November 06, 2009

Where's The Vomit Coming From?!?

Ughhh....Mini Vent....I Hate To Be Disrespected.....I Feel Like Sometimes People Say Things And They Don't Take The Time Out To Screen Wtf Is Coming Out Of Their Mouths. Words Have Weight And We Can't Just Go Around Spitting Up Word Vomit People!

Think... Sort Tha Ish Out In Ur Head.... And Then Proceed To Express Yourself In A Well Manner.

We Even Have People Who Text Vomit.....U Need To Think...Type Out Wat Ur Typing...Read, (Reread If You Must), And Then Hit The Send Button!!!!!!!!!

Let Us Stop The Epidemic Of Word And Text Vomit...People Are Getting Hurt Out There.

*Throughout Life People Will Make You Mad, Disrespect You And Treat You Bad. Let God Deal With The Things They Do, Cause Hate In Your Heart Will Consume You Too* ~Will Smith~

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