April 01, 2009

Diddy You Sick Mutherfudger!

I Will Admit It...My Name Is Shirley And I Have An Addiction. I'm Guilty Of Loving All The Groups That Diddy Has Created Over The Past Years. And I'm Highly Upset That I Fall In Love With These Groups Only To Have Them Viciously Yanked Away. STOP The Madness Diddy! Don't Take Away My Day 26...I Will Buy Two Albums To Support Them...Pleaaaaaase STOP Being A Tyrant! (Oh Yea Kick Que Out B4 He Messes Up The Flow And Throw Donnie In The Mix).
Love This Song....Cop The Album People...Lets Put A Stop To This Making The Band Curse.
You Can Make A Difference!

Lets Take A Trip Down Memory Lane
Danity Kane....R.I.P


I KNOW Y'all Remember Da Band! This Group Was Doomed From The Beginning Cuz The Cast Or The People In The Group Were All Over And Better Off As Solo Artists Anyways But The Were Aight.

The Old Heads And 80's Babies Might Remember This One But These Girls Were TOUGH! I Remember One Christmas Getting 20 Dollars From My Dad (Thought I Was Rich) And Running To Buy This Album With No Hesitation. I Kid You Not Their Album Was Enjoyable From Beginning To End.

In Closing I Just Would Like To Say Diddy I Would Appreciate It If You Would Stop Playing With My Emotions....I Get Easily Attached And Lets Not Continue To Break My Heart Dammit! There are a ton of other groups, but I'll keep it short for the sake of the post. lol.


Anonymous said...

Hell yeah Bad Boy doesn't represent their peeps right. It's Diddy's way, or no way and his way is kinda whack. Da band is broken up, B5 signed off, Danity Kane broke up, Nobody buys Donnie's solo albums (lmao), and Day 26 is going down. I'm just hoping Janelle Monae won't get screwed.

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

I like the group I just wish they would stick around! lol

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

groups* lol

.dsade. said...

i agree lol. and omg i used to LOVE dream!!! i was mad that they stopped making music =/

Dolce. said...

ahhh Da Band! lmaooo i still talk to Dylan, him & Babs were the best parts of Da Band anyway

Divinely.Intelligent.Vividly.Artistic said...

These talented people should know not to sign with Bad Boy anyway, the only successful artist on that label is Diddy! Smh..

S Jones said...

I Forgot About B5 Toooooo....Loved Them.I Need To Look Up Janelle Monae Though...I've Only Heard One Song From Her (They Should Promote Her More). And Heck Yea Diddy's Career Was The Longest Lasting One Out Of All The Bad Boy Artists.