March 31, 2009

Things That Drive Me UP THE WALLLLLLL!

Sometimes The World Drives Me Nuts. On A Daily Basis I Find Myself Doing My Wooosaaha's And Using Counting Methods Of Counting From 1 to 100 Just So I Don't Bug Out. I Think This Post Has Been A Long Time Coming. I Get To Vent About My Pet Peeves...Yayyyyy!

1. If You Are A Guy And You Walk Past A Young Lady Who You'd Feel You Want To Pursue Don't Touch Them!

If I Don't Know You From A Hole In The Wall I Do Not Need Your Grubby Little Paws Holding My Arm Talking About " Yo Can I Holla Shorty"...With That Tight Ass Ninja Grip You Got On My Arm I Don't Think I Have A Choice...DON'T TOUCH Any Respectable Lady And You Might Get A Shot Out Of A Billion.

2. Parents Stop Cussing At Children In Public

Sure Those Little People Can Be Bad Ass*s, But Wait Till You Get Behind Closed Doors To Discipline, Use The Eye Instead (Give Them The Once You Get Home I'm Gonna Whup That Butt Eye, That's How My Mom Kept Me In Check). I Don't Need To Be Hearing "Malik Get Your F*cking Dumb ass Over Here". Noooo Not Kool.

3. Bill Collectors STOP Blowing Up My Phone

Yeah I'm A College Student With Alot Of Bills And Growing Debt....Spare Me From The Daily Phone Calls Ranging From 9am - 7pm. Recently It Got So Bad I Told All The Collectors To Stop Calling My Cell Phone And I Gave Them My Home Phone Number Since I'm Barely Home....Smdh.

4. I Hate Men Hoes. Men Hoes Need To Stop Saying Ignorant Things For Example:

"I Got My Main Shorty, My Jumpoff, And My Back Up Main Shorty" GET A GRIP. This Life Gets Pretty Stale FAST And It's Only A Matter Of Time Before It Bites You. Going Down This Route You Are Gonna End Up Having Baby Mama Number 1, Baby Mama Number 2, And An STD/Scorned Woman.

5. Sleeping, Drooling People On The Train

You Ever Had A Long Day, End Up Miraculously Getting A Seat On A Crowded Train, But Then Come To Find Out You Only Got It Because The Person Now Sitting Next To You Keeps Tilting Over Constantly Landing On Your Shoulder! And Then You Gotta Constantly Give Them The Elbow So They Wake Up And Get The Point....Sheesh.

6. People Who Freeload Off Of My Car

If You Say Hey S Jones I Want You To Drive Me To X, Y, Z..... I Can Do It Once In A Blue For Free (Just Out Of The Kindness In My Heart)...But When This Ish Becomes A Tradition Umm Noo....From Now On You Will Get A Show Me The Money! Insurance Is Up The Wall, And Gas Isn't As Expensive But It's A Recession People Times Are Hard. I Take Payments In The Form Of Food Too...Pshhh!

7. Hair Critics

If You See Someones Hair And You Like It Just Say Wow Your Hair Is Nice. Do Not Proceed To Ask Is That All Your Hair? Where Can I Buy That Hair? Is It Wet N Wavy Or Yaky Perm? STFU And Mind Your Business. Do Not Touch My Hair In An Effort To Figure Out If My Hair Is Real Cuz You Will Pull Back A Nub.

8. Guys Who Act Like We Are Still In Elementary School At Work

Unhuh Stop Pulling People's Hair, Throwing Things, Taking Personal Belongings, And Pushing People In An Effort To Flirt....Grow The Hell Up And Start Acting Your Age And Not Your Shoe Size. You Don't Have To Touch Someone To Flirt....Lets Stop Being So Obvious.

9. Guys On The Street Who Say " I Know You Got A Man, But You Can't Have Friends?"

No My Dude.... If I Wanted A Friend Then I Would Let You Know, But Apparently I Have All The Friends I Can Handle So Stop Asking Me That Ridiculous Question. My Boyfriend Is Mentally Unstable And I Must Respect That Now Lemme Alone!

