July 12, 2009

Why Do Nice Guys Finish Last?

Just A Quick Post But Why Are Some Guys So Unlucky? Why Is The Nice Guy Always Ignored And Pushed Aside? Whats The Deal With That? How Come So Many Girls Overlook That Nice Guy And Feel No Attraction To Them?

Why Do Some Guys Get The "That Guy Is Like My Lil/Big Brother" Title?

If I Was A Guy And A Girl I Really Liked Told Me That She Sees Me As Nothing More Than A Friend (And She Was Single) I Would Be Really Annoyed.... I Might Even Smack The Heifer....lol...Kidding

Some Men, Believe It Or Not......Are Really Shy Around Women And That Isn't Necessarily A Good Thing Because Some Girls DON'T Like That. Girls Want Someone Who Is Aggressive, Confident, Knows How To Flirt....Etc.

What About The Quiet Guys Then? What About The Nervous, Stuttering, Clumsy Guys? Do They Get No LOVE? I've Always Been A Sucker For Awkward/Geeky Guys But At The Same Time I Love Those Bad Boys. Bad Boys Have So Much Swagger, And They Just Turn Heads. Bad Boys Are Mysterious And Leave You Wanting To Know More About Them. Bad Boys Are NEVER Clingy.

The Thing About Being A Nice Guy Is The Fact That They Have To Be Careful That They Aren't Taken Advantage Of Because Nowadays Some Girls Are Cold AS HELLLL. They Will Lead A Man On ....(Especially Nice Guys, They Constantly Fall For This) Make The Man Think They Are In Love, And Milk That Nice Guy For All The Money They Can. Bishes Are Ruthless Sometimes And "Good Guys" Beware.

I'd Take The Quiet Guy Reading A Book By Himself In The Library Any day Over The Guy On The Corner Selling Drugs....But That's Just Me.

Good Guys Should Never Be Discouraged And Don't Think That Becoming A Jerk Will Make The Ladies Love You More....Just Be You And One Day That Special Someone Will Come Along. Don't Lose The Essence Of You To Act Like Someone You Are Not.


Kelly Nina Kiyyah said...

i must admit i am a sucka for a guy with swag but i rather date and be in love wtih that good ol shy quiet guy they seem to love and cherish and NOT take you for granted!!!

good blog girl keep it commin!!

Kiyyah of the *AF* girls

K. Michel said...

Well, Miss Jones ...I think the key is balance. You could be as nice as you want to be, but if you don't put yourself out there ...what makes you more deserving of that girl than the guy with swagger?

--Because you read a couple of books? Pfft!

Anything in this world worth having, is also worth fighting for.

S Jones said...

@ K. Michel....Ya Know Now That You Said It Like That It's True. If You As A Quiet Guy Aren't Making Yourself Available Or Keep Holding Back For Fear Of Rejection Then You Will Never Be Noticed...And At The Same Time You Have To Appear To Be This "Stud Muffin" So Girls Can Even Look Your Way. No Doubt It's Hard.