March 28, 2009

S Jones Experiment

  • Yes Sir Ree Bob....That Picture Right There To The Left (If You Cant Tell) Is Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. I Was Surfing The Net And I Came Across This Site Called EarthClinic.Com It Was Really Informative. On The Site They Have Tons Of Ailments And Plenty Of DIY Treatments That You Can Use. One Of Their Top Remedies Happened To Be Apple Cider.

    Apple Cider Is Beneficial To The Body In Many Ways And Apparently Its Not Just Good For Humans It's Also Great For Dogs To Be Washed With (Helps Them Get Shiny Coats).
Let Me Give You The Run Down On All Of The Things That They Say Apple Cider Vinegar "Cures" :
  • Acid Reflux ( What I Need It For)
  • Acne
  • Allergies
  • Anti Aging
  • Anti Fungal
  • Sore Throats
  • Dandruff (If You Wash Your Hair With It)
  • Weight Loss ( Curbs Your Appetite)
Anyways Folks The List Goes On And On. Reading About People Using Apple Cider As A Home Remedy Amazed Me And The Testimonials For Drinking This Thing Had Me Sold. Sooooooo I Ran Out And Got Me A Bottle To See What The Hype Is About. Be Warned However When I Cracked That Bottle Open For The First Time I Said A Couple Of "Oh Sh*t's" Because That Smell Pimp Smacked The Hell Outta Me. Once I Got Past The Smell I Manned Up And Added Two Teaspoons To My Cup Of Water. Apparently Its Recommended That This Concoction Is Drank Three Times A Day To Really Have An Effect. I'm Gonna Keep It Real And Say This Thing Tastes Horrrrrrrible But The Taste Can Be Helped Out By Adding Some Raw Honey To The Mix. If You Want To Use The ACV For Acne You Can Apply It To Your Face With A Cotton Ball As You Would Do With A Toner.....Of Course You Smell Of Vinegar For A Minute Or Two But It Goes Away....Then Add Your Facial Moisturizer. This "Supposedly" Helps With Dark Spots And Pimples. For Now I'm Just Drinking This Bad Boy, Maybe One Night I Will Be Brave And Apply To My Face...Cuz That Smell Isn't Cute.

Yes So I Will Be Updating In A Week And Report If I Notice Any Changes In My Functioning. Just Call Me S Jones The Guinea Pig...Ha, Over And Out!


Anonymous said...

Organic food is awesome. Lmao thats hilarious about the smell, it's not easy eating/drinking isht that smells & tastes bad.
I wanna know if this works, definitely will be keeping up w/ these updates.

Notion said...

thats cool i think i'm washing my dog in something different for now on

Super Woman said...

Yeah i love organic applejuice as well
and it DOES curb your apetite and it tastes better as well .....