10. Last But Not Least...When I Come Home With A New Pair Of Shoes/Sneakers/Or Clothes I Always Hear These Words From My Parents "Didn't You Buy Clothes/Shoes/Sneakers Last Week"

Nooooooooo I Haven't Invested In My Appearance In Three Months And The First Time I Get Something I Have To Hear Comments From The Peanut Gallery.....If It Were Up To Them I'd Get A New Pair Of Shoes Once A Year. It's Okay Mommy And Papi ....I Got This

Woooosahhhhh People....Wooooosah....I Feel A Whole Lot Lighter. (Smiles)

March 28, 2009

S Jones Experiment

  • Yes Sir Ree Bob....That Picture Right There To The Left (If You Cant Tell) Is Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. I Was Surfing The Net And I Came Across This Site Called EarthClinic.Com It Was Really Informative. On The Site They Have Tons Of Ailments And Plenty Of DIY Treatments That You Can Use. One Of Their Top Remedies Happened To Be Apple Cider.

    Apple Cider Is Beneficial To The Body In Many Ways And Apparently Its Not Just Good For Humans It's Also Great For Dogs To Be Washed With (Helps Them Get Shiny Coats).
Let Me Give You The Run Down On All Of The Things That They Say Apple Cider Vinegar "Cures" :
  • Acid Reflux ( What I Need It For)
  • Acne
  • Allergies
  • Anti Aging
  • Anti Fungal
  • Sore Throats
  • Dandruff (If You Wash Your Hair With It)
  • Weight Loss ( Curbs Your Appetite)
Anyways Folks The List Goes On And On. Reading About People Using Apple Cider As A Home Remedy Amazed Me And The Testimonials For Drinking This Thing Had Me Sold. Sooooooo I Ran Out And Got Me A Bottle To See What The Hype Is About. Be Warned However When I Cracked That Bottle Open For The First Time I Said A Couple Of "Oh Sh*t's" Because That Smell Pimp Smacked The Hell Outta Me. Once I Got Past The Smell I Manned Up And Added Two Teaspoons To My Cup Of Water. Apparently Its Recommended That This Concoction Is Drank Three Times A Day To Really Have An Effect. I'm Gonna Keep It Real And Say This Thing Tastes Horrrrrrrible But The Taste Can Be Helped Out By Adding Some Raw Honey To The Mix. If You Want To Use The ACV For Acne You Can Apply It To Your Face With A Cotton Ball As You Would Do With A Toner.....Of Course You Smell Of Vinegar For A Minute Or Two But It Goes Away....Then Add Your Facial Moisturizer. This "Supposedly" Helps With Dark Spots And Pimples. For Now I'm Just Drinking This Bad Boy, Maybe One Night I Will Be Brave And Apply To My Face...Cuz That Smell Isn't Cute.

Yes So I Will Be Updating In A Week And Report If I Notice Any Changes In My Functioning. Just Call Me S Jones The Guinea Pig...Ha, Over And Out!

March 23, 2009

Close But Not Quite

The Other Day I Almost Made A Mistake, I Almost Gave My Love Away.

I Almost Let You Break Me Down, I Almost Let All My Guards Down.

I Almost Let You Touch My Heart, I Almost Let Old Feelings Emerge From The Dark.

I Almost Let You See That Other Side, The One That Showed Me Vulnerable And Weak Inside.

I Almost Got Too Comfortable In Your Bed, I Almost Let You Take It There.

I Almost Let You Feel Me From Within, I Almost Committed Another Sin.

March 18, 2009

I TRUST........

The Other Day I Went To The Library And Picked Up A Book ( If My Boyfriend Saw This Book He Would Think I Was So Corny). The Book Is Called " The Couple's Comfort Book" By Jennifer Louden. This Book Is Pretty Cool, It's Filled With Tons Of Scenarios/Issues That Couples Go Through And It Provides Ways For Couples To Get Past Those Issues. One Section In That Book Which Touched The Nail On The Head For Me Was The Section On Having Trust For Your Partner.

