June 23, 2009


I Had Went To See My Girl BEYONCE At Madison Square Garden On Monday Night With Some Amigas And It WAS FANTASTIC. Before The Show I Was A Huge Beyonce Fan But My Love For Her Quadrupled Since I Seen This Show. Sometimes You Hear How Some Artists (They Say This About Rhianna)Sing Really Bad When They Are Live ....Well This Is Not The Case For Beyonce...Her Voice Was Phenomenal.

First Off I Have To Say For The Show I Wanted To Get Fancy So I Tried To Play In My Eye shadows And Makeup...Can You Guys Tell? I Did A Lil Eyeliner, And Mascara Too...Yea I'm A Makeup Newbie So Wat....lol. Off Topic: But Those Of You Girls Who Wear Glasses And Eye Makeup Isn't It Irritating To Know That No One Can Every Really Tell You Have Makeup On Unless You Have Bold Colors Applied?!? I Sooooo Need Help On How To Make The Eyes Stand Out From Behind The Glasses. So Umm Yea Back To Beyonce....Lol....I LOVE HER!

This Is The Group Rich Girls...They Were Beyonce's Opening Act. They Look Like A Bootleg Version Of Destiny's Child (Which Some Of You Guys Might Like Because I Know I Love Me Some Girl Groups). However They Don't SOUND Like Destiny's Child. This Group Live Sucks...They Were Singing And Some Of Them Did The Solo Vocalizing Thing And I Was Not Impressed. No Bueno! But They Were Pretty...lol...I Don't Know How Far Looks Will Get Them Buttttt Good Luck! I Could Not Wait For Them To Shut up....Ugh.

Finally The Woman Of The Hour Hit The Stage And The Crowd Went Nuts.....I Was Stoked....I Felt Like A Kid On Christmas Morning And I Was Loving The Whole Atmosphere.

Not Even Fifteen Minutes Into The Show Her Hubby Hova aka Jigga Came Out And Did "Crazy In Love" With Her

This Is When She Did Smash Into You...The Stage Background Was Really Pretty ...It Seemed Like She Was In The Ocean/Beach....From There She Did The Song "Ave Maria".

This Is When She Did "Ego"......Luvs It!

This Is When She Did "If I Was A Boy" With Her Lil Sunglasses And Policewoman Dress

This Was A Screen Shot Of When She Tried To Illustrate The Whole Sasha Fierce/Beyonce Two Differrent People Persona By Flipping A Coin.

After The Coin Was Flipped Miss Sasha Fierce Came Out On A Harness And Flew Over The Entire Crowd And Landed On A Platform Towards The Middle Of The Arena And Was Alot Closer To Where We Were Sitting.

In Closing I Must Say The Ridiculous Amount Of Money I Paid For This Concert Was Soooooo Worth It. Beyonce Is Just Pure Genius And Now I Completly Understand Why She Is A Billionare Because She Is Super Talented. I Urge Any And Everybody If You Haven't Seen This Girl In Concert Please Do Because She Will Not Leave You Dissappointed. You Can Tell Beyonce Has Worked On Her Craft And It's Great To See What Perserverance And Hard Work Has Bought To This Young Lady. You Go Girl!!!!! Oh Yea Buy That Beyonce CD If You Still Haven't ....lol...Yeah I'm Officially Her Groupie/Superfan, Don't Judge Me.

Over And Outtie!!!!!!!!!!!!

June 21, 2009

Haters Make Me Sick

Effin Stank As*, Ignorant As*, Rude As*, Think They The Ish, Hating Biotch.

I'm Sorry I Need To Friggin Muther Friggin Vent Cuz I'm Heated To The Tenth Power!

So I'm With My Boyfriend And He Asks Me To Go With Him To A Get Together At His Cousins House ( Mind You I Didn't Want To Go Inside In The First Place Because His Family Is So Huge And I Feel Like I'm Under So Much Scrutiny Whenever I Go To A Family Get Together Of His). So I Go Inside ...I Say Hello Here And There To Random People Just To Be Respectful And What Not. The House Wasn't Extremely Crowded There Was Simply A Handful Of People. So I Go Into A Living Room And See About Roughly 8 People In The Room And There Was One Lady Standing With A Drink In Her Hand Dancing I Guess.....Soooooo My Boyfriend Leaves Me ALONE And Goes Into Another Room But I Was Standing And Chillin ....W/e.

