March 04, 2009

The Attack Of The Ex's

What's A Person To Do When An Ex Pops Back Into Your Life?

Yup People It's Tough, But It Definitely Happens When You Least Expect It. Imagine This: Life Is Great, Things Are Going The Way You Want, And You Have Not A Care Or Worry In The World...But Then The Phone Rings. When You Pick Up The Phone You May Hear A Familiar Voice....All Of Your Memories With That Person Will Come Streaming Back When You Hear That Voice (Whether Good Or Bad). You Cant Help But To Wonder "Why Is He Calling Me?"

Sometimes If You Break Up With A Person Or Vice Versa You Will Tend To Get Strong Urges Of Wanting To Reconnect With That Person; Whether Its By Phone Or Meeting Up With Them. Its Only Human Nature To Run Back To What You Once Loved And Knew, But LETTING GO Will Be Better For Your Sanity.

However (Here's The Twist), What If You Have An Ex Who Keeps On Calling You Continually Even After You've Told Him To Stop? If Your Ex Isn't Getting The Point And Doesn't Understand You've Moved On Then You Should Definitely Cut Off All Communication, Thats The First Step. If Im In A New Relationship And My Ex Keeps Calling Me After I've Told Him To Stop Then That Ex Can No Longer Be My Friend (No Matter How Much Of A Good Person He Is) Because He Is Crossing The Line. If My Current Boyfriend Feels Upset That My Ex Keeps Calling Me Then I Will Cut The Ex Off Because I'd Rather Not Deal With The Unecessary Drama. Lately My Ex Has Been Calling Me And Im Starting To Think He's Crazy Because We've Been Broken Up For A While Now. This Ex Boyfriend Calls Me Every Other Day And Its Becoming Annoying. I've Told My Him To Stop With The Phone Calls Because My Current Boyfriend Is Uncomfortable With It, But He Refuses To Listen. Me And My Current Boyfriend Have Been Together For A Year And Some Change So It Boggles Me As To Why My Ex Is Turning PSYCHO On Me. My Ex Is Inteferring In My Life Driving Both Me And My Boyfriend Nuts. I Feel Bad For Him But I Hope And Pray That He Finds The Right Girl For Him. He's So Obsessive That I'd Have No Problem Believing That He Had Mental Issues But The Poor Guy Is Probably Just Lonely...Unfortunately Im Committed To A Wonderful Man And I Can't Help Him. Honestly I Feel A Lil Threatened And Hope I Never Accidently Bump Into Him On The Street.


When An Ex Continually Calls You And Harasses You Over The Phone This Is Abusive. You Must Put A Stop To This Before It Escalates.
Make Sure You File A Police Report And Go To Your Local Court To Get A Restraining Order, You Can Never Tell What Abusive People Are Capable Of. Better Safe Than Sorry.


Kiwi said...

Girl I know how them exs can be...I was with my for 3 years and last year we was going through the motions because we havent been apart for so long but after awhile I was like I have to cut the ties...because everytime I talked to him more drama occured because he wanted me to get back with him...

Now he didnt blow up my phone but he did text me often and the only reason why things kinda died down is because he got him new girl preggers so I know I made the right decision by not keeping contact...maybe in 3 years or something but I cant talk to him right just wouldnt be good. No point I have moved on...

Great Post

S Jones said...

Wow...Yea I Agree With You Ex's Are Nothing But Drama......There Is No Doubt That Everything Happens For A Reason And We Have To Remember Why They Are Ex's And Better Off That Way In The First Place.