October 27, 2012

Nextttttt Chapter!

*sigh* Im just at a point where I'm ready for college to be over and done with. Its getting old and I'm so ready to start my career. Its taking far too long and I'm getting far too old for this. I mean if we were to rewind to me at 19 and have me predict where I would be at 2*cough* this would not where I would see myself. I mean at this age I wouldnt have minded being married and three years deep into my career. I could possibly be contemplating a child within the next two years and probably have an apartment with my honey....but I guess things never work out the way we want them to.

Thats the funny thing about life tho. Things are always unexpected and to get to where we need to be its like we are always forced to take a hard road. Sometimes I stop and compare my life to that of my successful friends and I just cant help but to wonder where the hell I went wrong.

Its also funny because once you get one aspect of your life in order then another part of your life goes haywire. Right now my love life is pretty much in tact which is great but this no career thing is killer. I wish there cud be a point in my life where I'm in love and I'm where I want to be financially. That would be so awesome, but with the way things are looking so bleak right now that seems like just a dream.

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