January 21, 2013

President Obama's Inauguration

So pretty much for the majority of the day I was posted up at home. As much of you already know today was Martin Luther King Jr. Day, but that's not alllllllllll! It was also the Inauguration day of Barack Hussein Obama, the 44th president. Today, similar to 4 years ago when he was elected to office the first time, I was moved. Today was a historical day because not only do we have a black president in office, but today he took office for a second term. January 21, 2013 is extremely special to me, and let's not forget to mention this is the 50th anniversary of Dr. King's I have a dream speech. I know a lot of people might be sick of the whole "oh they keep praising Obama because he is a black president" but to me him being in office is more than that. To me, him being in office means that Dr. King's dream has come to light. The thing that strikes me is that fact that we can live among each other with peace and love.

Equality wasn't something far fetched and because we turned the other cheek like Dr. King instructed us to, look at how far we have come. There is a black man in office, gays are no longer taboo, everyone can vote, women can participate in government, and my future son knows that he can be somebody.

During my last semester of school I remember doing a paper on Dr. King and getting so emotional. I  read his autobiography written/edited by Clayton Clairborne, and I tell you that is the most I have cried while reading any piece of literature. I connected with Dr. Kings letters, the stories of how blacks were tormented, humiliated, and made to feel inferior. After I finished his autobiography I thanked the lord for the people (women, children, college students) who put their lives at stake in order to really and truly obtain FREEDOM. I then thought of Obama who didn't use this accomplishment of being "the first black president" as something to divide us, instead he used it as something to bring us TOGETHER.

So here is to you Barack Obama.....And here is to you Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Thank You For Paving The Way.

America, The Land of The Free.

  Oh.... And Here Is Beyonce During The 2008 Inaugural Ball....This Moment Will Be In My Head For The Rest of My Life.  Black Love <3 p="p">

January 18, 2013

Try, Try Again?

  • If you try hard enough, something good will come of it eventually.

  • The situation is temporary.

  • The knowledge that I gained in college is valuable and I'm better for having gained it.

  • I copied these three bullets down to use as a daily reminder. I'm seriously down you guys. I've been browsing the net, and I found that it is common for college graduates to suffer from depression. I sleep late into the day, I always make plans to leave my house but never do, I don't want to interact with people outside of my family, and the more I get rejected from jobs the more I want to stay home in bed. If these "symptoms" persist I may have to see a therapist to get out of this zone.

    January 14, 2013

    He Isn't a Damn Slot Machine!

    I was just sitting back, reminiscing about a situation that I am no longer in, and I thank the lord for that. I remember getting broken up with 2 years ago,  and I will never forget being in the middle of my living room floor (literally) in a puddle of tears/mucus. My whole family walked past me that day while I was lying in my puddle, and I know I looked pathetic. Anyways fast forward to now and I'm the happiest I've ever been with any man. Sounds so cliche, but time does heal. Right now I currently have a friend who is going through the same make up to break up pattern that I went through, and my heart hurts for her. It's hard not to watch this inevitable train wreck because I can't help but to see myself in this person.

    January 11, 2013

    College Graduate? Should Have Been a Dropout!

    I'm about to be real candid with you all. Being a college graduate is not all that some say it's cracked up to be. I mean, I hate to come off as a spoiled brat but what is supposed to be the happiest time of my life is soooooo daunting. After you graduate there is a whole other ball game of trying to find a job. I honestly feel like my head is about to explode because i have zero income (since I quit my part time gig in order to focus on school in my last semester), and I'm steady trying to figure out how to save a damn penny. I' am honestly trying to find a part time gig right now to have money in my pockets so that I could immerse myself in trying to find a "Real Job". Even looking for a part time gig is proving to be this arduous task. Smh. I'm so broke.

    Being a college graduate is looking like real dog sh*t to me right now.

    January 10, 2013

    Hand Over The iPhone B*tch

    New York City, New York City.

    Sometimes living in this area is a double edged sword. So many people desire to visit here, and see what this place has to offer. The number of tourists we get weekly, monthly, and yearly well those numbers are astronomical. There is no place like NY, I'm pretty sure of that. This is one of the most unique places to be, and like I hear all the time "If you can make it here, you'll make it anywhere".

    But with the good comes the bad, OH YES!

    January 05, 2013

    Winter Wonderland

    Winter Wonderland

    Ugggg To Be Honest With You Guys I' am So Over The Winter! I've Been Sick Twice Already And It's Only January. Sucks Major. Anywho, One Thing I Do Like About Winter Are The Fashion Possibilities. If You Can't Beat It, Style In It. *Shrug*

    Wunderkind shearling jacket
    $2,175 - avenue32.com

    Joseph skinny leg pants


    Meredith wendell

    January 04, 2013

    The Tantalizer

    I glance your way, and get locked into your gaze. Those eyes, that smell, I know them very well.

    Thump, Thump, Thump. It pounds  and I'm consumed into the world of you.