January 10, 2013

Hand Over The iPhone B*tch

New York City, New York City.

Sometimes living in this area is a double edged sword. So many people desire to visit here, and see what this place has to offer. The number of tourists we get weekly, monthly, and yearly well those numbers are astronomical. There is no place like NY, I'm pretty sure of that. This is one of the most unique places to be, and like I hear all the time "If you can make it here, you'll make it anywhere".

But with the good comes the bad, OH YES!

So today I'm seated on a public bus ( an aisle seat), and I was texting my honey bun. Texting on the bus and/or train is totally normal in NY, matter fact it provides us with sanity so we don't notice other passengers glaring into our face. Anywho most people text, read books/kindles, listen to their iPods, etc to pass the time.

So I was seated like the man in this picture and there was a girl in front of me (pretty much like the picture to the left). Standing directly over me was some hoodlum, so imagine there was some thug standing over the guy in this picture. The bus was super crowded. All of the seats were full, and the rest of the passengers were standing sardine style. So I'm enjoying my texting session, and trying to remain calm since I was headed for a job intervew. The girl in front of me seemed to be listening to music off of her iPod while looking at her iPhone. The guy/hoodlum hovering over me seemed to be young, his pants hanging off the butt, clear view of the underwear....you know the regular gangster stereotype. As calming mechanism I decided to close my eyes (but my phone happened to still be in my hand). The minute I close my eyes (probably two minutes in) I hear a rustling sound, and people around me were saying "Oh my God". I instantly perked up, and I noticed the girl who was seated in front of me standing . "He took my phone" she said to nobody in particular. The bus stood there for a while, and she finally decided to stroll off of the bus to see if she could catch the perp.

Now here's my thing, I don't condone stealing phones (and that thug was wrong), but that woman was a little bit too calm for my taste. If someone dared to snatch my phone out of my hand the whole bus would have heard a loud "WHAT THE F*CK" followed by an agressive "GIVE ME MY SH*T", and seen a tackle down to the ground. That thief better thank the lord that he did not mess with the wrong one. Trust and believe had he swiped my phone that would have been the last time he did that ish. For goodness sakes the lady strolled off the bus, had that been me I would've turned into Jackie Joyner Kersee on that ass.

Sometimes they say New Yorkers are hard/unfriendly but sadly we are molded to be that way because of our experiences. Next time when I see a guy with saggy pants I will hold my purse a little tighter, and be hella paranoid which is so disgusting. When people have stereotypes about all black people can we blame them? Sometimes my people can be so stupid and self destructive.


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