March 23, 2009

Close But Not Quite

The Other Day I Almost Made A Mistake, I Almost Gave My Love Away.

I Almost Let You Break Me Down, I Almost Let All My Guards Down.

I Almost Let You Touch My Heart, I Almost Let Old Feelings Emerge From The Dark.

I Almost Let You See That Other Side, The One That Showed Me Vulnerable And Weak Inside.

I Almost Got Too Comfortable In Your Bed, I Almost Let You Take It There.

I Almost Let You Feel Me From Within, I Almost Committed Another Sin.


[$ H A R O N A] said...


Notion said...

i see you got some talent in the poetry i'm feeling it

S Jones said...

Thanx Guys!

Gracie Graham said...

This is really qood .
I can relate alot .
Kudos to you(:

-Gracie Graham♥