January 26, 2010

Um Kpop And Jpop?

Alright So My Dude Bestie Is A Very Unique Person (lol) And Has A Unique Taste In Music. Sometimes He Believes That I'm Close Minded When It Comes To Music And He's Right I'm A Pure R&B Head. So We Had The Biggest Skype Session For Hours...I Was Listening To His Choice Of Music And He Was Listening To Some Of Mine. He's Into Rock...Pop.....Those Anime Theme Songs And Stuff Like That *Side Eye* I Mean Like I Said The Bestie Is Unique.

Yeah So I Went Through Most Of His Songs And I Cud Not Get Into A Groove Wat So Ever. I'm The Type Of Person Who Likes To Listen To Music That Relates To My Life....And Right Now I'm Trying To Listen To Some Depressing Ass R&B ( Like Mary J Blige "I'm Going Down" Type Of Stuff) Because That's Where I am (Relationship Wise). .....But He Said I Need To Stop Looking For Music That Relates To Me And Look For Feel Good Music....Not Music That's Gonna Bring Me Down. Alright Sooooo I Stepped Away From My Ignorance And Judgemental Ways And I Surprisingly Fell In Love. My Friend Introduced Me To Japanese Pop...Yea Weird I Know. This One Song Caught My Ear And Even Though It Is About Being In Love....Its Such A Feel Good Song That I Didn't Even Dwell On The Topic Of The Song. The Girl In The Video Is A Solo Artist Called Boa, She Is So Bubbly Love Her...The Two Guys Are A Duo Called M flo...This Song Is A Collaboration With Mflo And Boa... The Beat Is Nice....Not To Mention The Guy Rapping Was Spitting Fiyahhhhhh....Lmao (I Honestly Don't Know Wat He Was Rapping About...But It Might Be More Fiyahhhhhh If I Understood). So Check It Out Guys..Tell Me Wat Ya Think. Love It Or Do U Guys Think I'm Losing My Mind And Need To Smack My Bestie For Letting Me Listen To This Trash?

January 14, 2010

Haiti (Ayite Cherie)

You Guys PLEASE IN ANY WAY U CAN ....Please Lend A Helping Hand To Haiti. To Get Through This Disaster That Country Can Not Do It Alone. The Pictures, The Stories, The Death....Its So Overwhelming And These People Have Mothers, Fathers, Brothers, Sisters Cousins That Have Been Torn Out Of Their Lives....Please Do It For Humanity, Do It For The Love Of Others, Do It For The Love Of Your Brothers And Sisters...Donate....PLEASE Donate.

Text YELE to 501501 to donate $5 dollars to YELE HAITI, Wyclef's Haiti relief fund.

Text "HAITI" to 90999 to donate $10 to Red Cross relief efforts in Haiti.

Prayers To Haiti.....*Lord Let Your Light Shine On Them*

January 13, 2010

Haiti My Luv

So Today I've Been Really Devastated By The News Stories I've Been Hearing About Haiti And The 7.0 Measured Earthquake That Occurred There. I Can't Say How Sad I Am And How My Heart Hurts For My People. My Parents Were Born In Haiti...I Was Born In America But I Was Always One For Cultural Pride When It Came To Haiti. The Thing That Irritates Me Is Just Why Haiti...They Are Already Bad Enough Without The Earthquake But Now? My Biggest Fear Is That Haiti Will Never Be Able To Bounce Back From This And I Dread To See Tomorrow (When Morning Sunlight Comes) How Many Lives Were Actually Lost. So Far From Watching CNN They Say There Have Been 24 Aftershocks...Now I've Never Experienced An Earthquake But Common Sense Tells Me They Are Traumatic. I Just Pray For All Those In Haiti And I Hope The Death Toll Isn't As Bad As We Are Assuming It Is (Since Communication And Info Coming Out Of Haiti Is Limited). I Know Some Of My Blogger Fam On Here Are Haitian And I Also Pray For You And Yours Guys.

Oh....And I Also Found An Article Written Oct 11, 2008.....In This Article A Geologist Actually Predicted That An Earthquake Of This Magnitude Would Happen In Haiti 1 YEAR AND A HALF AGO

"A recent article in Haiti’s Le Matin newspaper has quoted 65 year old geologist and former professor at the Geological Institute of Havana, Patrick Charles, as stating that “conditions are ripe for major seismic activity in Port-au-Prince. The inhabitants of the Haitian capital need to prepare themselves for an event which will inevitably occur...” According to him, the danger is imminent. He ads “Thank God that science has provided instruments that help predict these types of events and show how we have arrived at these conclusions.”

Here's The Link ...I Mean This Man Literally Predicted A 7.2 Earthquake In..... PORT-AU-PRINCE....So While Some Of Us Are Shocked This Man Knew It Was Coming All Along...SMH.


Once We Get More Info In The Daytime I Will Update Again U Guys...Pray For These People.

January 06, 2010

My Guilty Pleasure

Yea I Said It Britney Spears Is My Lil Secret Lover....Back In The Days While I Was Growing Up This Girl Was Sooooo Beautiful And Inspiring To Me...Not To Mention Her Music Was Catchy And Sucked Me In.

This Song Was One Of My Favorites From Her ...I Think I Was About 11 Or 12 When This Song Came Out And I Used To Sing It Like I Knew What A Broken Heart Consisted Of...Ha! Basically The Song Is Her Talking To Her Heart ....Its Just So Cute.....Click And Tell Me What U Think!

Favorite Quote:

Heart, all the hurt will soon be gone
If you'll, if you'll just keep on being strong
You will always be my friend, so keep on hangin' in
And we'll find love again

January 05, 2010

Comments Are A Go!

Hey You Guys I'm Back...First Post Of The New Year ...Yayyyyyy! I Hope Everyone's New Year Is Off To A Positive Start.

First Off I'm Gonna Make This Short And Sweet. I Want To Let You Guys Know That My Comments Are Now Enabled. I Started To Think My Followers Didn't Care To Comment But I Still Grinded Out The Posts Until A Sweet Young Lady Let Me Know That My Blog Wasn't Letting People Comment. I Want To Send A Special Shoutout To Ms. King Who Went Above And Beyond To Let Me Know My Blog Was Blocking Comments (Because She Really Didn't Have To). Thank U Sooooooo Much Your Efforts Really Meant Alot To Me.

This Girl Right Here Is A Sweetheart...So If U Aren't Already Following Her Awesome Blog....Please Do @ :