July 31, 2010

Butterflies In My Tum Tummy....I Promised None Of You Bastards Would Ever Again Get A Hold Of Me..But He....He Makes A Grown Woman Wanna Scream.....

How You Doing (Wendy Williams Voice)

Book Review

Okay So This Summer I'm Trying To Keep The Little Wheels In My Head Rolling By Reading On A Regular Basis (Even If The Book Is Mush) At least I'm Reading Dammit. So Right Now I'm Halfway Through A Book Called The Five Love Languages for Singles By Gary Chapman.

Basically In The Book (Not Done With It Yet).... The Author Tries To Educate People On Relationships And Love In General. In A Nutshell The Author Points Out That Different People Have Different Ways Of Communicating With Each Other In Regards To Love (Hope I'm Gonna Make Sense) Mkay Each Person Has A Different Language Of Love, And Different People Hold These Different Languages Of Love At A Different Level Of Importance In Contrast To Another Person. There Are 5 Languages That Exist And They Are:
1. Words Of Affirmation (Being Positive And Uplifting Through Your Words To The Ones You Love)
2. Gifts (Giving/Receiving Gifts To Demonstrate Love)

3. Acts of Service (Doing Good Deeds/Helpful Things In Order To Help Those U Love)

4. Quality Time ( Spending Time With The One U Love)

5. Physical Touch (Making Sure Through Holding/Touching/Love Making) That Your Partner Is Satisfied

Alright So You Know How A Woman Says "O He Doesn't Do Sh*t Around The House" That Person Accepts Acts Of Service As Their Main Language Of Love. That Woman Who Has A Lazy Boyfriend Or Husband Will Start To Resent Their Other Half Because He Doesn't Accommodate His Girlfriend/Wife To Speak Her Language Of Love (Which She Holds Very High). That Female Probably Believes That A Man DOING For Her In Order To Help Her Whether Financially, Around The House, With Her Car...Etc Is Essential In Proving That A Man Loves Her.

And You Know How A Person Says: "O She Doesn't Spend Time With Me Anymore, She Doesn't Love Me, There's Somebody Else" Well This Person Complains Because Their Main Language Of Love Is Quality Time. If You Are With Someone Whose Main Language Of Love Is Quality Time And You Don't Provide That....Then You Better Be Sure Your Relationship Will Slowly Deteriorate.....

One More Example Is You Know How U Have A Girlfriend Who Says: "He Never Tells Me I'm Beautiful" Or A Woman That Says: "I'm Independent, Smart, And A Breadwinner Of The Family But My Husband Never Acknowledges All The Things That I Do" Well Those Girls Are Big On Words Of Affirmation 2 Keep Them Happy And Satisfied In a Relationship. These Women Need 2 Hear From Their Boyfriends/Husbands "Baby I Love You, You're Beautiful, And I Appreciate All That You Do".

Basically As Someone In A Relationship Or Starting A New Relationship You Have To Pay Close Attention To What Your Partner Is Saying In Order To Determine What Their Primary Language Of Love Is. I Believe My Primary Love Language Is Most Definitely Quality Time....It Will Not Work Between Me And A Man If He Can't Give Me Some "Us" Time. PERIOD. It Is Nice To Get And Give A Little Of Each Of These Languages From/To Your Partner But For Each Individual There Is Always One Love Language They Feel Is ABSOLUTELY Necessary In Order For Their Relationship 2 Function. Time 2 Be Little Investigators People!

What Are Your Thoughts? Which Language Of Love Are You Guys' #1's?

P.S. The Book Is Really Good....Pick It Up....You Don't Even Have 2 Be Single 2 Enjoy It, Very Insightful.

I'm Outtie Tho....Love, Live Life!

July 25, 2010

Blue Skies

I May Be Going Through My Drama....I May Have Been Wronged Twice In A Freakish Coincidence This Year But I've Never Felt More Happier, Stronger Or Loved Myself This Much. They Try To Knock Me Down But All I Do Is Rise.....I Rise Above Because I Know The Best Revenge Is Success.

The Song That's My Anthem Right Now....Janelle Monae....Tightrope....Cheaaaaaaaaaaa ( She Is Such A Breath Of Fresh Air....Originality Most Def Her Thing)

I Gotta Keep My Balance....
Love, Live Life....Muahz!

July 22, 2010

Mini Update... Till My Nail Heals

Just When I Put The Tip Of My Foot Into The Water Somebody Decides 2 Screw Me Over Again....Eff It I'm Becoming A Nun....I'm Typing More 2 Morrow B/c I Hit My Nail And Typing Right Now Is A Bioyatch But I Will Be Back. Oh Btw.....100th Post!!!! Whoop Whoop.

I Can't Believe It's Been A Lil Over A Year Since I Started Blogging, But I Just Wanna Thank U Guys On Ur Opinions And Love (Old And New Followers). I REALLY Love Yall, All And Ne Of Ur Comments Make My Day...Muah!!!!!!!

July 19, 2010

I'm Just Sayin

If I Told U I'm Crazy And I Have Baggage...Whyyyyy Must You Insist On Trying To Wife Me Up Or "Making It Official"? What Is A Title...Ugh I Dont Answer To Expectations Of Society And What Is Norm In Regards To A Relationship Between A Man And A Woman. Waiting On Me To "Act Right"...Don't Hold Your Breath.

And Oh Yeah When You Finally See My Crazy Coming Out Don't Say I Didn't Tell Ya So....Some Girls Hide The Crazy, Some Girls Ignore The Crazy..... But I...I Put It On The Table For You.

Proceed With Caution...That's What You Have To Do With Me....*Shoulder Shrug* Ahhh Welp

July 08, 2010

Does Size Really Matter

So the age old question of if size really matters.....hmmmmm.....my opinion.....uh if ur physically deficient sure its alrite and yea it shuuuuuud be all about the motion in the ocean but hey its the real world....i mean seriously.

Wat say you ladies ......u met this swell guy, u click on many levels, u vibe, u jones, u connect....finally u decide 2  express ur love 4 each other and u find out ya soon 2 be lova is only as big as a lil piggy in a blanket or a damn canned vienna sausage. Do u take the L and hope love conquers all or do u give him  a crummy excuse and "suddenly" disappear?

And no havent met nebody,  since that  bastard :-( cuz i dont wanna settle for ne  tom, dick, or joe

but i only pose this question 2b random....i didnt figure out my ex (the one who took my viginity) was less than average till i met my boyfriends after him ( id never seen a males private part in person till i was 19)....as shallow as it sounds if i met him (my 1st) after my other ex's i might have laughed in his face. But im curious about u guys....wud it not be an issue and have u ever been with a tiny man who went above and beyond to show you that tiny tim is just as relevant as big mac?

Also another random: if im a guy with a smaller than average part....wud i know if i was less than average? How wud  i know i was lacking if nobody told me?

Till next time peeps,

Love, Live Life