "Your Boyfriend Would Leave You"......And I'm Like WHATTT?!? What In The Gosh Darn, High Horse, Billy Bob Did You Just Say?!?!

"Your Boyfriend Would Leave".........Ladies You Know I Was Giving Him This Face:

And Me Being Me I HAD To Find Out WHY This Would Come Out Of A Person's Mouth. I Mean Hair Doesn't Make A Person And Dammit Even If It Did There Is So Much Weave Out There I Could Be A New Person Everyday If I Was Caking To That Level.

So I Asked My Dear Friend To Break Down His Reasoning To Me Because I Just HAD To Hear This. I Mean WTH? I Asked My Friend Hypothetical Questions Like " If You Had A Girlfriend And She Decided To Go Natural Cutting Off All Her Hair...What Would You Do?" He Said "I'd Leave". Ladies He Got A Look Like This :

And Then I Said "Ummmmm Imagine You Have Been With This Girl For Two Years And This Is Something She Wants.... You Would Still Leave?"

He Said " Well It Depends On How Much I Like Her....If We Argue Every Other Day And She Cuts Her Hair Then She Can Go....But If We Have Some Type Of Strong Connection And I Feel Things Are Good With Us Then She Can Stay."

I'm Sorry (And If You Are Reading This Boo.... Luv Ya Like A Little Brother) But This Is SHALLLLLOOW!!!! If You Leave A Girl Because She Cut Her Hair Then You Never Loved Her At All... PERIOD!

So I Tell Him..." Ya Know Hair Grows Back Right?" And He Says "Yea But It Takes Forever And I Like When I Can Run My Fingers Through A Girls Hair" SMHHHHHH......Wattttttttt????!!!?????

So He Picked A Pretty Girl We Both Knew (Who Has Alot Of Hair) As An Example And He Said "If She Cut Her Hair I Wouldn't Be As Attracted To Her As I Am Now" And In My Head I Was Thinking PUHLEASE Switch Up The Mentality!!!!!!!

Fine I Understand The Fact That He Wants A Girl With Hair And That's All Good But If Your Girl Had Hair And Decided To Cut It Off (Or God Forbid) Got Cancer ....That's It? So If I Have No Hair Then I Have To Pack My Bags And Get Tha Steppin? SMDH. So Let's Say I'm Your Girl And I Get Into A Car Accident And My Face Gets Scarred Up Or I Get A Burn On My Face ....Then That's It? What You Are Telling Me Is That You Are All Caught Up In Vanity And Image....Beauty Fades, Its Whats On The Inside That Counts.

So I Asked My Boyfriend What His Thoughts Were. He Did Think It Was A Funny Thing And He Said Yea He'd Leave (You Know In My Head He Was Getting One Of The Faces Above) But He Was Joking. He Said That He Wouldn't Want Me To Do It (And He'd Try To Stop Me) But If I Went Through With It Then He'd Just Deal. He Also Said If I Cut My Hair He Would Crack On Me Everyday Until My Hair Grew Back (Fair Enough I Guess). Then I Asked Him How He Felt About Natural Hair And He Seemed To Like The Whole Idea. Ho Hum..... So For Now I Will Continue To Live On The Creamy White Crack....But Who Knows ....One Of These Days I Will Be Right Up There With Erykah Badu Looking Flyyyyy And Fantabulous.


Sei'Lani Britagne said...

i heard this alot from males. I find it really depends on just them. Some guys looooove natural hair and beg their women to stop relaxing it because it makes them less beautiful and exotic looking. then some guys just don't like the transitioning period because they aren't used to girls with TWA's and are scared of public scrutiny.

a girl said her husband wouldn't like it so she is sticking to just transitioning to keep her length.
Iuno... i say if you want to do it then do it. transition for awhile until you have like 4 inches of natural hair and chop the rest off. It's all up to the person to determine what makes them happy..... not what someone else likes or doesn't like.

Also people have found that natural hair attracts a different caliber of men. Some african american men actually are intimidated by the boldness so they go for the relaxed haired ladies, some guys not of our race loves the exotic ness of how we look naturally so they are more attracted than usual, and some african am. loooove it and tend to be more black power types... (yuck) sorry i dont like people ranting everyday about black power hahah even though i am black.
but i hope u do do it one day. I love it! i used to cry every time i put a relaxer in my head because it made me feel so ugly and boring and flat haired so i just stopped one day last year without even thinking about it and this year i ended up still having to do a chop because of all the color and heat damage still left. I love my twa and i hope once you chop yours off you'll love it too. People say its scary to do it but honestly one day I woke up, went straight to the bathroom wet my hair and said, "uughh peice of shit!." and took scissors to it hahahah

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

For a lot of men hair is a part of the attraction, the longer the better for some reason lol it annoys me cause sometimes I wear weave and people have something to say but if I wear my hair naturally I always get the question of "why do you have short hair" or I just get looks which I hate! lol ugh

Miss.Fortune said...

im over here laughin and it aint even funny but this is the world we live in!
i havent had a relaxer n over 4yrs..and i love my natural curls right up when i wet it..sometimes it gets out of control tho! waaay to big to handle but its mine..

relaxers became to reliable and i didnt like the idea of HAVING to get em every 3months when my roots grow in.i just wash and flat iron or wrap my hair every 2 wks..and its soo healthy now..

BUT in my transitioning stage i was a lil crazy..i started dying my hair all crazy like and it was breaking off..crazy cuz all my life everyone knew me for my hair being long and thick...but now i live n vegas and work at a hair salon so theres no excuse for my hair to get crazy!

men are weird they dont know what they want..lmao..

GreenFalcon said...

LMFAO!!!!!!!! i completly agree with this guy.

the only reason u shouldnt have much hair is if u have cancer or something that makes ur hair fall out.

i would also stay with my girl if i love her.
if the love is there. if there is any.

most men do know what they want. and me being the man that i am, want a girl with nice long hair LOL..... Well atleast past there necks XD

Kiwi™ said...

Natural depends on what kind of natural u are seeking.

I have not had a perm in almost 4 years...but I allow the Dominicans to blow it out every month...better than a perm.

I dont want an afro, just managable hair without the chemicals so if thats what ur looking for than opt for a blow out by Dominicans.

If you are seeking the afro-like, curly hair look...GO for it! Your BF will support u! Good luck!

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