February 29, 2012


Sometimes things can look so bleak, sometimes life  throws you curve balls, but it gets better right? At some point in time I will notice the sun shine.

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February 27, 2012

Love Zombie

Lately I've Been Seeing This Disgusting Pattern Of People Around Me Who Are In Love....And That's Cool, But These People Have CHANGED (And Not For The Better).

I Have A Brother Who Told My Dad He Hated Him To His Face...And This Hurt Me, So I Could Almost Imagine How Him Saying That Affected My Dad. It's Actually Pretty Sad Because My Dad Only Looks Out For My Brother's Best Interest But Because My Dad Insulted His Girlfriend My Brother Felt The Need To Lash Out.

If I Ever Fall In Love And Dare Turn My Back On Friends/Family Then I Don't Need That Type Of Love. I Don't Ever Wanna Be A Brain Dead Person Made Blind By Love. I Don't Ever Want A Love Where I Love A Person More Than I Love Myself Either. Hell 2 Tha No.

February 23, 2012

Snowboarding Boyeeeeee!

I'm going snowboarding this weekend and I can't wait!!! I'm so excited! I know i'm wrong but i'm about to search you tube for pranks to do on my best friend....lmao! she better not be irrational and try to fall asleep b4 me.

Besides that hope everyone is doing well, sorry my post is dry i'm phone b blogging.

Toddles loves!

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February 22, 2012


Baby Dont Give Me Those Words Of Affection Without Using  Some Discretion. Dont tell me im your world only to turn around and say the same to another girl. Dont build up my hopes and dreams only to knock them down with no hesitancy. Dont tell me your feelings are growing strong because my gut says you are all wrong. Dont look into my eyes, connect to my soul, get into my stream, dont do those things.

Dont rub me down,  dont kiss right there...i think you see me playing it off like i dont care. Ignore my moans, yes doesnt mean go but o....that big O.

Baby you dont know what you do to me, now im caught up, dont set me free.

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La la land :-)

Officially happy, no sweeteners or additives needed. interestingly solo, loving me, and free!

February 10, 2012

My Birthday!!!!

So February 9th Was My 18th Bday *cough*

My Girlfriends Cracked Me Up And Got Me A Cake In The Shape Of My Kindle Touch. My Kindle Is Where I Get All My Information From That Which Relates To Men So I Can Preach At My Girlfriends. I LOVEEE My Self Help Books About Men.

As A Joke They Gave Me A Cake Kindle With Advice For Me. Too Funny!

February 06, 2012

Close But No Cigar

I Found Almost Everything I Wanted In You ....But That Almost Is Not Quite Enough.
So I Try, Try Again
Wondering When I Could Find The One That Fulfils My Dream Thing.

But Wait I Don't Want To Go, On Second Thought There's No Way I Could Stay....

My Mr. Almost Everything How Can I Keep Away?
I Hope And Pray Things With Him Will Change....

Till Then I Try, Try Again Until I Find Love Or Till My Mr. Almost Everything Can Become My Everything.

February 04, 2012

I Definitely Was Not Up In Your Bed...Sorry Try Again

I Hate Men Who Speak Fabricated Stories.

Basically there's this guy at my work place who was messing with, or involved with my close friend....But the twist is I kinda felt vibes coming from this guy that seemed strange. He gave me vibes of (if i wasn't talking to your home gurl me and you would be talking) but I dunno I chalked it up to my imagination and ignored it.

Now this same guy my friend was talking to seem to playful towards me and I honestly did not like that sh*t....I would curse him out and insult him regularly but I guess for him it meant i liked him....I Dunno, this is what I am assuming. I never hung out with him one on one but i did double date with him and my close friend twice. Fast foward some and now I'm hearing rumors all around my workplace that he smashed my friend and me.

WHATTTT?!? First of all I don't know who is creating this rumors and I feel sucked into the whole situation because my friend involved herself with this shady individual. This is exactly why I just do my job and go the fu*k home without involving myself with my male co workers.

When men see a female they can not attain they create any and everything to make it seem like they have conquered you. I tell my friend all the time do NOT mess around with the men you work with because that can come back and give you a bad name. Now I'm sucked into her bullsh*t with her...smh.

Men love to put up a front and they live for bragging about smashing girl a, b, and c.....and that's kool I guess because fast girls put themselves in a position to be put on blast like that. However, I DO NOT RESPECT a man who brags about who they did NOT smash just to appear like "the man" in front of his boys.

Some men need to grow up and realize they are not little boys anymore...and that's exactly why I keep my distance from sus ass men and sus ass situations. I can always say my name is been it and I wasn't in it because I make sure to carry myself with respect around men I do not know.

Do You Guys Date Or Deal With Your Co Workers On A Intimate Level? If So Did It Work?

I Wud Never Ever Eat Where I Lay My Head.....It's Just Asking For Trouble!