May 28, 2010

Cranking Em Out....Album Review

So The Other Day I Finally Got The Nas And Damien Marley Album "Distant Relatives".
This Album Is DEFFFFFF Worth The Pocket Change....Please Go And Cop.

A Part Of Me Was Looking At Nas Like :-/
Seriously Boo? A Whole Album With Marley? But They Pulled It Off In My Opinion, Now If Its Gonna Sell Is A Whole Other Topic :-(

But This Album Right Cheaaaaaaaaaaa Is Quality Music, None Of That Superman, Snap Ya Fingers Pop Crap. I Said This On My Twitter But.....I Don't Smoke, Never Have, Never Will...But Something Tells Me This Is An Album U Throw On, Mellow Out, Grab Ur Ciggy (Or Watever Ur Poison Is) And Just Effin Vibe Out To.

Allz I'm Saying Is If You Like REAL Music, Talent, And Men Who Take Pride In Their Craft Please Listen To This.

So Far My Favorite Song Of The Album Is Called "Friends" ....Has An African Vibe To It, Never Heard Anybody Rap Over A Beat Like This...I Love It.

Oh Yea Guys Offtopic Special Shoutout To My Homies:

Mr.Kickologist, Check Him Out @
He's A Kool Person And His Blog Is Coming Along Nicelyyyy...Great Advice Giver And Im Sure If You Follow Him He Will Do The Same

And Dabossofny, Check Him Out @
He's Also A Swell Guy And Has Some Interesting Topics On Life And Different Things Of That Nature.

I LIKE GUY BLOGGERS because you get to see them as human and not some hard core muscle please check these guys out And Follow!

Duece Peeps....Love, Live Life ---> My New Slogan Ha.


DaBossofNY said...

I was iffy about the Album too, to the point where i wasn't gonna give it a listen (Yeah I know). But now im going to pick it up. Oh yeah Thanks for the shout out!!

Mrkickologist said...

I'm definitely open to listening to new music so i will give it a spin. Also thanks for the shout out...appreciate it.

Halle Anderson said...

Love this post, my man went to there concert in LA! Love your blog! Come visit me at

Nnenna-Rose said...

You got me on the album now! lol

S Jones Aka Shirley said...

@MisterKick And @ Da BossofNy: Ur Welcome Guyssss ....Now Repay Me By Buying Nas' Album (No Free Downloading, Support The Man He Has Child Support 2 Pay)....Thank uuuuuu.

@ Halle: Aww I So Have To Go To A Concert Like That....Def Doing A Nas Concert B4 I Die *Cross Fingers*

@Nnenna-Rose: Yayyyyy...I Hope U Like!!!!