August 15, 2010

Back 2 Motherfudgin Love

"Torn In Between The Two, Cuz I Really Wanna Be With You But Something's Telling Me I Should Leave You Alone. "-----Letoya Luckett

Why Is It That When I Know He May Want Me Back I Don't Want Him The Same? I'm Tired Of Being Toyed With.....10 Months Since He Cut Me Out His Life...Months Later I Still Am At This Crossroad Of Not Being Able To Completely Cut Him Out My Life....I Tried...It Worked....But He Snaked His Way Back Into My Heart...Back Into My Arms ....Back Onto My Lips.

I Love Him, Can't Let Go For A Lifetime.....Forget All Those Other Guys ...You Know They Could Never Take Your Place...But I Don't Feel The Same About You....I Resent You, I Secretly Hate You. So When You Ask Me If There'd Ever Be Another Shot Of You And Me....I Don't Know What To Say.....Just How Dare You.....But I Love You...What The Fudge.


Dee O. said...

awww i know how you feel :/ my best piece of advice for you would be to think with your brain and not with your heart even though sometimes thinking with your heart is effective. some guys don't know what they want so their confusion effects their significant others..all you have to do is watch for the red flags. if he is not treating you the way you deserve to be treated then it's time to move on, even though it will be hard and it will probably hurt like hell, sometimes its best to let go of some people

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Anonymous said...

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