November 05, 2009

Amen Amen

One Morning When I Was At My Lowest Of Lows After My Breakup I Was Awakened At The Sound Of My Radio Alarm Clock That Usually Wakes Me Up For School. My Alarm Clock Usually Goes Off Releasing The Sound Of Music And I Swear I Just Hop Up And Turn It Off, But This Particualar Morning I Sat There. I Sat There And Listened Because There Wasn't Music...It Was Talking And I Took Notice.

Maybe I Was Too Cold To Move From Under My Sheets To Turn The Radio Off, Maybe I Was Being Lazy, Maybe I'd Lost All My Strength And Was Finding It Difficult To Be The Same Me...But Whatever The Case Is I Was All Ears.

The Person Spoke With Such Power, They Moved Me, And They Were So Motivational. The Person Said:

Don't Block Your Blessings. Dont Sit Up Here And Ask God For Help And Then Continue To Do The Same Things That You Always Did To Hold Yourself Back From Receiving His Blessings.

Don't Ask Him For A New Job And Then Get Called For An Interview But Don't Show Up Because You Don't Want To Lose Two Hours Pay From The Job U Currently Have...Stop Blocking His Blessing.

Don't Sit Up Here Sending Your Bad Ass Kid To School And Pray To God That He Suddenly Gets Better When Your Ass Doesn't Even Spend Time With Him And Take Time Out For Quality Time Together...Stop Blocking God's Blessing

Dont Sit Up There In A Bad Relationship And Ask God To See You Through But You Continue To Hang Onto The Man Who Is Bringing You Pain And Hurt When God May Be Trying To Send You Another..Stop Blocking Your Blessing.

Stop Sitting Around Praying And Hoping What You Pray For Is Gonna Magically Appear When You Are Putting No Work And Effort Into Bringing About A Change Yourself. Don't Block Gods Blessing But Dont Expect Things To Happen By Sitting Around Being Depressed. We Have To Be Pro Active....If I Believe It Then Im Gonna Acheive It And When God Sees Me Putting My Back In It To Make My Situation Work For Me He Will Bestoy Upon Me A Blessing To Lighten My Load...

Because At The End Of The Day God Wouldn't Place On Me More Than He Thinks I Can Handle, I Have To Be Strong And Stop Blocking My Blessings.

And You Guys The Ironic Part About This Is I Heard This On The Radio The Morning After I Prayed And Asked God To Help Me Through The Breakup Ordeal So....He's Real, He's Watching, And He Loves You.

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