I Feel Like A Horrible Girlfriend Sometimes Because I Admit That Although I Love My Boyfriend Up Until A Month Ago I Didn't Completely TRUST Him. I'm Not Talking About Any Type Of Trust, I'm Talking About The Close My Eyes....Go Outta Town For Six Months...Not Caring Who In The Hell He's On The Phone Texting And Myspacing Cuz I Got That Ass On Lock Trust. A Month Ago Me And The Boo Got Into It Because He Had Gotten A Co Workers Screen Name And I Didn't Like It Because I Felt A Little Threatened....We Both Work In The Same Place And I Know The Girl He Got The Screen Name From But I've Never Had A Conversation With Her( Yet Those Two Had A Friendly/Play Fighting/Flirty Connection). I Felt A Little Uneasy When I Found Out But Because I Vented This To My Boyfriend He Says That He KNOWS For A Fact That I Don't Have Trust In Him And It Clicked To Me In That Moment That I Didn't. I Kept It Real With Him And Told Him I Only Trusted Him 96%...LMAO...Who Says That? So Anywho He Was Offended And I Feel Like I Was Wrong Because He's Never Given Me Any Reason To Believe He Is A Cheat. Why Did My Heart Refuse To Trust Him? After My 96% Confession He Asked Me To Trust Him 100% And From Then On I Have Let Go.... I'm Loving Him With My Eyes Closed And With My Heart In The Air. Lately I Have Been Doing Some Soul Searching And I'm Seeing That Being A Jealous, Overbearing, And Paranoid Girlfriend Is Doing Nothing But Adding Unnecessary Stress To Our Relationship. I'm Not Saying Mister Man Is Perfect ( Cuz He Has Many Faults) But I Don't Give Him Credit Where It Is Due....I Just Automatically Assume The Worst Of Him.

I'm Letting Go Because:

  1. I'm In Love Dammit Hell Yea I'm Gonna Enjoy!

  2. He's Done Nothing Wrong For Me To Be Investigating And Paranoid About

  3. He's Done More Than Enough To Show That He Cares

  4. He Is Not His Friends...Just Because They Cheat Doesn't Mean He Will..He's Not Some Mindless Robot.

  5. Trust Is The Corner Stone Of A Relationship, If You Don't Have That Then You Don't Have Jack Shit

  6. LAST BUT NOT LEAST: I Said Yes To Being His Girlfriend...I Took A Risk, Fell In LOVE And Promised To Be Faithful....If You Love Someone You Have To Do It 100% And Prepare For Heartbreak Because Life Is All About Taking Chances.

Here Is An Exercise From The Book You Can Try With Your Significant Other Guys And Gals:

Have You And Your Mate Grab A Piece Of Paper And A Pencil To Complete The Sentences Below ( Or You Can Do This Verbally). Write As Many Completions To Each Question As You Can Think Of ( Try For Five Each Question). Write Or Say Whatever Comes To Mind, As Quickly As Possible, Without Self Criticism Or Censorship.

  • I Cant Let Go Because.........

  • I am Holding Onto..........

  • I Cant Trust My Partner Because.......

Share Your Answers With Your Partner. Learning About Your Hidden Fears Is The First Step To Being Free Of Them. The Next Step Is Talking About Them, Applying As Much Love As You Can, And Never, Never Making Fun Of Your Partner.

(So Feedback People.....Love Is A Risk For Surrrrre But If We Live In Constant Fear And Paranoia How Can A Relationship Benefit?)

March 13, 2009

Your Baby's Daddy Was A Frog?

Experts looking into this case concluded that the mother came into contact with sperms of a fro
g while bathing in a river. And coincidentally that was the exact time she was ovulating.Such is nature.So ladies be careful when you take your baths in rivers (or even swimming pools).Good day! Charikot, Dolakha, March 29 - The birth of a bizarre-looking baby in Charikot, the headquarters of Dolakha district, on Wednesday, drew a huge number of onlookers to witness the astonishing sight.The neck-less baby with its head almost totally sunk into the upper part of the body and with extraordinarily large eyeballs literally popping out of the eye-sockets, was born to Nir Bahadur Karki and Suntali Karki at the Gaurishnkar Hospital in Charikot.The Karki couple is a permanent resident of Dolakha's Bhirkot VDC.

The bizarre baby, however, died after half an hour of its birth, Suntali, the mother, informed. It was taken to the hospital after its death.The news about such a baby being brought to the hospital spread like wildfire and there were hundreds gathered at the hospital to have a look. The police had to be deployed to control the crowd."We wouldn't have been able to save it, even if it had been brought here alive," said a nurse attending to the mother at the hospital, "This is an extremely abnormal case."The "baby" weighed 2kg at birth and was born after the normal nine-month gestation period. Suntali, already a mother of two normal daughters, was not suffering from any illness during the pregnancy.Nir Bahadur, the father, says he does not feel any remorse for the newly-born baby's death. "I am happy that nothing happened to my wife," he said.

