September 04, 2009


Welll Gonna Do A Real Quick Post. I'm Finally Back In School, Working On Getting My B.A. (Fingers Crossed). My Major Is English And Minor In Childhood Education, And It Is Not A Joke. A Huge Chunk Of My Classes Are English Classes And Duhhhhhh, I'm Bombarded By Papers To Do Every Week. My Fear About Being A English Major Is That I Fear This Is Only Gonna Get I'm Overwhelmed....I Love School But At The Same Time I'm Scared I May Not Do Well Or I Dunno. Anywho....My Boyfriend And I Are Back Together....Yea I Know ( Save The Hopefully This Weekend Dinner And A Long Convo Is What We Need. I Have Been Really Into School So We Haven't Had The Chance To Really Talk But We Officially/Unofficially Are Back Together. For My Back To School Followers Keep Your Head Up....We Are Suffering Now, But All Our Hard Work Through The School Year Definitely Won't Be In Vein. Yayyyyy For My College Heads Who Work And Go To School Too! LETS DO IT PEOPLE!!!!!!