March 31, 2009

Things That Drive Me UP THE WALLLLLLL!

Sometimes The World Drives Me Nuts. On A Daily Basis I Find Myself Doing My Wooosaaha's And Using Counting Methods Of Counting From 1 to 100 Just So I Don't Bug Out. I Think This Post Has Been A Long Time Coming. I Get To Vent About My Pet Peeves...Yayyyyy!

1. If You Are A Guy And You Walk Past A Young Lady Who You'd Feel You Want To Pursue Don't Touch Them!

If I Don't Know You From A Hole In The Wall I Do Not Need Your Grubby Little Paws Holding My Arm Talking About " Yo Can I Holla Shorty"...With That Tight Ass Ninja Grip You Got On My Arm I Don't Think I Have A Choice...DON'T TOUCH Any Respectable Lady And You Might Get A Shot Out Of A Billion.

2. Parents Stop Cussing At Children In Public

Sure Those Little People Can Be Bad Ass*s, But Wait Till You Get Behind Closed Doors To Discipline, Use The Eye Instead (Give Them The Once You Get Home I'm Gonna Whup That Butt Eye, That's How My Mom Kept Me In Check). I Don't Need To Be Hearing "Malik Get Your F*cking Dumb ass Over Here". Noooo Not Kool.

3. Bill Collectors STOP Blowing Up My Phone

Yeah I'm A College Student With Alot Of Bills And Growing Debt....Spare Me From The Daily Phone Calls Ranging From 9am - 7pm. Recently It Got So Bad I Told All The Collectors To Stop Calling My Cell Phone And I Gave Them My Home Phone Number Since I'm Barely Home....Smdh.

4. I Hate Men Hoes. Men Hoes Need To Stop Saying Ignorant Things For Example:

"I Got My Main Shorty, My Jumpoff, And My Back Up Main Shorty" GET A GRIP. This Life Gets Pretty Stale FAST And It's Only A Matter Of Time Before It Bites You. Going Down This Route You Are Gonna End Up Having Baby Mama Number 1, Baby Mama Number 2, And An STD/Scorned Woman.

5. Sleeping, Drooling People On The Train

You Ever Had A Long Day, End Up Miraculously Getting A Seat On A Crowded Train, But Then Come To Find Out You Only Got It Because The Person Now Sitting Next To You Keeps Tilting Over Constantly Landing On Your Shoulder! And Then You Gotta Constantly Give Them The Elbow So They Wake Up And Get The Point....Sheesh.

6. People Who Freeload Off Of My Car

If You Say Hey S Jones I Want You To Drive Me To X, Y, Z..... I Can Do It Once In A Blue For Free (Just Out Of The Kindness In My Heart)...But When This Ish Becomes A Tradition Umm Noo....From Now On You Will Get A Show Me The Money! Insurance Is Up The Wall, And Gas Isn't As Expensive But It's A Recession People Times Are Hard. I Take Payments In The Form Of Food Too...Pshhh!

7. Hair Critics

If You See Someones Hair And You Like It Just Say Wow Your Hair Is Nice. Do Not Proceed To Ask Is That All Your Hair? Where Can I Buy That Hair? Is It Wet N Wavy Or Yaky Perm? STFU And Mind Your Business. Do Not Touch My Hair In An Effort To Figure Out If My Hair Is Real Cuz You Will Pull Back A Nub.

8. Guys Who Act Like We Are Still In Elementary School At Work

Unhuh Stop Pulling People's Hair, Throwing Things, Taking Personal Belongings, And Pushing People In An Effort To Flirt....Grow The Hell Up And Start Acting Your Age And Not Your Shoe Size. You Don't Have To Touch Someone To Flirt....Lets Stop Being So Obvious.

9. Guys On The Street Who Say " I Know You Got A Man, But You Can't Have Friends?"

No My Dude.... If I Wanted A Friend Then I Would Let You Know, But Apparently I Have All The Friends I Can Handle So Stop Asking Me That Ridiculous Question. My Boyfriend Is Mentally Unstable And I Must Respect That Now Lemme Alone!

10. Last But Not Least...When I Come Home With A New Pair Of Shoes/Sneakers/Or Clothes I Always Hear These Words From My Parents "Didn't You Buy Clothes/Shoes/Sneakers Last Week"

Nooooooooo I Haven't Invested In My Appearance In Three Months And The First Time I Get Something I Have To Hear Comments From The Peanut Gallery.....If It Were Up To Them I'd Get A New Pair Of Shoes Once A Year. It's Okay Mommy And Papi ....I Got This

Woooosahhhhh People....Wooooosah....I Feel A Whole Lot Lighter. (Smiles)


Selah said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHA all of these were good but my favorite was 9... sometimes I just wanna be like: i got enough friends, now baccdafuccup!! LOL

theresa stacey said...

LMFAO "Tight ass ninja grip" Haha
Just to let you know I'm moving all hair care related stuff from to my new blog for hair if you want to follow hair care stuff still it will be on that page :)
& I havent heard this Tell him I love him in so long I love that song!

Dolce. said...

ahhhhh i agree with every single pet peeve
ESPECIALLY NUMBER 9!! irks me in the WORST way

diplomatikk said...

we share all the same hates.
& lmao @ the "you can't have friends" thing.

niggas don't want you to play them,
but they don't give a damn if you play another nigga for them. shits crazy.

brook lynne carter. said...

lol, im number 5. i sleep, drool and snore, not on trains, on planes, its real bad haha.

oh and i hate when i buy something new and someone says "oh i have that too" grrrrrl, bye, of course you do :o\

S Jones said...

@Diplomatikk Men Are So Bold It Bewilders Me Sometimes...@ Brook lynne Um No Offense If I See You On A Plane And Switch

Afro Heroine said...

Hey, great blog. #2 and #7 are particular irritants of mine.

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

Lmao I'm with you on the hair critics, next time I will direct them to this blog! lol