February 25, 2015

Black Man

The creature they look at in such a strange way.
You baffle them, confuse them, take them mentally to another place.

Such strength in your body, love in your soul, passion running through your veins
to accomplish all of your goals.

But they wouldn't know...They're not going to believe that you have dreams because the
painted scenes on the T.V. screens speak reality.

Unfortunately reality screams killers and thieves...Far removed from the likeness of
powerful beings like Martin Luther King.

No, the black men of today are considered a different thing. No longer human beings, your lives have no meaning. Killing one another and shocked when you are murdered by others.

Black man partaking in any old illegal thing just to reach the "American Dream" by any means.
Please black man stop giving therm a reason to shoot. Always keep in mind that they don't pity you.

They never walked in your shoes, they have no clue. They didn't have to work twice as hard as you to get twice as far. Life is hard. Your mouth didn't have a silver spoon, so you know why you do what you do.

But listen up black man, keep thinking about it that way and there will be no hope for our race. Getting money the fast way will be a pointless endeavor if you catch a case.

February 22, 2015

Feeling Sexy! Rawrrr!

Alright, as we all know life can get busy. Sometimes with all of life's obligations I find it hard to be a delicate and pretty little flower (eye roll). We should get lost in our femininity sometimes, and be the godesses that we were meant to be....but...this is real life you say? No sweat!

If we take the time to throw on some eyeliner, mascara, and keep our eyebrows neat then that is all there is to it. I often found myself rushing out of the house too tired to be bothered about my appearance, but it matters. The way you carry yourself on a day to day basis is judged, so why not put your best face forward?  Ladies if you look good then you will feel good, and that is the honest truth. 

When you know you look good, there is a different aura to you that people can't ignore. Your stride is different, your confidence is through the roof, and people are drawn to that (not just in a sexual way). I'll give you an example. 

I'm a four eyed dweeb. I've been wearing glasses since I could remember, but I wear them sparingly because I'd discovered contacts. Lol...anyway...My boyfriend bought me the cutest frames, but I'm an avid contact wearer. I wanted my new glasses to be a permanent statement piece, so I went searching all of youtube to find out how I could look better with the use of makeup (while wearing glasses). I always hated glasses and felt like they made me look goofy/unapproachable. So I took my newly acquired knowledge about "makeup for glasses" and put things to the test. I kid you not....I've never gotten this much attention with glasses on. I learned that men are interested in women with glasses. Is the makeup catching their attention....or is it my confidence because of the makeup? I think its a little bit of both (but more because of my confidence). 

You see ladies, I'm at ease when I know I've invested time in making myself look good. I'm not saying we need to pile on the makeup to feel good, it's not even about makeup! It's about taking 5 minutes out of your jam packed schedule to make yourself feel good/attractive. For some it might be makeup, for others it might be fixing their hair a certain way, or throwing on regular pants instead of sweat pants. Enhance the beauty that is you and watch how your mood changes. The picture below was me on Valentine's Day. I wasn't in anything that I consider to be a "freakum dress", but I still felt sexy because I did take time out to flatiron my hair and beat my face. Taking that time out for myself enabled me to feel good...no matter what attire I had on. 

February 16, 2015

Fifty Shades of Grey And Awesome

I hope you have a cool drink with you from the concession stand when seeing this movie because Fifty Shades of Grey was sizzling hot! My Valentines Day consisted of going to see this "soft core porn" and dragging my boyfriend along with me. I was apprehensive about seeing this movie because it got negatively pounded (no pun intended) by critics.

At first when I saw the cast selection for this movie I was disappointed. I didn't like the actor they chose to play the sexy, desirable, nonintoxicating hot Mr. Grey. I mean he was ok if you like that type of guy, but he was no Bradley Cooper or Chris Hemsworth. Those two are sexy, even Ryan Phillipe! Cmon! 



The guy playing Mr. Grey had to grow on me as the movie progressed.  However, Dakota Johnson,the young lady playing Ms. Anastasia Steele was perfect! Ms. Steele had an innocent and awkward quality about her that was believable. The chemistry between Ms. Steele and Mr. Grey was translated through on screen in the short two hours of the film, but the relationship felt rushed. If a person didn't read the book you didn't really understand/see the cat and mouse chase that went on over a longer period of time. It has to be understood that the movie maker had to squeeze a whole book into two short hours, and the movie only covered the surface of things. If a person didn't read this book or isn't into the Erotica type of literature then they will find this movie to be pointless.

There were numerous sex scenes, and I wouldn't recommend seeing this on a first date because both parties might get hot and bothered (which wouldn't be wise if you're trying to be ladylike or a gentleman on the first date). After watching a movie like 50 Shades you can't help but to go home and want to replicate what it is that you saw. Ha....I had a good night after seeing this film with my honey, but I digress. 

Out of 5 stars I think I would have to give this movie a 4. I liked it for what it was intended to be, but it won't be nominated for an Oscar or anything like that. It was a movie based on a "trashy" book, and that is what I expected when going to see it (that is exactly what I got).