January 26, 2010

Um Kpop And Jpop?

Alright So My Dude Bestie Is A Very Unique Person (lol) And Has A Unique Taste In Music. Sometimes He Believes That I'm Close Minded When It Comes To Music And He's Right I'm A Pure R&B Head. So We Had The Biggest Skype Session For Hours...I Was Listening To His Choice Of Music And He Was Listening To Some Of Mine. He's Into Rock...Pop.....Those Anime Theme Songs And Stuff Like That *Side Eye* I Mean Like I Said The Bestie Is Unique.

Yeah So I Went Through Most Of His Songs And I Cud Not Get Into A Groove Wat So Ever. I'm The Type Of Person Who Likes To Listen To Music That Relates To My Life....And Right Now I'm Trying To Listen To Some Depressing Ass R&B ( Like Mary J Blige "I'm Going Down" Type Of Stuff) Because That's Where I am (Relationship Wise). .....But He Said I Need To Stop Looking For Music That Relates To Me And Look For Feel Good Music....Not Music That's Gonna Bring Me Down. Alright Sooooo I Stepped Away From My Ignorance And Judgemental Ways And I Surprisingly Fell In Love. My Friend Introduced Me To Japanese Pop...Yea Weird I Know. This One Song Caught My Ear And Even Though It Is About Being In Love....Its Such A Feel Good Song That I Didn't Even Dwell On The Topic Of The Song. The Girl In The Video Is A Solo Artist Called Boa, She Is So Bubbly Love Her...The Two Guys Are A Duo Called M flo...This Song Is A Collaboration With Mflo And Boa... The Beat Is Nice....Not To Mention The Guy Rapping Was Spitting Fiyahhhhhh....Lmao (I Honestly Don't Know Wat He Was Rapping About...But It Might Be More Fiyahhhhhh If I Understood). So Check It Out Guys..Tell Me Wat Ya Think. Love It Or Do U Guys Think I'm Losing My Mind And Need To Smack My Bestie For Letting Me Listen To This Trash?


RoByn LaTice said...

I dont care for this particular song..but its good to stepoutside your normal genre. You can find some really amazing songs. i used to be ONLY an R&B head too..until recently!

ShAy~SHaY said...

i actually like the song n this was my first time hearing it. I don't quite understand what they are saying but the beat n chorus is catchy.

pennanddpaper said...

i know what you mean.
alot of my friends have some "nigga ears" lol but i listen to alot of r&b, hip hop, neo soul, and classical. i LOVE classical. if you just close your eyes and listen to the instruments its beautiful.. *maybe im biased, i used to play the violin* but you get where im going.

i think its great when you can listen to other genres and find something you enjoy because so many genres are recycled.

but im with you on that anime pop thing. uhmm no ? japanese pop is coo though. its good workout music. that and rock lol.

madd love.

Tammy said...

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