January 21, 2015

Law of Attraction!

I watched a documentary on Netflix based on a book called "The Secret". This book basically highlights what makes sucessful people tick, and how you can get in on some of that action. I've heard about this book long before seeing the documentary, but I definitely want a hard copy of this book to add to my collection. 

The book focuses on the Law of Attraction. This law zeroes in on: asking the universe for something, believing you will get it, and showing gratitude for what you have. I also learned that whatever enegy you put out is the energy you will get back. If you have a negative based way of looking at life, then you will continue to receive negative things/events/feelings because of the energy you are putting out.  You must use positive words to ask what you want from the universe so it is crystal clear. For example, if you want to be more prosperous, don't say to yourself "I'm tired of being broke". Use positive terminology such as, "I'am prosperous". By saying "I'm tired of being broke" the universe might actually take "being broke" part and give you more of being broke because you weren't direct. See yourself as wealthy, blessed, smart, wise, and in turn you will receive more.

I'm trying to keep this Law of Attraction in mind as of late, and it's hard because I've learned that I'm a negative thinker. I usually look at the glass as half empty instead of half full, and maybe I'm the one that's unknowingly pulling negative occurrences into my life because of how I think. I need to stop analyzing the less desirable parts of my life and be thankful for the abundant amount of blessings that I do have. Have you guys read "The Secret"? Do you think it's a good read, and what are your thoughts on this?

I have the above picture on my Ipad screenlock just to remind myself of how I'am 
all of these things (I shouldn't let anything/anyone make me think otherwise).

January 02, 2015

Give Me A Wedding Ring!!!

Happy New Year Blog Family! I hope all will be well with you and yours into 2015. With the New Year rolling around I've found myself getting into all of my feelings. All of my existing relationships are being analyzed so that I can take my life in a positive direction. I'm just being very conscience about the fact that I'm getting older, and I KNOW that this year is "do or die" for my boyfriend. You see blog fam, I don't want to be the girl waiting forever for a commitment that is never coming. At the beginning of my relationship with my current significant other I let him know that I couldn't carry on with him for years and years without a serious commitment. I have a bad pattern of being in long term relationships and being delusional. Why am I delusional? Well because I play the role of a wife when I AM NOT. In this particular relationship I'm more rational than I have ever been, but in the past I used to: clean bedrooms, loan out my car, and countlessly put another persons needs before mine (even if it meant me having nothing). I played the role of "wife"/"ride or die chick" and that got me nowhere fast.
Why play the role of wife when nobody wants to give me the title? 

Anywho...I told my current boyfriend that I was giving him no more than 3 years of my time (That was 2 years ago, and this year is making year 3). I'm olddddd! Maybe if I was 22 I woudn't feel the need to pressure him, but I'm not. When are we supposed to start our lives together....when I'm 40? I know its a bad idea to put a time limit on something like marriage, but if you aren't ready then let me know so I could find somebody who is (before I get old and wrinkly). 

I'm a big reader of the Steve Harvey books and I know that one of the things that he made crystal clear was the fact that if a man isn't settled/financially stable then he will never want to marry a woman (because he knows he won't be able to provide for her). That is scary. I'm not financially stable (I'm getting my Masters degreee in four months), and my boyfriend isn't either. Sooooo Houston we may have a problem. So the big question is.....do you put a time limit on commitment? How can you make sure that you are being taken seriously without coming off as too pushy? Putting a time limit on my relationship made me feel safe, but was it realistic? How long after being with someone do you say enough is enough...gimmie a ring?