February 25, 2010

Wam Bam Thank U Maam?

*Sigh* I Think I Was Dreading Writing This Post I Dunno...Maybe Cuz Im Scared To Admit The Truth To Myself Which Is That Im Single And Solo Dolo....But I Guess My Relationship/Non Relationship Status Needs To Be Addressed.

So It's Been Exactly Four Months Since My Significant Other Has Left Me....I Don't Know I Guess I Can Say Im Mixed Emotions About The Situation...They Don't Lie When They Say Life Goes On After A Breakup But Of Course I Will NOT Water Down The Fact That The Shit Does Hurt. (As Cliche As It Sounds) A Person Going Through A Breakup Definitely Has To Take One Step At A Time. Um Months Ago The Thought Of Talking To Another Man Made Me Nauseous, And Not That I'm Ready Now For Another "Commitment" But When I Finally Do Decide 2 Talk 2 Someone I Will Be Hella Cautious.

Looking Back I Used To Hattttte When My Parents Came At Me With The Bull ish Like "Well Shirley You Should Wait Till You Graduate From College B4 Focusing On Boys" And I Used To Think Those Old Heads Were On Crack. Honestly Hindsight Is Always 100Percent But I Do See Why They Said What They Said....This Semester I'm Doing The Five Classes Thing, Trying To Be Social, And Focusing On Me.

And Ladiesssss Please If You Are With A Man And Don't Trust Him For What Ever Reason...Whether Its You're Insecure, Or He Did Something Etc. Just Leave....Because It's Only Gonna Go Downhill Once U Become Miss Private Investigator.

With My Ex I Was So Caught Up And I Got So Distracted That I Forgot To Do Me. Then Came My Accusations...Etc. When A Relationship Deteriorates To That Point Its Not Even Worth It. Right Now I Can Say Emotionally I Don't Need His Support...Emotionally I'm Done With Him......It's Tough Tho And A Sista Has Needs!

I Mean I Know I Need To Respect Myself Etc. And Move On Physically As I Have Mentally But Until I Find A Guy With The Total Package It's Gonna Be Hard...

February 14, 2010

Valentine's Shmalintines.

I Can't Give You The World Like I Originally Wanted To.

I Can't Shower You With Diamonds And Bling Because It Wouldn't Mean A Thing.

I Can't Sit There And Dwell On what We Had Because The Past Is The Past...It Didn't Last.

I Can't Say You Never Cross My Mind Cuz You And I Both Know That's A Lie.

But I Can Say For A Moment In Time You Were My Mister Right And You Lit Up My Life.

I Can Say For A Moment In Time You Were My Natural High And A Day Without You Blew My

I Can Say For A Moment In Time I Was A Sucker For Love, I Was Infatuated And Couldn't Get Enough.

I Can Say I Still Love You Without A Doubt...Even Though We Parted Ways My Memories With You Will Never Go Away....They Just Fade.

I Can Say I'm Proud Of My Growth, If You Love Him Then Shirley You Have To Let Him Go....With Every Passing Day I Did Grow Strong....Now All That's Left To Do Is Move On.

February 09, 2010

Go Shirley....Its Ya Birthday

Sooooo It's My Bday Today....February 9th. I Thank God That I've Lived a Whole Other Year. Things May Not Be The Way I Want Them To Be But By The Grace Of God I Will Get To Where I Need To Be As Time Goes On.

I Love My Family, Love My Friends, Love My Blog Family...And Ya Know Wat ...I am To Blessed To Be Stressed. Sure I May Be Single :-/, Sure I May Be Black, But Daggone It I'm Here..lol..And I Love It. When I Told Someone The Age I Was Turning Today They Definitely Were Shocked And Said I Looked 16...Smh.....From Now On I'm 18 All Over Again....Shhhhhhhh.

Nah But I'm Older Than 21 And I Dunno I Feel Hella Old....And I Know I'm Still In My Twenties And All But Based On Everyones Reaction When I Tell Them My Age I'm Going To Start Keeping It To Myself....lol. Toodles All!

February 08, 2010

Think It's Time For Me To Let Go Cuz My Heart Can't Take It No More....Baby You Were All I Lived For But I'll Leave You Behind....Imma Be Okay.