This Stank Heifer.....(So What She Gets The Title I Give Her It's My Vent!).....Yea But This Heifer Goes Up And Asks My Boyfriends Older Sister (Who Is In Ear Shot Of Me) Oh Is This Terry's Girlfriend? And My Boyfriends Sister Said Yea.....And She Turned Asked Me Are You A Virgin.....Now She Caught Me Off Guard With That Question And Now That I Think About It I Should Have Given Her A Smart Ass Answer For Her Smart Ass Question. Anywho Me Being Honest (And What The Hell I'm Not A Little Girl, I Said No.....Dunno Why But I Did). That Ol Big Headed Lady Said " Oh I Cud Tell Cuz You Don't Look Like One".... PEOPLEEEEEEEE PEOPLEEEEEEE PEOPLEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! She Under Handedly Tried To Call Me A Ho....That Old Fart Tried To Dead Ass Play Me....O HELLLLLL NOOOOOO! Mind You I Wasn't Even Dressed Revealing Or Nothing...I Had On A Loose Fitting Button Up Shirt, Some Jeans, And My Coach Sneakers (How The HELL Did I Not Look Like A Virgin?). Biotch.

HELL Yea I Wanted To Grab A Sharp Object And Do Ungodly Things To That Lady Who Tried To Embarrass Me In Front Of A Room Of Strangers.......I Tell You I Never Felt So Violated By A Heifer I Didn't Even Have A Conversation With...WTF??!!??

So As Soon As She Insulted Me I Calmly Didn't Respond And Walked Out The Living Room And Stood Alone Till My Boyfriend Finally Remembered He Left Me In The Living Room To Get Roasted. I Walked Up To Him And Told Him I Wanted To Go Home, When We Got To My Car I Proceeded To Tell Him Why I Wanted To Go Home And He Apologized To Me For My Uncomfortableness. Now Looking Back I'm Mad....Like How's He Gonna Not Say Ne-thing (Letting That Woman Tear Me A New One) To Her About The Situation. Not Only That But Why The Hell Are You Leaving Me In A Living Room With People I Do Not Know...I Hate That Ish.....Especially When You Know Ya Family Members Are Liquored Up And Drunk....WTH? I'm Upset At Her, Him, And Myself For Not Telling Her Something About Her Drunk Self....I Know It's Not His Fault But I'm Still Mad.

Here's The Kicker: When I Later Asked Him Who The Woman Was In Relation To Him I Found Out It Was His Aunt. Soooo If I Marry Him Is This The Type Of Ish I Have To Deal With On A Regular....Yuck....Just Yuck. What Is She Gonna Do.... Call My Kids Nappy Headed Hoes And Black? Some People...Sheesh.

Eta: A Few Days After This Whole Ordeal My Boyfriend Told His Mom About What Her Sister Had Said To Me. ...And My Boyfriends Mom Explained To Me That Her Sister Has Issues And Usually Acts Out Of Character When She Is Drunk...Not Only That But She Has A Couple Of Mental Issues. My B/f's Mom Also Said That She Doesn't Even Talk To Her Sister Because Of Her Horrible Tendencies. So All In All I'm Kinda Glad I Didn't Lose My Cool....But I Say Somebody Still Needs To Remove The Alcohol From That Woman's Presence Cuz One Day She Will Say The Wrong Thing To The Wrong Person And Pow....Problemo.

June 20, 2009

Raawrrrr....Gimmie Sum Shuga

Ohhhhh The Wonderfulness Of Being A Cougar.
What's A Cougar You Ask? Welllll Here It Goes:
A Cougar Is A Woman Who Frequents Clubs Or Other Events To Find A Younger Man. A Cougar Can Be Old And Frumpy Looking Or Even A Milf ( Mother I'd Like To F*ck).
More Recently Cougars Are Gaining Popularity.....But Why All Of A Sudden? Young Men Are Finding Older Women Attractive Because Not Only Are Those Women Sexual But They Also Have Their Ish Together. I've Noticed That Nowadays Compared To When My Parents Grew Up Marriage Is Really Being Put On A Back Burner And The Simple Explanation Of That Is That We As Women Aren't House Makers, Or Sitting At Home Waiting For Hubby To "Bring Home The Bacon". Women Of This Day And Age Are Movers And Shakers With The Attitude (Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better ) Towards Men.
My Mom Is Ten Years Younger Than My Dad And Back In Tha Days That Was Considered Normal. It Was Most Likely Expected Of My Dad To Be The Bread Winner Of The Family And For My Mom To Be Lil Miss Mom, But Ha This Is Not The Sixteenth Century And My Mom Is So Not Dependent On My Dad ...In fact He's More Dependent On Her. The Point Of Saying That Was To Illustrate The Fact That We As Woman Aren't Helpless Looking For Mister Right To Marry Us And Wait On Us Hand And Foot Any More....In Fact Some Woman Prefer To Look For Mister Right Now Because They Don't Wanna Be Bothered By The "Relationship" Label (And Mister Right Now Is Sometimes Younger And Physically Intriguing). Forty Years Ago An Older Woman And A Younger Man Would Probably Have Been Frowned Upon But Society Isn't The Same As It Once Was. Women Are More Independent, Have More Say So, Hold Jobs That Are As Equally Challenging As Men, And We Are More Respected.