I Found This Story Interesting So I Could Not Resist Posting....It Was "Different"....Anywho, Toodles!

March 11, 2009

I Got A Donk But Not A DONK

This Is A Really Iffy Topic For Me. Lately Me And My Boo Have Been Getting Into It About Body Types. My Dream Body Is To Have A Nice Petite Frame, No Gut, And Maybe A Lil Booty, But Nothing Overwhelming. My Dream Weight ( For Myself Anyway) Would Be 120-125 Pounds, But Mister Man Disagrees Completely To The Point Where He Thinks I'M WEIRD! I Would Never Ask My Boyfriend If He Thought I Was Fat Because I'm Sure He Would Lie...If I'm Fat Then I'm Fat, Don't Sugar Coat It. In All Honesty Over The Years I've Been Guilty Of Starving Myself Here And There When I've Felt A Little Tubby But Somehow I Keep Getting Told My Fatness Is All In My Head. Apparently Self Starvation Is A No-No And The Wrong Way To Go About Losing Weight And I Know That, But Why Do I Feel The Need To Be So Skinny?

Day To Day I'm Bombarded With Different Images Of What Beautiful And Sexy Is, And Hell I'm Confused. We Turn The T.V. Onto BET And See Women Like Melissa Ford, And Miss Lola Luv. On The Other Hand We Turn On MTV And See Women Like Lindsey Lohan, And Hillary Duff. WAT IN THE WORLD?!? For Some Reason I've Noticed That What White Guys Find Sexy, And Attractive Isn't Exactly What An African American Man Finds Sexy And Attractive. Ask An African American Guy If He'd Choose Lindsey Lohan Or Beyonce (Body Wise) And I Bet You I'd Know What A Majority Of Them Would Choose.

If I Had To Choose My Dream Body Then I Would Definitely Have To Go With Meagan Good's Body. She's Naturally Slim (Which I'm Not), She Has No Tummy, And She Doesn't Have A Gigantic Rear ( I Would Want A Bigger Rear Though). If My Boyfriend Got To Choose My Dream Body He Would Probably Go With Buffie The Body's Body. Ummm This Girl Is Abnormally Thick In My Opinion...Just Wow. She Has The Most Ginormous Butt, Like Is That Ish Even Legal Or Real...Smh. Now How Am I Supposed To Compete With A Woman With A Body Like That? Compared To Buffie I Have The Body Of A Twelve Year Old Girl...Ha. Different Strokes For Different Folks I Guess. From Research I've Pattern Is The Bigger The Booty Or The Thicker The Girl, Then The More Attractive A Female Is. Don't Get Me Wrong Some Guys Do Like Pettite Women, I Mean Who Wouldn't Find Megan Good Attractive But I Dunno...Everyone Has Their Own Preference.

Buffie The Body Vs Megan Good

So Yea Guys And Gals Where Do You Stand On This? At What Size Do You Consider A Woman To Be Stunningly Beautiful? I Cant See Myself Being Miss Buffie's Size...Impossible And No WAY. I Guess For Now I Will Just Watch What I Eat, And Start Running When It Gets Warmer To Achieve My Meagan Good Body. Watch Out Summertime Here I Come!

March 08, 2009

Prisoner Because Of Love

Yeah I'm In Love... Guilty I Plead. I Indulged In His Love And Let It Blind Me. I Gave Him All I Owned...And My Heart Yeah He Had The Key. I Was Weak But That Thing Called Love Had A Hold On Me.

I Let Him Break In, Take Over, Be My Everything, I Was So Foolish But Everyone Else Could See. I'd Give Up My Last Penny And Ride Or Die If He Asked Me To, Officer Lock Me Up Now That You Know The Truth. I Had No Boundaries As Long As He Was Involved, If You Told Me He Was Wrong Then You Would Have Gotten Ignored.

That Guy Broke Me Down And Yes It Pains Me To Say But Take Me Away Never To See The Light Of Day. If He's Not With Me Then There's Nobody I Want To See, Lock Me Up For All Eternity.

