February 22, 2012


Baby Dont Give Me Those Words Of Affection Without Using  Some Discretion. Dont tell me im your world only to turn around and say the same to another girl. Dont build up my hopes and dreams only to knock them down with no hesitancy. Dont tell me your feelings are growing strong because my gut says you are all wrong. Dont look into my eyes, connect to my soul, get into my stream, dont do those things.

Dont rub me down,  dont kiss right there...i think you see me playing it off like i dont care. Ignore my moans, yes doesnt mean go but o....that big O.

Baby you dont know what you do to me, now im caught up, dont set me free.

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Ms. King said...

Nice, I like it :)

S Jones Aka Shirley said...

@ ms. king thankies much!!! :-)