November 02, 2009

Happy Belated Halloween

Hey You Guys!!!! Hope You All Had A Swell Halloween Weekend And Stayed Safe. I'm Doing Okay I Definitely Had Plans To Go To A Club In The City But Somehow The Venue Got Shutdown And I Ended Up In Harlem....Yea Harlem. I Drove From Bklyn To Harlem, I Was Mad Hype I Drove So Far, But While I Was Driving There My Car Definitely Got Egged By Some Hoodlums!It Came Out Of No Where ...All You Heard Was SPLAT!

I Was With My BFF And My Cuzin And Maybe I'm Old And A Homebody Or Maybe It Was Because We Ended Up In A House Party (No Scuse Me Apartment Party) But At First I Really Was Not Diggin It. I Needed To Have Fun That Night To Take Away My Breakup Sadness And By Golly I Had To Suck It Up And Act Like I Was Enjoying The Atmosphere.

The Apartment Party Was So Crowded And Uncomfortable...I Hadn't Been To One Of Those Parties Since I Was Sixteen...Talk About Awkward. I'd Seen All Types Of Foolery At That Party....There Was This One Hot In The Pants Girl..SMH...I Wanted To Pull Her Aside And Tell Her A Thing About Self Respect. I Swear I'd Seen This Girl In The Air, On The Floor, Butt In The Air, On Another Girl....I Was Just Saying My Golly Gee's In The Corner Astonished. I Mean You Can Dance But You Don't Have To Look Like Ur Literally Getting It On, Felt Like Passing Her A Condom. Sheesh.

The Party Scene May Not Be My Thing But Nonetheless I Had Tons Of Laughs...

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