I'm Sick, That's What He Told Me All The Time... Well Take Me Away Officer Because I've Learned That Love Is A Crime. I'm Mentally Unstable Don't Let Me Back Into That Cruel World Because I Don't Wanna Fall In Love Again....Let Me Continue To Hurt.

March 06, 2009

When Are You Having A Baby? AHHHHHHHHHH!

This Is The Most Dreaded Question That You Could Ever Ask Me....When Are You Having A Baby? I Mean Asking Me That Question Is Like Asking Me "So When Are You Gonna Jump Off A Bridge" And It Scares The HELL Outta Me.

Me And My Friend (Shout out To Jean Bean) Were Conversing On Aim And He Said He Noticed On My Myspace Page That I Didn't Want Any Kids And He Made Me Think. I Had Put That On My Myspace Page A Long Time Ago And I Even Forgot That It Was Up There, But I Remember Why I Put It Up There. When I First Got Into College I Basically Never Had A Real Boyfriend...My First Boyfriend Came Along When I Was 19 And A Freshman In College And I Had Not A Clue About The Birds And The Bees. Anything I Did Know About Pregnancy And Birth I Had Watched On The Discovery Channel Or Heard In Health Class. The First Time I Saw A Baby Come Out Of A Vagina I Was Astounded, It Was Banana's And It Scared Me A Lotta Bit....Lol. Anyways I Swore Up And Down That I Would Never Have A Baby, And If I Ever Got The Urge To Then I Would Most Definitely Adopt....That Was My Mindset From The Age Of 19 And On.

The Reasons Why I Didn't Want To Have A Baby Were Endless Like:
  1. Not Wanting To Push....Helllllllz No....Me And Pain Are Not The Best Of Friends. I Will Bug Out And Cry Like A Punk From A Paper Cut...So Imagine Me Shoving Another Human Out Of My Area Down Below...Unimaginable!
  2. Not Wanting To Lose My Figure...I'm Not The Skinniest Girl, But I Also Don't Consider Myself Humongous. If I Ever Got Prego I Think I'd Go Mentally Insane. I Feel Like A Cow And I Diet Every Week Nowadays So I Don't Know How I'd Deal With The Whole Gaining 20 Plus Pounds Thing.
  3. Not Fully Grown Yet...I Mean Sure On Paper It Says I'm An Adult But I Cannot Imagine Waking Up Tomorrow And Being Responsible For The Well Being Of Someone Else Besides Me.
  4. I Like To ZzzzZ....I Remember When My Baby Cousin Used To Spend Nights At A Time In My House When His Mom Slept Over....He Would Not Shut Up...Love Him To Death Now That He's Older But Why The Hell Was He Always Crying....Sheesh. I Can't Deal With The Whole Waking Up In The Middle Of The Night And Feeding A Baby Thing...Again This Is Me Being Selfish But I LOVE Sleeping.
  5. I Don't Have The Cash....Babies Are Expensive, Times Are Bad Enough Already With The Recession And What Not, No Need To Bring A Child Into The World When I'm Barely Able To Financially Support Myself.
  6. They Grow Up And Become Cant Imagine Struggling With A Baby And Have Them Turn Around And Start Disrespecting Me When They Hit Thirteen..."I Bought You Into The World And I Can For Sure Take You Out"
Don't Get Me Wrong People This Is How I Used To Think But Ive Since Had A Change Of Mind. I Guess My Reasons For Not Wanting A Baby Were Stupid And Selfish But Some Of The Reasons Were Valid. I Still DO NOT Want A Baby, But Unlike Before I Just Don't Want A Baby Right Now. Its Funny Though Cuz Once You Hit 23/24 And You Are A Woman I Think It Gets To The Point Where Maybe We Start Taking Life More Seriously (And Start Thinking More About The Future). If I Was Single And Looking I Most Likely Would Be Looking For Hubby Material Not Mister Wham Bam Thank You Maam....I Would Stay Away From The "Yo Ma" Guys Cause Honestly I'm Getting Older And Playa's Would Be Avoided .....They Could "Yo Ma" Another Girl. Luckily Though I'm Soooo Not Single And I'm With My Boyfriend Because I Know That I Could Possibly See Myself With This Guy In The Future. I Think Once I Found Someone I Loved Then The Possibility Of A Baby Didn't Make Me Cringe As Much As It Did When I Was Younger Because I Know And Hope He'd Give Me The Support I Need. Women Were Supposedly Created By God To Reproduce And What A Waste It'd Be If I Never Had A Baby...Some People Cant Even Have Babies And Here I' am Denying And Planning To Stay Away From God's Blessing. Surrrrre My Biological Clock Is Ticking But I'm Still Young I Need To Get A Career And Stabilize Myself Before Thinking About A Baby. Maybe One Day Down The Line I Might Want One Of Those Drolly, Pooping Things, But For Right Now I'm Good....Holla At Me In Ten (Kidding). What Are You Guys And Gals Thinking About This Post...When Do You Feel You'd Be Ready To Be Expecting?

