May 02, 2010


So i told him leave me alone, told him we cant be friends cuz i love him 2 much. I hope i never have 2 see or hear him ne more but i dont live in a perfect world.

U cant be friends with ur ex when u still love him. Even after all the shit he put  me through, i still do... which is why ive finally cut him outta my life. I dont need ne friends like him, cuz friends dont run over ur heart with a bus.

Im good, i dont wanna be ur fuggin crutch ne more....u gotta walk on ur own and stop trying to pop up randomly in my life. You wanted to go, get gone cuz i dont want ur ass ne more.


Mrkickologist said...

Is that right?....sarcastic face lol i hope you actually mean what u say cuz holdin on to that and continuing to b friends is probably not the smartest thing to do. Good luck wit that and just from my point of view thats not what i see ms

Cerebrally_Orgasmic said...

This was heartfelt..

S Jones Aka Shirley said...

@ mr kick: )-: I am Doing Great With Dead 2 Me.

@ Cerebral: Thnx Miss :-)