March 06, 2009

When Are You Having A Baby? AHHHHHHHHHH!

This Is The Most Dreaded Question That You Could Ever Ask Me....When Are You Having A Baby? I Mean Asking Me That Question Is Like Asking Me "So When Are You Gonna Jump Off A Bridge" And It Scares The HELL Outta Me.

Me And My Friend (Shout out To Jean Bean) Were Conversing On Aim And He Said He Noticed On My Myspace Page That I Didn't Want Any Kids And He Made Me Think. I Had Put That On My Myspace Page A Long Time Ago And I Even Forgot That It Was Up There, But I Remember Why I Put It Up There. When I First Got Into College I Basically Never Had A Real Boyfriend...My First Boyfriend Came Along When I Was 19 And A Freshman In College And I Had Not A Clue About The Birds And The Bees. Anything I Did Know About Pregnancy And Birth I Had Watched On The Discovery Channel Or Heard In Health Class. The First Time I Saw A Baby Come Out Of A Vagina I Was Astounded, It Was Banana's And It Scared Me A Lotta Bit....Lol. Anyways I Swore Up And Down That I Would Never Have A Baby, And If I Ever Got The Urge To Then I Would Most Definitely Adopt....That Was My Mindset From The Age Of 19 And On.

The Reasons Why I Didn't Want To Have A Baby Were Endless Like:
  1. Not Wanting To Push....Helllllllz No....Me And Pain Are Not The Best Of Friends. I Will Bug Out And Cry Like A Punk From A Paper Cut...So Imagine Me Shoving Another Human Out Of My Area Down Below...Unimaginable!
  2. Not Wanting To Lose My Figure...I'm Not The Skinniest Girl, But I Also Don't Consider Myself Humongous. If I Ever Got Prego I Think I'd Go Mentally Insane. I Feel Like A Cow And I Diet Every Week Nowadays So I Don't Know How I'd Deal With The Whole Gaining 20 Plus Pounds Thing.
  3. Not Fully Grown Yet...I Mean Sure On Paper It Says I'm An Adult But I Cannot Imagine Waking Up Tomorrow And Being Responsible For The Well Being Of Someone Else Besides Me.
  4. I Like To ZzzzZ....I Remember When My Baby Cousin Used To Spend Nights At A Time In My House When His Mom Slept Over....He Would Not Shut Up...Love Him To Death Now That He's Older But Why The Hell Was He Always Crying....Sheesh. I Can't Deal With The Whole Waking Up In The Middle Of The Night And Feeding A Baby Thing...Again This Is Me Being Selfish But I LOVE Sleeping.
  5. I Don't Have The Cash....Babies Are Expensive, Times Are Bad Enough Already With The Recession And What Not, No Need To Bring A Child Into The World When I'm Barely Able To Financially Support Myself.
  6. They Grow Up And Become Cant Imagine Struggling With A Baby And Have Them Turn Around And Start Disrespecting Me When They Hit Thirteen..."I Bought You Into The World And I Can For Sure Take You Out"
Don't Get Me Wrong People This Is How I Used To Think But Ive Since Had A Change Of Mind. I Guess My Reasons For Not Wanting A Baby Were Stupid And Selfish But Some Of The Reasons Were Valid. I Still DO NOT Want A Baby, But Unlike Before I Just Don't Want A Baby Right Now. Its Funny Though Cuz Once You Hit 23/24 And You Are A Woman I Think It Gets To The Point Where Maybe We Start Taking Life More Seriously (And Start Thinking More About The Future). If I Was Single And Looking I Most Likely Would Be Looking For Hubby Material Not Mister Wham Bam Thank You Maam....I Would Stay Away From The "Yo Ma" Guys Cause Honestly I'm Getting Older And Playa's Would Be Avoided .....They Could "Yo Ma" Another Girl. Luckily Though I'm Soooo Not Single And I'm With My Boyfriend Because I Know That I Could Possibly See Myself With This Guy In The Future. I Think Once I Found Someone I Loved Then The Possibility Of A Baby Didn't Make Me Cringe As Much As It Did When I Was Younger Because I Know And Hope He'd Give Me The Support I Need. Women Were Supposedly Created By God To Reproduce And What A Waste It'd Be If I Never Had A Baby...Some People Cant Even Have Babies And Here I' am Denying And Planning To Stay Away From God's Blessing. Surrrrre My Biological Clock Is Ticking But I'm Still Young I Need To Get A Career And Stabilize Myself Before Thinking About A Baby. Maybe One Day Down The Line I Might Want One Of Those Drolly, Pooping Things, But For Right Now I'm Good....Holla At Me In Ten (Kidding). What Are You Guys And Gals Thinking About This Post...When Do You Feel You'd Be Ready To Be Expecting?

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Kiwi said...

Amen to #4

I dont wanna feel like I have to cook and get up on someone elses time. I feel you!!!