May 28, 2010

Cranking Em Out....Album Review

So The Other Day I Finally Got The Nas And Damien Marley Album "Distant Relatives".
This Album Is DEFFFFFF Worth The Pocket Change....Please Go And Cop.

A Part Of Me Was Looking At Nas Like :-/
Seriously Boo? A Whole Album With Marley? But They Pulled It Off In My Opinion, Now If Its Gonna Sell Is A Whole Other Topic :-(

But This Album Right Cheaaaaaaaaaaa Is Quality Music, None Of That Superman, Snap Ya Fingers Pop Crap. I Said This On My Twitter But.....I Don't Smoke, Never Have, Never Will...But Something Tells Me This Is An Album U Throw On, Mellow Out, Grab Ur Ciggy (Or Watever Ur Poison Is) And Just Effin Vibe Out To.

Allz I'm Saying Is If You Like REAL Music, Talent, And Men Who Take Pride In Their Craft Please Listen To This.

So Far My Favorite Song Of The Album Is Called "Friends" ....Has An African Vibe To It, Never Heard Anybody Rap Over A Beat Like This...I Love It.

Oh Yea Guys Offtopic Special Shoutout To My Homies:

Mr.Kickologist, Check Him Out @
He's A Kool Person And His Blog Is Coming Along Nicelyyyy...Great Advice Giver And Im Sure If You Follow Him He Will Do The Same

And Dabossofny, Check Him Out @
He's Also A Swell Guy And Has Some Interesting Topics On Life And Different Things Of That Nature.

I LIKE GUY BLOGGERS because you get to see them as human and not some hard core muscle please check these guys out And Follow!

Duece Peeps....Love, Live Life ---> My New Slogan Ha.

I'm Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired

Hey Guys Sorry For My Hiatus...School Got Really Heavy After Spring Break So I Have Not Been Cranking Out The Blogs Like I Should Have Been (Which Is A Lousy Excuse Since I Have A Blogger App On My Phone) Anywhoooo.....I Hope All Is Well With Everybody, I Will Be Getting Around To Reading Some Of You Guys Blogs Soon.

Uh Sooo The Other Night I Went Out With A 3 Of My Co Worker Girlfriends To Applebee's And We Were Just Kicking It...Being Giggly And Loud (Ya Know The Regular Girls Stuff) But Then Somehow We Get Into The Topic Of My Ex. I Told Them We Still Spoke And We Were Kool And We Still Liked Each Other But He STILL Does Not Want To Be With Me. My Friends Were Disgusted....They Felt Like I Should Have Moved On Long Ago And That I Should Have Cut My Ex Out Because They Believe That He's Stopping Me From Moving On.

It Got Rough They Questioned Me Like: What Does He Do For You, How Does He Benefit You, And Why Do You Need Him?

And Honestly People I Was Embarassed Because I Could Only Give Them Two Reasons....I Had No Other Reasons Besides He Was Motivational, And He Cared About Me.

And Then I Got Asked: If I
Thought That He'd Go Above And Beyond For Me Like I Always Did For Him

I Responded No.
That Right There Was My Epiphany Moment.

So My Friends Made Me Look At Myself And I Was Looking Crazy Out Here...Then I Revealed To Them I Haven't Gone On A Date For The Past 2 Years...And That I'm Not Talking To ANY Man Right Now, Not ONE. The Most I'd Do Is Give A Guy My Number Andddd Text Them Maybe Once Or Twice B4 Going Mia (And I've Even Stopped Doing That Because Its Depressing). I Told Them That The Thought Of Talking To A New Person Disgusts Me And That I Don't Think I Ever Will, O You Know That Drove Them Insane.

So All Of Them Suggested That I Should Go Out With A New Guy So I Could Get Back Into The Swing Of Things. I Don't See How Dating Will Help Because I Don't Wanna Scare Men Off With All The Baggage I Got But Mkay. One Of My Friends Even Suggested A Friend She Had Who She Thought Wud Be A Good Match For Me...She Sent Him My Pic, He Sent His.....Just Ughhhhhhh, I Honestly Dont Wanna Try But Maybe Those Girls Know What They Were Talking About.

I Dunno, I Really Am At A Loss...Till This Day I Still Cry Over My Ex...Laid In Bed For 2 Hours This Morning Just Sobbing, Like Really? I Just Can't Anymore.

You Ever Gave Your Everything To Someone Only 2 Find Out The Everything You Gave Didn't Mean Sh*t To Them?

*Sigh* Only God Can Help Me....But When Is This Help Gonna Come Around?

May 03, 2010

La Musica

Heyyy I Said It A Billion Times And I Will Continue 2 Say It ...Whatever Happened To Good Ol R&B....You Know, The Music Us 80's Babies Grew Up To? Like Dizzam All I'm Subjected To Listen To Is Stuff Like Trey Songz, Or Pleasure P :-/ I Mean We Have Our Random Gems But I Stress The Word RANDOM!

What Happened To Az Yet, Boys II Men, Toni Braxton (Of The Past), Whitney Houston, Keith Sweat, Bel Biv Divoe, TLC?

Songs Of Substance, Songs That Dont Talk About Blowing My Back Out, Or Giving Becky (Wth?)....Can We Get LOVEEEEE SONGS??????? Shesssssh! *Mini Vent*

I Have To Start Doing A "Throwback Of The Week" From Now On Starting Today With A Classic "On Bended Knee" By BoyzIIMen. I Sure Do Remember Belting Out This Tune B4 I Even Knew What Love Or Heartbreak Was About....Mmm Mmm Mmm, Sang It Boys!

May 02, 2010


So i told him leave me alone, told him we cant be friends cuz i love him 2 much. I hope i never have 2 see or hear him ne more but i dont live in a perfect world.

U cant be friends with ur ex when u still love him. Even after all the shit he put  me through, i still do... which is why ive finally cut him outta my life. I dont need ne friends like him, cuz friends dont run over ur heart with a bus.

Im good, i dont wanna be ur fuggin crutch ne more....u gotta walk on ur own and stop trying to pop up randomly in my life. You wanted to go, get gone cuz i dont want ur ass ne more.