So Why Do Cougars Date Younger Men?

  • They Want Some Excitement Back Into Their Lives
  • They Can't Help Who They Fall In Love With ( Ha Like Aaliyah Said Age Ain't Nuthing But A Number)
  • A Younger Man Can "Service Their Engines" Lol
  • Older Men May Be Bossy (Wanting Things Done Their Way With No Compromise)
  • The Older Woman Feels In Charge...And Likes It
  • A Younger Mans Appearance Is Definitely A Turn On
  • Dating Older Men Comes With Baggage Like Kids And Ex Wives
  • Younger Men Have Stamina.....They Are Better In Bed Instead Of An Old Geezer That Hits You With A "Wham Bam Thank You Maam"

What Do You Guys Think? Do You Side With The Cougars And Say Do Your Thing? Or Do You Think They Are Nasty And Need To Simmer Down? In My Personal Opinion I Said It Before And Will Say It Again Sometimes You Just Can't Help Who You Love.

June 04, 2009


Heyyyy Blogger World I've Really Been Mia But I'm Definitely Back On It Now. Life Has Been Good And I'm Maintaining. GUESS WHAT! The Other Day I Took My Boyfriend Out On A Surprise Date....I Wanted To Do Something Out Of The Ordinary Cuz That's Just Me.....So I Told Him To Hop In My Car And The Rest Was Going To Be Up To Me.

I Drovvvve Until We Finally Reached Our Destination And I Dunno I Guess His Reaction Was Shocked And Confused But We Were At The Brooklyn Aquarium. The Last Time I Went To The Aquarium I Had To Have Been No Older Than Twelve, So That Was AGES AGO....lol. Me And The Boyfriend Did Our Thing...Walked Around Took Pictures Etc. And The Aquarium Was Really Relaxing....I Even Held A Starfish.

The B/f On A Fake Walrus

The Fish That Wasn't Swimming (To The Point Where I Thought It Was Dead)

The Shark Tank ( There Were So Mannnny And Peep The Stingray @ The Bottom Of The Shark Tank)

The Jelly Fish And The Picture Below That I Think That Animal Was A Sea Otter (Don't Quote Me, Not 100 Percent On It...Lol)

So After Seeing The Animals Me And The B/f Went To See A 3-D Show/Movie From The Aquarium And It Was Cute..I Don't Wanna Ruin It For Anyone But I Enjoyed It. We Left The 3-D Show Because It Was About 15-20 mins Long And Decided To Go Take A Stroll On The Infamous Coney Island Boardwalk. While On The Boardwalk We Saw Sesame Street Filming For One Of Their Upcoming Shows And Some Random Dude With Two Big Ol Snakes And A Bird...Lol Only In Brooklyn I Tell You.

The Worst Part Of The Date Was Yet To Come..... *TEAR DROP*

Soooooo Me And The Boo Decided To Keep Walking And We Eventually Came Upon Coney Island The Amusement Park Portion ( Or At least What Used To Be An Amusement Park). You Guys I Wanted To Cry When I Saw What That Place Had Become. Most Of The Smaller Rides Were Torn Down And The Place Was Filled With All Types Of Trailer Trash Looking, Con Artists. I Was Flabbergasted At The Sights That I Had Subjected Myself To. I Remember Coney Island When It Was Coney Island And Those Memories Were Beautiful......I Used To Go There Every Summer Till I Was About 16 And Each Time I Went I Enjoyed It More Than The Last Time. I Was Honestly Disgusted. Just YUCK! The Only Thing I Didn't See Was Someone Nodding Off With A Needle Sticking Out Of Their Arm And I'm Sure If We Kept Walking We Would Have....It Just Seemed Unreal. Here's A Picture Of A Game Booth:

As You Can See ALOT WAS CLOSED...All The Bears And Prizes That Were Left Looked Dusty And Run Down

When I Seen A Lady With No Teeth Crying And Holding A Wig In One Hand And Her Stomach With The Other Saying " He Punched Me, He Punched Me" To The Booth Worker Where We Were Standing Psssh I Knew It Was Time To Go. They Should Rename Coney Island To Crack Head Island.....NOT A Good Look! Supposedly They Are Gonna Tear Down Coney Island And Put Up Hotels/Casinos To Get More Tourists Down In That Area ( Like An Atlantic City Type Of Thing). They've Been Saying Coney Island Was Going To Officially Close Down For The Past Two Years Now But It Never Did. This Time For Sure I Heard This Is The Last Year Coney Island Will Be Open For Business....But I Say They Need To Hurry Up And Do Whatever It Is That They Are Gonna Do To That Hott Mess.

Any how I'm Done. Yeah Long Post I Know ......Sorry.....Over And Outtie....Muahzzzzzzzzzz