January 06, 2010

My Guilty Pleasure

Yea I Said It Britney Spears Is My Lil Secret Lover....Back In The Days While I Was Growing Up This Girl Was Sooooo Beautiful And Inspiring To Me...Not To Mention Her Music Was Catchy And Sucked Me In.

This Song Was One Of My Favorites From Her ...I Think I Was About 11 Or 12 When This Song Came Out And I Used To Sing It Like I Knew What A Broken Heart Consisted Of...Ha! Basically The Song Is Her Talking To Her Heart ....Its Just So Cute.....Click And Tell Me What U Think!

Favorite Quote:

Heart, all the hurt will soon be gone
If you'll, if you'll just keep on being strong
You will always be my friend, so keep on hangin' in
And we'll find love again


Ms. King said...

I used to luv Brittney Spears when she first came out too. I bought one of her CD's when I was younger, and I luved her vidoes.

pennanddpaper said...

lol im with you on this !
i used to love Britney.
she was THE bomb.
i went to like 3 of her concerts and had all her cds.
my favorite song of hers and still to this day is Slave 4 u lol.
i listen to it while i workout lol.

madd love.

*glad i can finally comment

S Jones Aka Shirley said...

@Ms. King Yes Britney Was On Some Beyonce Status A Long Time Ago....Im Mad She Fell Off...Something Went Terribly Wrong...Smh

@pennanddpaper Aww I Never Went To Her Concerts But I Can Imagine How Great They Were. Slave 4 U Is My Jam 2! At Some Point She Put Out Hit After Hit Consistently. Im Glad U Guys Can Finally Comment And I Can Comment Back :-)

SinfulLyo said...

lol i was going through my itunes yesterday and there's a few britney tracks. catchy is right. i used to listen to it when cleaning or getting dressed :] but i have mostly blackout songs. i guess i wasn't into the old brit much.