March 26, 2015

I'm Braided Up....Watch Out Now!

Hey blogger family. 

I'm quickly updating you all on this confusing thing that I call life. I don't know if I mentioned this, but I'm a grad student in my last semester of school. I'm so stressed and full of anxiety! The end of grad school is sort of bittersweet. I'm so glad that I'm finally done with my education, but now I have to work a 9-5 for the rest of my life until I die....lmao. Am I being pessimistic much? Uh yeahhh. Seriously though, the end of school means I'm a real adult (and I need to get my life together). 

I have a total of 4 papers to do by the end of April.... and I have no idea why I'm blogging. I know why....I'm a chronic procrastinator (is that even a thing?).  Any who, in order to have more time on my hands, I decided to get my hair braided up. I wanted a simple hairstyle, so I opted for cornrows. I decided on side cornrows because straight back cornrows look too masculine for my taste. Is that just me? For example, down below...I love Ciara's braids, but I can't imagine wearing that hair style with a puffer coat right now during the winter (I'd look like a boy a little too much). I prefer straight back cornrows in the summer time when my womanly curves are visible. Do you guys agree or am I weird?

My hairbraider wanted to charge me 90 bucks, but I haggled that price right down to 70 where it belonged. I was not going to be the fool paying 90 dollars for cornrows when I can get a full set of box braids in Harlem for 100 (I'm from NYC btw). I'm enjoying this "get up and go" style for now, but I'm super paranoid about my edges ripping out. The braids aren't too tight, but once the hair starts to get fuzzy I'll be applying castor oil religiously along my edges just to be safe. 

Are you guys still protective styling now that the winter is winding down?

March 18, 2015

Is Wearing a Backpack Childish?

So the other day I decided to invest in a backpack/bookbag. I'm so sick of lugging around a heavy azz purse on my (unusually) tiny forearm. Purses are cool, but I hate having to carry around something that weighs a ton. Why does my purse weigh a ton you ask? Well ....that's because I want to carry the world inside of it (and my poor arm has been suffering). 

In my purse you might be able to find textbooks/notebooks, my ipad, a gps (because you never know when that will come in handy), some antacid pills (because my body hates me and has started to self sabotage), comb, brush, lipstick, chapstick, mirror, lotion, etc. I could go on and on trust me. Am I the only one with the compulsive need to carry around all these items? ARE SOME OF THESE ITEMS EVEN NECESSARY?!?! I feel like a hoarder! 

Any-who, after complaining about my situation to my boyfriend he suggested a bookbag. I mean it makes sense right? I need something to hold all of these items, but I'm sick of feeling like I'm carrying a 5 pound baby. So I went for it. I decided to head to target and look for a bag that seemed trendy, but very practical. I had an idea of what type of bag I wanted because I did my research on pintrest...cmon you do it too!

Initially I hated the idea of a bookbag because it seems so childish to me, but REJOICE!!! Bookbags are now trending and they're not just for little susie. Ladies we are not simply limited to plastic bookbags or Jansport (urban NewYorkers know about that brand). Look at the wonderful things you can do with backpacks! 

It may not be a trend up everyone's alley, but it is an option if you're a hoarder like I'am. What do you guys think? Is it more of a highschool or childish thing that you prefer to leave in the past? Would you wear a backpack?


March 12, 2015

Bantu Knot To The Rescue!!!

Hey Gals and possibly some What is up everybody!?!

As a texlaxed lista I find myself having great difficulty with styling my hair. My hair is much coarser than it was when I was fully relaxed. So naturally, I'm always on the hunt for more ways to make my locs more presentable. 

With this particular style I was inspired by the natural haired ladies and their lucious puffs. I have about shoulder length hair and getting my hair into a ponytail holder is a task. In order to complete this style you would only need to have the leg part of a stocking (yoou have to cut the leg of the stocking based on how thick your hair is). Ponytail holders give me the struggling ponytail look, which is definitely not what I'm going for since my hair is not straight (and appears shorter than it actually is).

