November 11, 2009

Getting In Gear

I'm Sitting Here And Lately I've Been Thinking About Certain Goals I'd Like To Set For Myself...

I'm Just Really A Procrastinator And Its Wack. I Get Very Little To Nuthing Done And My Head Is Sometimes In The Clouds. I Just Feel Like I Need To Evaluate Myself, What Makes Me Happy And Then Go From There. A Second Job Would Be Nice But I Dunno Might Wait Until This School Semester Is Over So I Don't Get Overwhelmed....I'd Be A Happier Camper If I Had A Nice Cash Flow. Why Do We Procrastinate And What Will Be The Catalyst That Causes Us To Say Alright Enough Is Enough?

I Wanna Work Out Three Days A Week In My School Gym....It's A Goal But Is It Realistic? It'd Be Nice...I'd Be Fit, Nice, And Trim But Three Days...I Dunno I Wrote My Goals Down And It's A Matter Of Time B4 I Start Checking Things Off My Checklist.

I Wanna Make A Change And Im Bound To Succeed.

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