April 14, 2009

Catholic Church And Me

Welllll My Easter Was Kool Even Though I'm Extra Late With Posting But Bare With Me....Lol. I Did The Whole Church Thing With My Parents And I Honestly Felt Complete And Happy Afterwards. I Don't Go To Church A Whole Lot But After Sunday I Think I Might Want To Make My Church Attendance A Permanent Thing (Maybe). I'm Catholic And I Don't Know If Any Of You Are Catholic But For The Past Year I've Stayed Out Of Church Because I Felt Like Mass Was Boring And Dry. It's The Same Thing Every Sunday: The First Reading, Second Reading, The Priest Reads And Explains The Scripture Of That Particular Sunday, Then We Recieve The Body And Blood Of Christ. Don't Get Me Wrong I Grew Up In The Catholic Church....From Junior High To High School I've Been In Catholic School But I Just Fell Out Of The Whole Catholic Church Thing More Recently. I Have Gone To Other Churches A Couple Of Times During Last Year But They Weren't Catholic Churches And I LOVED IT. I Went To A Christian Church And A Pentecostal Church (I Think) And Every Thing Was So Interactive. The Choir Was Loud, The Whole Congregation Was Alive And Filled With Excitement, I Just Loved The Atmosphere. Like I Said I Love My Catholic Church But At The Same Time I Feel Like It Could Be More Exciting ...To Enjoy Catholic Church You Really Have To Clear Your Mind And Focus In So You Can Concentrate On Whats Being Said. Church Service Is Very Predictable And Blah But It Shouldn't Matter As Long As I'm There To Connect With God Right? It's Hard To Remove Myself From All I've Known And All I Have Been Accustomed To. Down The Line I Want To Shop Around For A New Church (Sounds Weird... I Know) And See If My Heart Lies Somewhere Else But For Now I Will Be Sticking To My Usual.

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K.B. said...

I'm Catholic & honestly, I understand what you're going through. lol. I've been Catholic nearly all of my life. I've had the chance to attend many different churches, Catholic & some Baptist...due to having no choice but to go. lol. But on the Catholic side...in the New Orleans area, there are catholic churches where there are majority African-Americans attendants. And in those churches, they are more upbeat, non-boring, non-dry, whatever. Better services, choir & understanding. I'm pretty sure there are some in your neck of the woods. Every city I've been to has at least 1 Black type of Catholic Church. You may want to check to see.