January 14, 2013

He Isn't a Damn Slot Machine!

I was just sitting back, reminiscing about a situation that I am no longer in, and I thank the lord for that. I remember getting broken up with 2 years ago,  and I will never forget being in the middle of my living room floor (literally) in a puddle of tears/mucus. My whole family walked past me that day while I was lying in my puddle, and I know I looked pathetic. Anyways fast forward to now and I'm the happiest I've ever been with any man. Sounds so cliche, but time does heal. Right now I currently have a friend who is going through the same make up to break up pattern that I went through, and my heart hurts for her. It's hard not to watch this inevitable train wreck because I can't help but to see myself in this person.

This "hanging onto a complete idiot" thing is sadly very common among women because I had another associate going through the same thing. Sooooooo Sjones what's the same thing? What does that consist of? Well here ya go, let me break it down:
  • Susness (such as your boo ignoring your calls, not picking up their phone in front of you, going mia for hours or days at a time)

  • Being overly flirtatious on social networks (now this is tricky because if you call them out on this the men will accuse you of being insecure and will start a fight....but you have women's intuition. USE IT! Him calling you insecure is a cover up. Don't throw it in his face about everyone he interacts with, don't even mention it, but keep YOUR eyes open and mentally note susness.)

  • An overly possessive man (when a man is tooooo possessive that should signal red flags. why is he going so hard when you go out with your friends, or hug your male friend? maybe he's trying to cover up his own guilt...hmmm)

  • Phone Secrecy Syndrome (now I DO NOT feel like a woman should be in a man's phone but if I pick up your phone and you lunge at me, obviously something is not copacetic up in there)

  • Too Busy To Hang (I mean if you're my man why do you have to be begged to spend time with me?)
I said all that to say this, if you are dealing with any of the above you might want to reconsider the future of your relationship. Now here's my metaphor and then I'm going to get off my soap box......

Men are like slot machines. You could have all the coins in the world to put into one particular machine (aka: man) but all the coins you've put into the machine will not guarantee you will hit the jackpot. The more coins you invest in this one machine the more you are losing money (aka: time) which is precious. Just because I put 20 coins into a machine (3 years into a man) that doesn't not mean that it will act right and give me what I need and desire. It's funny how life works. What I can do is save my coins (time) and move onto another slot machine (man)  because who's to say that it won't give me what I need faster?

Just a little food for thought ladies.....don't settle for a dog. Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side.

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