February 27, 2012

Love Zombie

Lately I've Been Seeing This Disgusting Pattern Of People Around Me Who Are In Love....And That's Cool, But These People Have CHANGED (And Not For The Better).

I Have A Brother Who Told My Dad He Hated Him To His Face...And This Hurt Me, So I Could Almost Imagine How Him Saying That Affected My Dad. It's Actually Pretty Sad Because My Dad Only Looks Out For My Brother's Best Interest But Because My Dad Insulted His Girlfriend My Brother Felt The Need To Lash Out.

If I Ever Fall In Love And Dare Turn My Back On Friends/Family Then I Don't Need That Type Of Love. I Don't Ever Wanna Be A Brain Dead Person Made Blind By Love. I Don't Ever Want A Love Where I Love A Person More Than I Love Myself Either. Hell 2 Tha No.

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