November 11, 2009

Rhianna Vs. Chris Brown

Does Anybody Find It Annoyingly Ironic That Both These Artists Came Back Out At The Same Time. So The Other Day I'm Warming Up The Car (Cuz U Know It's Brick As Heck In NYC) So....In The Car And Flipping The Stations And Land On That New Rhianna Suicide Song. Now Don't Get Me Wrong I Love Me Some Rhi Rhi But Her New Song Is Depressing As F*ck And With My Breakup I Don't Need To Be Thinking About No Russian Roulette. Gosh. So Yea......

*Off Topic Why Is It That When Ur Going Through Anything In Love U Feel Like Every Song Is Talking To U?*

Yea So Getting Back... I Flip This Station Cuz This Bish Was Not Gonna Bring My Spirits Down And Then On The Next Station You Hear Chris Brown Talking About "I Can Transform You, I Can Transform You". Annoyinnnnnnnnng......And Mind You This Has Happened More Than Once I Go From Rhi Rhi To Chris On The T.V. Online, and On The Radio....Stop The Madness!

What I Wanna Know Is Why They Choose To Come Out At The Same Time? Is This A Competition Thing Between Them?

Soooo Am I For Team Rhianna Or Team Chris Brown...LOL.

Honestly I Love Them Both. Chris Browns First Album Was One Of My Fav's Of All Time Because You Could Play It From The First Song To The Last Song And I Swear Every Song Was Catchy And Had Hit Potential. Off That First Album He Had : Gimmie That, Yoooo, Run It, And I'm Sure Something Else But What I'm Saying Is That Album Was My Ishhhhhh!

With Rhianna I Became A Fan Of Hers With Her Last Album.....She Was Firrrre And Her Voice Was So Unique And I Loved She Was From The West Indies...Owwww *Bird Voice*. Any who Same Thing Happened With Rhianna Every Song On Her Last Album Was Bomb. I Was However Angry At Rhianna Cuz She Went Mia...After She Put Out Her Album 2 Years Ago (Causing Me To Fall In Love) She Went Away....She Put Out Disturbia During Her Album Hiatus But I Wanted Moreeeeee, She Left Me Craving....Lol...I Was Having With drawls Like A Crack Fiend For Some Rhianna.

Who Will I Be Supporting? Hmmmm I Know Chris Brown Effed Up Mucho, But Hey He's Human, Stuff Happens. At The End Of The Day Chris Brown Is Talented As Hell And I Dare Somebody To Say Otherwise. I'm Sure Rhianna Wasn't Just Sitting There And Suddenly Got Pounded In The Face, Something Had To Trigger That Beating (Not That It Was Right) But I'm Just Saying. We Women Know How To Push A Man's Buttons, And It Gives Us Some Sick Satisfaction....I'm Guilty For

You Know I Luv's Me Some Rhianna So I'm Gonna Support Both!!!!!!!! I'm Glad They Are Both Back And Are Getting Over That Horrible Incident But *Nervous Laugh* Let's Tone It Down On Overkilling Them On T.V. And Radio.... Geez.


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