March 04, 2009

The Attack Of The Ex's

What's A Person To Do When An Ex Pops Back Into Your Life?

Yup People It's Tough, But It Definitely Happens When You Least Expect It. Imagine This: Life Is Great, Things Are Going The Way You Want, And You Have Not A Care Or Worry In The World...But Then The Phone Rings. When You Pick Up The Phone You May Hear A Familiar Voice....All Of Your Memories With That Person Will Come Streaming Back When You Hear That Voice (Whether Good Or Bad). You Cant Help But To Wonder "Why Is He Calling Me?"

Sometimes If You Break Up With A Person Or Vice Versa You Will Tend To Get Strong Urges Of Wanting To Reconnect With That Person; Whether Its By Phone Or Meeting Up With Them. Its Only Human Nature To Run Back To What You Once Loved And Knew, But LETTING GO Will Be Better For Your Sanity.

However (Here's The Twist), What If You Have An Ex Who Keeps On Calling You Continually Even After You've Told Him To Stop? If Your Ex Isn't Getting The Point And Doesn't Understand You've Moved On Then You Should Definitely Cut Off All Communication, Thats The First Step. If Im In A New Relationship And My Ex Keeps Calling Me After I've Told Him To Stop Then That Ex Can No Longer Be My Friend (No Matter How Much Of A Good Person He Is) Because He Is Crossing The Line. If My Current Boyfriend Feels Upset That My Ex Keeps Calling Me Then I Will Cut The Ex Off Because I'd Rather Not Deal With The Unecessary Drama. Lately My Ex Has Been Calling Me And Im Starting To Think He's Crazy Because We've Been Broken Up For A While Now. This Ex Boyfriend Calls Me Every Other Day And Its Becoming Annoying. I've Told My Him To Stop With The Phone Calls Because My Current Boyfriend Is Uncomfortable With It, But He Refuses To Listen. Me And My Current Boyfriend Have Been Together For A Year And Some Change So It Boggles Me As To Why My Ex Is Turning PSYCHO On Me. My Ex Is Inteferring In My Life Driving Both Me And My Boyfriend Nuts. I Feel Bad For Him But I Hope And Pray That He Finds The Right Girl For Him. He's So Obsessive That I'd Have No Problem Believing That He Had Mental Issues But The Poor Guy Is Probably Just Lonely...Unfortunately Im Committed To A Wonderful Man And I Can't Help Him. Honestly I Feel A Lil Threatened And Hope I Never Accidently Bump Into Him On The Street.


When An Ex Continually Calls You And Harasses You Over The Phone This Is Abusive. You Must Put A Stop To This Before It Escalates.
Make Sure You File A Police Report And Go To Your Local Court To Get A Restraining Order, You Can Never Tell What Abusive People Are Capable Of. Better Safe Than Sorry.

March 03, 2009

My First Blog

Wow People ....HIIIIIII....Just A Quick Intro On Me. My Name Is Shirley ( AKA S Jones). I Live In Queens New York (Born And Raised In Brooklyn) . My Thoughts Are In A Nice Lil Over sized Ball So I'm Not Too Sure Which Direction I Want To Take This Blog In But We Will See. I'm Into Fashion, Hair Care, And I'm A Young Lady In Her Twenties Trying To Blossom Into A Woman. Join Me On My Journey And Watch Me Become A Better Me....Lol...If That Makes Sense. Anywho .....Muahzzz. Stay Tuned!

On A Lighter Side Of Things..This Video Is Soooooooo LOL!