January 18, 2013

Try, Try Again?

  • If you try hard enough, something good will come of it eventually.

  • The situation is temporary.

  • The knowledge that I gained in college is valuable and I'm better for having gained it.

  • I copied these three bullets down to use as a daily reminder. I'm seriously down you guys. I've been browsing the net, and I found that it is common for college graduates to suffer from depression. I sleep late into the day, I always make plans to leave my house but never do, I don't want to interact with people outside of my family, and the more I get rejected from jobs the more I want to stay home in bed. If these "symptoms" persist I may have to see a therapist to get out of this zone.


    Margaret Olaniran said...

    No that`s a horrible feeling. Don`t be down and don`t let none of those problems get you. It`s well :) sucks not getting job, uhf! xoxo

    S Jones Aka Shirley said...

    Yea thanks @ Margaret.....I learned it's pretty essential to take things one day at a time....otherwise I'd go crazy (even more). Thanks for the support hun!