I had about 14 bantu knots in my hair overnight and in the morning I unraveled them. 
 After unraveling I took the leg of my stocking and maneuvered my hair into a puff. I love this style, and it's pretty cool that I could achieve it with no extensions. 

Love it...hope you guys give it a shot. 

Throw A Rain Coat On That Bad Boy Asap!

Hey Guys I Just Wanted To Touch On A Topic That Really Disgusts Me....Cheaters. Like Dead Azz Those People Make Me Sick. My Thing Is If Ur In A Loving Relationship And U Claim To Love Ur Girlfriend/Boyfriend But Screw Everything With A Nana/PeePee Why Not Just Let The Person U "Love" Go. Ask Them For Space Or Keep It 100 By Telling Them U Wanna Be A Straight Up Dog.

Nothing Kills Me More Than The Fake Azzness..I Have To Speak On This Ish That Probably Happens More Than I Know.

So The Other Day I'm Hanging Out With Three Of My Male Friends. Out Of The Blue (I Guess They Feel Comfortable Discussing Their Trifling Azz Ways In Front Of Me) One Of The Guys Starts Running His Ignorant A** Mouth About A Girl He's Messing With. First Off He Tells Us The Girl Is Emotionally Unstable..."One Second (His Words) She Wants To F*ck, The Next Second She Doesn't"....He's Basically Talking To Her B/c He's A Horny Toad....Crazy Thing Is That He Has A G/f Of Two Years.

So Anyways He's Been Talking To This Emotionally Unstable Girl And He Was Explaining To Us All Of Her Actions While He Was Trying To "Hit". We Finally Asked Him If This Girl Was Raped Based On Her Actions....The Dirty Horny Toad Said Yes (But By Her Ex Boyfriend Who Took Sexual Advantage Of Her) So All Three Of Us Are Like U Better Leave That Crazy Girl Alone (Since She Doesn't Know He Has A G/f)...This Is Gonna Blow Up In Ur Face Etc. Then He Tells Us One Time He Went 2 Her House, Left His Condoms Home B/c He Didn't Wanna Hit Since The Girl Kept Giving Him A Hard Time But Slipped Up B/c The Girl Finally Really Wanted Some Badly So He Sexed Her Without A CONDOM....He Said "I'm Not Gay So I Did It". Bad Enough Ur A Disgusting, Cheating Dog But Now Ur Putting Ur Innocent G/f At Risk For An Std....Just Ughhhhhhhhhh. He Doesn't Know This New Girl's Sexual Past At All....Just Effin Nasty!

All Three Guys Were Sitting There Laughing Like The Ish Was Funny And He Was Making The Whole Thing A Joke....Like Possibly Contracting HIV Is Some Type Of Joke...But In My Head I'm Thinking (Thanx..Nasty Asses...This Is Why I Will Never Put Anything Past ANY Man....Not Even My Husband *If I Get Married*). Mind U This Man ( I Don't Even Wanna Call Him A Man), This Boy Claims He Wants To Marry His Girlfriend. This Wasn't Even The First Time He Stepped Out On His Woman And Most Likely It Won't Be The Last. After Talking About The Emotional Girl He Tells Us About Another Chick He's "Working On" But Didn't "Hit" Yet And How He Asked Her If She Ever Wanted To Do Anal With Him (She Said Yes..They've Known Each Other For A Month At The Most)....JUST OMGGGGGGGGGG. Seriously???!!!????

My Thing Is If U Wanna Test Drive Other Cars....Etc. Just Let Ur Girlfriend Go...Tell Her U Want Space B/c That'll Get U More Respect Than Cheating On Her. When U Finally Get Ur Dog Azz Ways Out Of Ur System (If U Guys Are Meant 2 Be) She Will Come Back After Ur "Break"...I Mean Damn....Just SMFH.

P.P.S = Ladies Be careful....Seriously, Wrap It Up.