July 15, 2009

What You Gonna Do When They Come For You?

Eff The Mutherfudgin NYPD....Yea I Said It! EFFFFFFF Those Red Neck, Donut Eating Son Of A Snitches. Three Times, Three Flip Flopping Times That Me And My Boyfriend Got Pulled Over Together From The Month Of June Till Now. HELL At The Rate Me And My Boyfriend Are Going I'm Starting To Think Of Us As A New Bonnie And Clyde....I'm Definitely A Ride Or Die Kind Of Chick...Ha. I Mean It Drives Me Nuts To Know ( And Please Know) That Racial Profiling Exists...Eff What You Heard, Racism Is Alive And Well.

Fun Facts:
I'm An African American Female
I Own My Car
I Pay My Own Car Insurance Under My Own Name
I Have A Headlight That Has Been Out For 2 Months
# OF Times I've Gotten Pulled Over While Driving After 12Am= 0 Times
# Of Times I've Gotten Pulled Over While B/f Driving After 12Am = 4 Times

This Ish Is Mind Boggling. I Don't Know If Any Woman Can Relate But Sometimes I Don't Feel Like Frigging Driving...It's Not My "Thing". If I'm With My Boyfriend 9 Times Outta 10 I Will Hop Into The Passenger Side...Call Me Lazy, Call Me Dumb But I Just Like Being Driven Around (Especially Cuz I Know My B/f Is A Great/Careful Driver). I Love The Whole Idea Of Freedom With A Car...And Going Where You Want, When You Want....But Apparently After A Certain Time If You Are An African American Male And You Are Operating A Vehicle Make Sure That Ish Is 100 Percent In Tip Top Shape. "Well Sjones What Do You Mean 100 Percent In Tip Top Shape?" This Is What The Hell I Mean:
No Messed Up Lights
Make Sure Nobody Liters Out Your Car Windows
No Loud Music
No Overly Tinted Windows
No Driving Too Slow
No Looking Suspicious
No Drawing Of Attention To Oneself And Additional Passengers
Check Your Stickersssss!!!!!
No Cracks In Your Windshield
The First Time This Summer Me And Clyde (lol) Got Pulled Over....I Admit We Were In The Wrong....Uh Yea We Were *Cough* Doing Adult Things....But Um Yea So That Night They Questioned Me....Questioned Him, Ran A Check On His License But Not Mine. They Eventually Gave Him A Summons.....I Didn't Get One...And Dammit I Felt Some Type Of Way "Like WTF?" Was I Not Just Up In The Damn Car Caught Doing *Cough* Adult Things? Should I Not Be Getting A Summons Too Dammit?!?

The Second Time We Got Pulled Over By Undercover Cops In A Regular Car And We Were With Two Of Our Co Workers. Those Cops Pulled Us Over Cuz Of My Out Headlight And Guess What? They Asked My Boyfriend (Who Was Driving) To Step Out The Car. The Cop Got Into A Shouting Match With My Boyfriend And They Ran A Check On His License. They Asked Me For My Registration But I Didn't Have It. Do You Know What The Cop Said To Me When I Told Him I Couldn't Find It? "Don't Worry About It." Whattttttt! Let That Have Been My Boyfriend That Couldn't Find His Registration And He Would Have Spent The Night In Jail, But I Get A "Don't Worry?!?" That Night My Boyfriend Didn't Get A Ticket Or Summons Because The Shouting Match Was A Misunderstanding But I Dunno Honestly When My B/f Gets Around Cops He Doesn't Know How To Shut UPPPPPP! He Doesn't Do The Yes Sir, No Sir Thing .....He's So Damn Extra With The Questions And Explanations ( Like My Dude Chill, Be Silent, And Kiss Their Ass*s, Cops Love That Ish).

Third Time ( A Week Later/Tonight) We Were With Two Of My B/f's Friends. We Got Pulled Over I Have NO Idea Why But Again My B/f Gets Told To Step Out The Car ( The Only One AGAIN In A Car Full Of People). His License Gets Ran A Check ON AGAIN, But Mines Didn't. This Time I Had My Registration When They Asked But No Insurance Papers.....You Think They Gave Me A Hard Time For That? HELLLLLLL NOOOOOOOOOO! Instead They Frigging Give My B/f A Breathalyzer, And Checked If He Was High. You Think My Boyfriend Was High Or Drunk? Helllllllll NOOOOOOOOOOOO (My Boo Is Not That Type Of Person). You Know Those Penis Fat Heads Had To Get My B/f Somehow Sooooo They Gave Him A Summons For Having No License. My B/f Recently Lost His License But Had His Old Permit On Him But What's Stupid Is That When They Pulled Us Over The Two Times B4 Tonight He Showed The Cops His Old Permit And None Of Them Said Nething About The Old Permit. These Cops Tonight Just Wanted SOMMMMMME Way To Stain That Man's Name Again. They Gave Him A Summons For Not Having Gotten A Replacement License Yet....Ain't That A Biotch? I Hate Them Tearing Down My B/f Like He's Some Type Of Common Thief, And Humiliating Him....Those Damn Toms Get Me Worked Up.

Obama....Osama...Mufasa......I Don't Give A Damn Who Is In The White House Cuz Racism Exists, And You Can Kick Rocks If You Don't Think So.


Kelly Nina Kiyyah said...

Girrrrrllll... I agree 100%!!!!

I've been pulled over for swirving in lanes...yup..Driving while intoxicated....and all I got was a slap on the wrist. No ticket, no nothing. Just directions on which way to catch the right highway home. =/

Now...If i was "Clyde" you know I woulda been locked up soooo fast. They woulda had me on the hood of the car, and reading my "Rights". *rolling eyes*

Not only does racial profiling exist...but so does sexism. You would think as women we'd be glad to have the sexism on "our side"...but its not cool when you have a brother, BF, dad, uncle, cousin who you KNOW will get pulled over cause of their pigment shade. SMH!

Good post!
-Kelly of *AF*

PS: Get that headlight fixed asap! lol! :)

Anonymous said...

Lol that was a good fail...I think that really sucks that he's getting in so much trouble, but that's life.

GreenFalcon said...

lol the way u explaining it makes it not racist. it makes them sexist. but the type of naborhood we live in is domonated by our type so u wont find no 1 else around to compair. so i take it as being sexist. they probly just hate guys and loves the puntang.

Yet said...

WOW! That's ridiculous...4 times?? Geezzz. I thought this post was funny. I know it was serious but still, your writing style is cool. It amuses. How you guys go for a record?? Let's make it 10times!!

DRE said...

lol okay im feelin yo blog .. follow mine let me know what u think

S Jones said...

@Kelly.....Seeeeee, Let You Have Been A "Black" Guy And Driving While Intoxicated. I Know A Female Cousin Of Mine Who Cried Herself Out Of A Ticket.I Feel So Bad For My Brotha's

@ Falcon.....Yea It's Racist And Sexist.... Like WTF Gimmie A Ticket Too Dammit

@ Yet .....It Won't Be Hard To Hit 10 Times We Still Have Over A Month Of Summer Left...lol

K. Michel said...

I prefer the passenger side as well ...but in my case, it really is because I'm lazy.

I've been blessed to have never been pulled aside by the cops while driving. I'm not naive though, and I know that the chances of me being in trouble with the law on the road are much higher than that of a non-black person.

I don't blame ol' boy for getting into a shouting match. It's only a number of times before you start to get frustrated.