November 20, 2009


Love and I are breaking up tonight. Love will go its way then im sure to find my... Love, goodbye, but can you leave a trail behind Because I know myself and I will change my mind And want to love again
~Definitely How I'm Feeling...Done With "Love" For Now....I'm Good And Hitting The Pause Button~

November 18, 2009

When Bored

When Bored....Just Vogue

*Two Snaps And A Twirl*

Mkay Tis All !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 11, 2009

Rhianna Vs. Chris Brown

Does Anybody Find It Annoyingly Ironic That Both These Artists Came Back Out At The Same Time. So The Other Day I'm Warming Up The Car (Cuz U Know It's Brick As Heck In NYC) So....In The Car And Flipping The Stations And Land On That New Rhianna Suicide Song. Now Don't Get Me Wrong I Love Me Some Rhi Rhi But Her New Song Is Depressing As F*ck And With My Breakup I Don't Need To Be Thinking About No Russian Roulette. Gosh. So Yea......

*Off Topic Why Is It That When Ur Going Through Anything In Love U Feel Like Every Song Is Talking To U?*

Yea So Getting Back... I Flip This Station Cuz This Bish Was Not Gonna Bring My Spirits Down And Then On The Next Station You Hear Chris Brown Talking About "I Can Transform You, I Can Transform You". Annoyinnnnnnnnng......And Mind You This Has Happened More Than Once I Go From Rhi Rhi To Chris On The T.V. Online, and On The Radio....Stop The Madness!

What I Wanna Know Is Why They Choose To Come Out At The Same Time? Is This A Competition Thing Between Them?

Soooo Am I For Team Rhianna Or Team Chris Brown...LOL.

Honestly I Love Them Both. Chris Browns First Album Was One Of My Fav's Of All Time Because You Could Play It From The First Song To The Last Song And I Swear Every Song Was Catchy And Had Hit Potential. Off That First Album He Had : Gimmie That, Yoooo, Run It, And I'm Sure Something Else But What I'm Saying Is That Album Was My Ishhhhhh!

With Rhianna I Became A Fan Of Hers With Her Last Album.....She Was Firrrre And Her Voice Was So Unique And I Loved She Was From The West Indies...Owwww *Bird Voice*. Any who Same Thing Happened With Rhianna Every Song On Her Last Album Was Bomb. I Was However Angry At Rhianna Cuz She Went Mia...After She Put Out Her Album 2 Years Ago (Causing Me To Fall In Love) She Went Away....She Put Out Disturbia During Her Album Hiatus But I Wanted Moreeeeee, She Left Me Craving....Lol...I Was Having With drawls Like A Crack Fiend For Some Rhianna.

Who Will I Be Supporting? Hmmmm I Know Chris Brown Effed Up Mucho, But Hey He's Human, Stuff Happens. At The End Of The Day Chris Brown Is Talented As Hell And I Dare Somebody To Say Otherwise. I'm Sure Rhianna Wasn't Just Sitting There And Suddenly Got Pounded In The Face, Something Had To Trigger That Beating (Not That It Was Right) But I'm Just Saying. We Women Know How To Push A Man's Buttons, And It Gives Us Some Sick Satisfaction....I'm Guilty For

You Know I Luv's Me Some Rhianna So I'm Gonna Support Both!!!!!!!! I'm Glad They Are Both Back And Are Getting Over That Horrible Incident But *Nervous Laugh* Let's Tone It Down On Overkilling Them On T.V. And Radio.... Geez.

Getting In Gear

I'm Sitting Here And Lately I've Been Thinking About Certain Goals I'd Like To Set For Myself...

I'm Just Really A Procrastinator And Its Wack. I Get Very Little To Nuthing Done And My Head Is Sometimes In The Clouds. I Just Feel Like I Need To Evaluate Myself, What Makes Me Happy And Then Go From There. A Second Job Would Be Nice But I Dunno Might Wait Until This School Semester Is Over So I Don't Get Overwhelmed....I'd Be A Happier Camper If I Had A Nice Cash Flow. Why Do We Procrastinate And What Will Be The Catalyst That Causes Us To Say Alright Enough Is Enough?

I Wanna Work Out Three Days A Week In My School Gym....It's A Goal But Is It Realistic? It'd Be Nice...I'd Be Fit, Nice, And Trim But Three Days...I Dunno I Wrote My Goals Down And It's A Matter Of Time B4 I Start Checking Things Off My Checklist.

I Wanna Make A Change And Im Bound To Succeed.

November 06, 2009


Awww They Make Me Smile...I Hope One Day I Can Find My Special Person To Love Me Unconditionally...Flaws And All...... YOU GO OBAMA'S!!!!! *Tear*

Off Topic But Obama Is A Sexy Man...Lol...I See You Michelle Owwww (Bird Voice)....Mkay Tis All!

Where's The Vomit Coming From?!?

