August 10, 2012

Moving on?

Guys I'm so scared to get into a relationship but I think I finally found the one.... I mean he was always around the whole time. I feel like I've throughly enjoyed my summer and I'm ready for some stability. I did the whole single thing and being liberated its cool and all but it gets boring after a while. Sick of kissing so many frogs and I'm tired of letting one person break my heart over anddd over. In september I finally start student teaching and what is hopefully my last semester in school. I just finally want to be happy (since I've literally been fighting hapiness).

What i fear the most is for my new relationship to fail because it would really put me in a tough position but I guess thats the chance people take with may not always work. I'm over the whole love thing but if I dont take this gamble then I think I will always wonder "what if".

Im not jumping into anything as yet but the mere fact that I'm even contemplating settling down again is major.

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Posted via Blogaway