August 15, 2010

Back 2 Motherfudgin Love

"Torn In Between The Two, Cuz I Really Wanna Be With You But Something's Telling Me I Should Leave You Alone. "-----Letoya Luckett

Why Is It That When I Know He May Want Me Back I Don't Want Him The Same? I'm Tired Of Being Toyed With.....10 Months Since He Cut Me Out His Life...Months Later I Still Am At This Crossroad Of Not Being Able To Completely Cut Him Out My Life....I Tried...It Worked....But He Snaked His Way Back Into My Heart...Back Into My Arms ....Back Onto My Lips.

I Love Him, Can't Let Go For A Lifetime.....Forget All Those Other Guys ...You Know They Could Never Take Your Place...But I Don't Feel The Same About You....I Resent You, I Secretly Hate You. So When You Ask Me If There'd Ever Be Another Shot Of You And Me....I Don't Know What To Say.....Just How Dare You.....But I Love You...What The Fudge.

August 10, 2010

Random Blahs

Sometimes i feel like being the "good girl" type isnt all its cracked up 2b, especially in my age range (early 20's). Most guys my age are too concerned with miss right here/right now, which is fine but im not that type of girl. So then wat happens to girls like me? We get bypassed, pushed aside, or put on pause by some guy who loves us (the wifey type) but doesnt wanna commit yet. feel like to be cool or to get a guy interested in me nowdays then i have to step away from my morals and conform into a girl who will do nething to keep a man's attention....because they ARE simply looking 4 a gurl who is sexually uninhibited.....and if i cant stop being shy, quiet, reserved or apprehensive then 4 men its onto the next one in regards 2 me. Im not the "wham bam thank u maam" type of girl so that makes me uptight, prissy, and too much work for a man who can just flash a wad of cash or who can whisper sweet nothings in a womans ear 2 get wat he wants. Do i have to dress scantily, or be the girl in the middle of the dance floor with my legs in the air in order to be the ultimate catch? Well scusssssssse me for having classss!

This rant was brought to you by shirley's discontent for dog ass, selfish ass, simple ass, dick controlled ass, spoiled ass, pop seeking ass, blind ass, and dumb ass men..... (-:

Back to ur regularly scheduled programing.

August 04, 2010

Technology Bites

:-/ Why Is The "Dating Game" Stupid Retarded!?!

So I Met This Guy Through A Girlfriend And He Is Attractive.....Yeaaaaaaa But It's Really Weird Because He's Hot And Cold . He Doesn't Call Me...We Communicate Via Text And He Randomly Pops Up At My Job. We Hung Out Once Just Talking In His Living Room And I Felt Like We Sooooooo Clicked....Until He Didn't Hit Me Up The Day After We Hung....So Maybe We Didn't Click.... But Then He Popped Up At My Job Two Days Later And Gave Me Googly Eyes.....WAT GIVESSSSSSSS? Do U Like Me Or Don't You.....Ugh!

Okay So I Know There Are Certain Rules To This "Dating Game" Crap (Like I Know U CANNOT Look 2 Desperate) But I Also Watched That Movie "He's Just Not That Into You" And I Think This Guy (We'll Call Him Chocolate Is Just Not That Into Me Because In The Movie It CLEARLY States If A Man Wants You He'll Make It His Priority To Get Into And Stay In Contact With You....Chocolate Chip Is In Contact But Wtf, This Hot N Cold Stuff Is Wack. The Clip Below Definitely Sums Up How I Feel.......Chocolate Chip Needs To Act Right....Either You Like Me Or You Don't...Ugh Singledom Is Confusing. Texting, Facebook, And Aim... How About U CALL ME DAMMIT. Technology Kills (In Person) Human Interaction/Phone Convo...