Ughhh....Mini Vent....I Hate To Be Disrespected.....I Feel Like Sometimes People Say Things And They Don't Take The Time Out To Screen Wtf Is Coming Out Of Their Mouths. Words Have Weight And We Can't Just Go Around Spitting Up Word Vomit People!

Think... Sort Tha Ish Out In Ur Head.... And Then Proceed To Express Yourself In A Well Manner.

We Even Have People Who Text Vomit.....U Need To Think...Type Out Wat Ur Typing...Read, (Reread If You Must), And Then Hit The Send Button!!!!!!!!!

Let Us Stop The Epidemic Of Word And Text Vomit...People Are Getting Hurt Out There.

*Throughout Life People Will Make You Mad, Disrespect You And Treat You Bad. Let God Deal With The Things They Do, Cause Hate In Your Heart Will Consume You Too* ~Will Smith~

November 05, 2009

Amen Amen

One Morning When I Was At My Lowest Of Lows After My Breakup I Was Awakened At The Sound Of My Radio Alarm Clock That Usually Wakes Me Up For School. My Alarm Clock Usually Goes Off Releasing The Sound Of Music And I Swear I Just Hop Up And Turn It Off, But This Particualar Morning I Sat There. I Sat There And Listened Because There Wasn't Music...It Was Talking And I Took Notice.

Maybe I Was Too Cold To Move From Under My Sheets To Turn The Radio Off, Maybe I Was Being Lazy, Maybe I'd Lost All My Strength And Was Finding It Difficult To Be The Same Me...But Whatever The Case Is I Was All Ears.

The Person Spoke With Such Power, They Moved Me, And They Were So Motivational. The Person Said:

Don't Block Your Blessings. Dont Sit Up Here And Ask God For Help And Then Continue To Do The Same Things That You Always Did To Hold Yourself Back From Receiving His Blessings.

Don't Ask Him For A New Job And Then Get Called For An Interview But Don't Show Up Because You Don't Want To Lose Two Hours Pay From The Job U Currently Have...Stop Blocking His Blessing.

Don't Sit Up Here Sending Your Bad Ass Kid To School And Pray To God That He Suddenly Gets Better When Your Ass Doesn't Even Spend Time With Him And Take Time Out For Quality Time Together...Stop Blocking God's Blessing

Dont Sit Up There In A Bad Relationship And Ask God To See You Through But You Continue To Hang Onto The Man Who Is Bringing You Pain And Hurt When God May Be Trying To Send You Another..Stop Blocking Your Blessing.

Stop Sitting Around Praying And Hoping What You Pray For Is Gonna Magically Appear When You Are Putting No Work And Effort Into Bringing About A Change Yourself. Don't Block Gods Blessing But Dont Expect Things To Happen By Sitting Around Being Depressed. We Have To Be Pro Active....If I Believe It Then Im Gonna Acheive It And When God Sees Me Putting My Back In It To Make My Situation Work For Me He Will Bestoy Upon Me A Blessing To Lighten My Load...

Because At The End Of The Day God Wouldn't Place On Me More Than He Thinks I Can Handle, I Have To Be Strong And Stop Blocking My Blessings.

And You Guys The Ironic Part About This Is I Heard This On The Radio The Morning After I Prayed And Asked God To Help Me Through The Breakup Ordeal So....He's Real, He's Watching, And He Loves You.

November 02, 2009

Happy Belated Halloween

Hey You Guys!!!! Hope You All Had A Swell Halloween Weekend And Stayed Safe. I'm Doing Okay I Definitely Had Plans To Go To A Club In The City But Somehow The Venue Got Shutdown And I Ended Up In Harlem....Yea Harlem. I Drove From Bklyn To Harlem, I Was Mad Hype I Drove So Far, But While I Was Driving There My Car Definitely Got Egged By Some Hoodlums!It Came Out Of No Where ...All You Heard Was SPLAT!

I Was With My BFF And My Cuzin And Maybe I'm Old And A Homebody Or Maybe It Was Because We Ended Up In A House Party (No Scuse Me Apartment Party) But At First I Really Was Not Diggin It. I Needed To Have Fun That Night To Take Away My Breakup Sadness And By Golly I Had To Suck It Up And Act Like I Was Enjoying The Atmosphere.

The Apartment Party Was So Crowded And Uncomfortable...I Hadn't Been To One Of Those Parties Since I Was Sixteen...Talk About Awkward. I'd Seen All Types Of Foolery At That Party....There Was This One Hot In The Pants Girl..SMH...I Wanted To Pull Her Aside And Tell Her A Thing About Self Respect. I Swear I'd Seen This Girl In The Air, On The Floor, Butt In The Air, On Another Girl....I Was Just Saying My Golly Gee's In The Corner Astonished. I Mean You Can Dance But You Don't Have To Look Like Ur Literally Getting It On, Felt Like Passing Her A Condom. Sheesh.

The Party Scene May Not Be My Thing But Nonetheless I Had Tons Of Laughs...